JIH Maharashtra to launch 10-day state-wide campaign ‘Darkness to Light’ from 22nd Jan

JIH Maha campaign Darkness to Light

January 17, 2021

JIH Maha campaign Darkness to Light

JIH Maha campaign Darkness to Light


Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maharashtra will launch a 10-day state-wide campaign ‘Darkness to Light’ from 22nd of this month. In a statement, the JIH Maharashtra has explained that meeting and understanding each other is the only way to move towards a peaceful, progressive and pluralistic society. Today, this is the most relevant, when polarization has become a political tool. Moreover, the COVID-19 has also triggered the quest of spirituality among the seven billion humans in a world where immorality and greediness have risen to the level of obsession. Under the false pretext of being post-modern, man has deviated from the divine guidance and rebelled against the laws of nature, but it has further deteriorated his condition and plunged him intro miseries and destructions, it added.


Emphasising on the need and purpose of it, President of JIH Maharashtra Rizwanur Rahman Khan has stated that with the objective of saving our society from the darkness of Ignorance, hatred and materialism, and moving it towards the light of Knowledge, understanding and spirituality, the JIH Maharashtra has resolved to begin the 2021 with the message of light. “COVID-19 has opened the eyes of materialistic people.  It will most likely change their existing beliefs and attitudes and they will realise that life means much more than amassing wealth and just fulfilling material goals. After all, there is no pleasure without conscience and compassion,” he said.


Praising the objectives of the campaign, renowned Warkari spiritual preacher Nivrutti Maharaj, in an interview, said, “during the Corona pandemic, many atheists tried to impose their agenda of spreading atheism. This campaign of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind can counter all such anti-spiritual cults.”


Mr.Mohammed Sami, the convener of the 10-day campaign, elaborated “We will try to reach out to the 11 Crore population of the state, men and women of all castes and faiths through print, electronic and social media and personally convey the message wherever possible from 22nd Jan to 31st January 2021.”


The co-convener of the campaign Shaikh Imtiyaz said, “we will launch the campaign in Aurangabad and the other districts of Maharashtra in the presence of religious and socio-political leaders and activists.”


He said that tens of thousands of leaflets and folders, attractive video clips would be prepared while unique activities like mosque visit and the Quran Pravachan (sermon) would be done to convey the message of the campaign to the fellow countrymen. Countless copies of the Qur’an would also be distributed among all the people in English, Hindi and Marathi languages, and they would be given adequate opportunity to speak out their mind about Islam, so that misunderstandings, if any, can also be discussed and dispelled in a healthy and pleasing environment, he added.


Famous Maratha ideologue, Dr. Ashok Rana noted, “Some people are spreading the darkness of ignorance and communalism in our country to pollute the great culture of harmony. This campaign will definitely be useful in this atmosphere.”


Similarly, during his speech on his Facebook live programme, progressive ideologue, Prof. Baburao Gurav, said, “Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is trying to deliver the Prophet’s value-based and rational message to the people through this campaign. We should all study, analyse and accept it as much as possible.”

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