JIH leadership joins Anti-Fascist Grand Conference in Kolkata organized by civil society

January 22, 2024

Kolkata: A coalition of prominent activists, politicians, and intellectuals converged in Kolkata on the occasion of an Anti-Fascist Grand Conference scheduled from January 22 to 25, 2024. Among those who joined the program from Jamaat include: JIH Vice President Malik Mohtasim Khan, APCR General Secretary, Nadeem Khan, and JIH West Bengal President, Dr Masiur Rahman.

A large procession kicked off from Subodh Mallik Square at 1 pm on January 22, culminating in a conference at Netaji Indoor Stadium at 3 pm the same day. The organizers called on the public to join the protest and reject any official endorsement of violence in the name of religious ceremonies. The conference is expected to serve as a platform for discussing strategies to combat fascism, protect democratic values, and advocate for a society that upholds the principles of equality, justice, and communal harmony. Organizers have urged citizens to participate actively in the events, emphasizing the importance of standing united against the forces that seek to undermine the fabric of a democratic and inclusive society. The organizers hope that the conference will unite people against the perils of communal violence and send a resounding message that democracy will prevail.

The following days, from January 23 to 25, will witness a series of events including seminar discussions, angan drama performances, and various music and cultural activities. The aim is to foster unity in the face of rising fascism and strengthen the collective resolve to fight against communal violence.

A distinguished lineup of speakers is expected to participate in the conference, including renowned figures such as Dr. Binayak Sen (PUCL), Sujat Bhadra (Human Rights Activist), Dipankar Bhattacharya (General Secretary, CPIML Liberation), Teesta Setalvad (Activist), Amarjeet Kaur (General Secretary, AITUC), Bratya Basu (MLA, TMC), Samirul Islam (MP, TMC), Prafulla Samantara (Activist, Orissa), Tarun Mandal (Former MP, SUCI(C)), BG Kolse Patil (Former Justice), Ram Punyani (Former Professor, IIT Bombay), Gauhar Raza (Filmmaker, Science Activist), Aditya Nigam (Former Professor. CSDS, Delhi), Kaushik Sen (Actor), Maroona Murmu (Professor, Jadavpur University), Achin Chakraborty (Director, IDSK), Swati Bhattacharya (Journalist), Shubojit Bagchi (Journalist).

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