JIH Markazi Majlis e Shoora passes resolutions, expressing concerns over present socio-economic, political and peace and order situation of India;  calls world to find lasting and just solution to Palestinian issue


New Delhi, 05 June 2021: Central Advisory Council (CAC) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) in its recently held session passed several resolutions, expressing concerns over the present socio-economic, political and peace and order situation of India and calling the world to find a lasting and just solution to the Palestinian issue.


Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Prof Salim Engineer and JIH Secretary for National and Community Affairs, Malik Mohtasim Khan today addressed a virtual press conference from their headquarters and spelt out the resolutions passed by the JIH Markazi Majlis e Shoora (Central Advisory Council) in its session dated 2-3 June 2021. They answered several questions related to the resolutions that express the JIH opinion on the prevailing socio-economic and political situation of the country, the Corona pandemic and the Palestinian issue.


Following are the resolutions passed by the JIH-CAC.


National situation:  Socio-economic and political

This session of JIH-CAC feels that the rapid increase in poverty and employment, religious hatred, authoritarianism, lack of transparency and lawlessness during the last few years is a matter of concern for all sincere citizens of the country. In this matter the situation prevailing in India’s largest State, Uttar Pradesh in particular is the most appalling. There, on one hand, owing to the incompetence of the State Government, all departments of the State tell the story of mismanagement and precariousness, and people are facing poverty and unemployment while on the other hand repressive measures are being employed to crush political opponents and suppress every dissent. Sedition cases are being filed against people, political killings are staged in the name of encounter, those who complain are being threatened with confiscation of properties, and thus the entire State is in a way presenting a picture of chaos and anarchy. Sudden surge once again in incidents of sectarian violence and mob lynching indicate that the trends of killing and vandalism for unholy political purposes have not been contained. This session of JIH-CAC also expresses its concern that the present Government at the Centre having exploited the basic pillars of democracy, Legislature, Executive and Judiciary as well as Election Commission, Reserve Bank, Enforcement Directorate, and C.B.I. for fulfilment of its political purposes, has struck a fatal blow on their sovereignty and integrity. The JIH-CAC also feels that a large part of media outlets have also displayed very irresponsible behaviour in these circumstances. Instead of highlighting problems of people, playing the role of a watchdog by pinpointing the mistakes and wrongs of the Government, and representing the aspirations of people, they having been all praise for the Government have adopted the role of government spokespersons.


The JIH-CAC also feels that the social scenario in the country is deteriorating fast. Atrocities against weaker and backward sections, minorities and women are on an increase. The strategy of dividing people on religious lines and polarisation through violent rashtrawad, hatred, malice and enmity on the part of politicians for their petty political interests is severely harming the country.


Efforts to give total authority to the administrator in Lakshadweep, to snatch the cultural and civilizational rights of the islanders through Lakshadweep Authority Regulation 2021 and to deprive them of their lands through imposition of oppressive laws in the interest of big corporates, and to usurp the basic civil rights of the islanders and their right to dissent and protest by devising laws like Lakshadweep Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act, also indicate the anti-people and despotic trend of the government. This session demands immediate cancellation of all these oppressive regulations of Lakshadweep.


The JIH-CAC deems this collective scenario detrimental to national strength and integrity, maintenance of peace and order, communal amity and progress of the country, and demands from the Government to change its way of functioning, to rise above political, sectarian and communal interests and concentrate all its attention on the real issues confronting the nation, to devise in cooperation with opposition parties, civil society movements, social organisations and experts such a national policy as can pave the way for peace and order, economic prosperity, welfare and wellbeing, and a just system in the country.


The JIH-CAC calls for the immediate release of political prisoners and withdrawal of all fabricated cases against them. Regardless of the government’s position, the entire country knows that these political prisoners have been imprisoned for telling the truth and opposing the government’s policies. Putting them in jail at the time of the pandemic and endangering their lives is a highly reprehensible act.


This session of JIH-CAC also expresses its sense of dissatisfaction with the role of the Opposition. In this scenario the Opposition parties too have proved a failure to come forward as voice of common citizens and oppressed sections to exert pressure on the government with courage and valour. We demand that the Opposition parties in coordination with civil society strive to promote truth, justice and transparency and to restore the freedom of independent democratic institutions and media. The JIH-CAC also demands from sincere citizens to take serious notice of this scenario and make all possible efforts to change it.


The JIH-CAC feels that the country’s economy is on the verge of collapsing. Steep fall in national production resulting in ever increase in unemployment has now come to an appalling stage. On the other hand dearness is at its climax, prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing, the price of petrol has crossed 100 and that of edible oil200 a litre. Inflation caused by demonetisation and GST has now brought economy to total collapse due to mismanagements, repressive measures, total indifference to the plight of migrant labourers and other hapless people, and other destructive economic and political policies taken during the pandemic lockdown. Performing worse than a country like Bangladesh in Per Capita Income and again worse than our neighbours in Global Hunger Index is a matter of shame for the country.


This session reminds that our Creator and Master warns us against collective wrongs through pandemics and natural calamities. Not giving up the ways of oppression, excesses and exploitation even at times of pandemic distress is very serious.


