JIH Maharashtra delegation meets state Minister for Minority affairs Nawab Malik

November 17, 2020

JIH Maharashtra delegation with Nawab Malik.

Mumbai, 13 Nov. 2020:  A delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maharashtra met state Minister for Minority Affairs  Nawab Malik at his residence here on 12th November. The delegation presented him a memorandum which focused on three important issues.

  1. There are vacant lands of the Waqf in different districts of Maharashtra. Which should be allotted in the form of plots for accommodation to the imams of the muezzins of the mosques and the teachers of the schools and a large part of the income in the form of rent is spent. The move will bring relief to those who are serving the religion.
  2. A portion of the income from waqf should be allocated for widows, students and unemployed youth.
  3. The number of employees in the waqf has been reduced. In order to strengthen the waqf system, the appointment of employees should be done through the selection committee as soon as possible.

The delegation consisting of JIH Maharashtra Secretary for Endowments Fahim Falahi, Secretary Zafar Ansari, Mr. Aslam Ghazi and Mr. Abdul Hafeez Farooqi.

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