Corona pandemic

The JIH-CAC expresses its deep sorrow and concern over the great calamity caused by the second wave of Covid pandemic.  The JIH-CAC expresses deep sorrow for those who died in the pandemic and fully shares the grief of all the families who lost their loved ones. The JIH-CAC feels that this humbling epidemic has crushed our pride in the material progress that we have achieved and made human beings aware of their true nature and stature. This pandemic has given us the opportunity to reflect on our status and turn to our Creator. In this hour of need, doctors, medical staff, charities and social workers have fought selflessly for the protection of human lives and for the service people. They demonstrated harmony and love and offered help and aid to solve the problems of people amidst an environment of religious hatred.  The JIH-CAC lauds their efforts and pays tribute to all these individuals and institutions. The JIH-CAC also reminded the people of the country that this epidemic has also provided an opportunity to gauge the moral situation of the people in the country. Businesses related to medical services and medicines were made a source of illegitimate income. There was black marketing of essential medical equipment and attempts were made to sell counterfeit medicines. Some politicians even did illicit marketing of hospital beds. All these incidents are very worrying and a sad reflection of the moral situation of our country. Abandoning blood relatives at the time of their last rites and the desecration of dead bodies have exposed the situation of the country in terms of basic human morality and it is a moment of concern for the whole society. The JIH-CAC notes with grave concern that during this epidemic, precautionary measures were ignored for holding religious festivals and carrying out political activities. This appeared to be part of a political and sectarian agenda. This played a key role in the rapid spread of the epidemic and the loss of countless lives. The JIH-CAC views such irresponsible behaviour with concern and demands that rising above political affiliation, these incidents should be seriously investigated, the culprits should be punished and in order to avoid such a situation in future, the public health and other concerned institutions should be strengthened and they should have full authority to fix and enforce their rules and regulations without any political interference. The JIH-CAC noted the lack of proper attention and planning in many states during the epidemic, lack of hospitals, lack of necessary medical facilities in existing hospitals, shortage of medicines, shortage of oxygen, etc. Our very weak health system has once again been exposed. The looting of private hospitals, the failure to stop the black market of essential medicines and oxygen has pointed out towards the lack of proper regulatory mechanisms in the healthcare system. The JIH-CAC calls on the Central and State Governments to take immediate and expeditious steps to improve the healthcare system and medical and health infrastructure as a matter of priority. The JIH-CAC noted that the epidemic has also severely affected the country’s economy. Government restrictions and unplanned lockdowns to control the epidemic have severely impacted the economy. The country’s economy was already in deep crisis due to the wrong economic policies of the central government and this lockdown has further exacerbated it. Thousands of small and medium-sized industries, which employed millions of people, have collapsed. The JIH-CAC calls on the government to revitalize the country’s economy, especially small and medium-sized industries and businesses. To this end, special measures should be taken such as provision of interest free loans and in the meantime the government should provide monthly stipends to the unemployed for at least one year. The JIH-CAC also demanded that the government take responsibility for the widows and orphans of the victims of the epidemic, arrange free education for the orphans and provide employment to any member of the family. A third wave of the Corona pandemic is predicted and warnings have been given. The JIH-CAC demands that the government make appropriate and necessary preparations ahead of time to deal with this third wave so that the people can be saved from any calamity and maximum human lives can be protected. In addition, the government should provide free vaccines to all citizens to prevent the disease, overcome the problem of vaccine shortage and take steps to make the vaccine available to all. The JIH-CAC also calls on the public to take all precautionary measures, including vaccines, to do everything possible to protect themselves and their families from the epidemic and to serve other human beings without fear or favour. The people must play their part in protecting human lives.


Israel’s latest aggression and the Palestinian issue

The JIH-CAC feels that the recent Israeli aggression on East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip has once again drawn the world’s attention to the Palestinian issue and the need for a lasting solution. Finding a lasting and just solution as soon as possible to this decades-old complex problem and ensure justice for the oppressed Palestinians is the first requirement for global peace. The JIH-CAC noted that during the last ten days of Ramadan, unarmed Palestinian men and women engaged in worship at Al-Aqsa Mosque were attacked by Israeli troops. Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and Palestinian settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank were forcibly evacuated and new ghettos were settled. These atrocities were reasons that prompted Hamas to retaliate. The JIH-CAC feels that the 11-day Israeli aggression has brought this complex issue to the world’s attention. Once again, Israel’s expansionist ambitions, its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and the settlement of illegal ghettos, its repeated illegal attempts to change the status quo of East Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque have been exposed to the world. We also feel that this situation has had a profound effect on global public opinion, and that public opinion in the world is rapidly changing against Israeli atrocities and in favour of Palestinian independence and Palestinian rights. On the positive side, the UN Human Rights Council, by a majority resolution, decided to set up a commission of inquiry into Israeli war crimes. The meeting calls for the commission to be free of any pressure to investigate Israeli war crimes and establish war crimes cases against Israeli politicians and military leaders. The JIH-CAC feels that the Palestinians’ bold defensive action has not only curbed Israel’s nefarious intentions, but also shattered the sense that Israel is invincible. We congratulate the Palestinians on this and hope that the recent events will bring them closer to their goal of liberation. The JIH-CAC is concerned about the silence and inaction of most Islamic and Arab countries in this whole issue and demands that they not only participate generously in the reconstruction of Gaza but also for a just solution to this problem. They must put pressure on Israel and international organizations and countries. The JIH-CAC reiterates its long-standing position that temporary ceasefires and condemnatory resolutions are not enough to resolve the Palestinian issue. The United Nations must stand united to restore a free, independent Palestinian state from the hands of the Zionists. Permanent arrangements must be made to protect the basic rights of Palestinians against any kind of interference, to give Palestinian refugees and asylum seekers the right to repatriate and to reclaim their lands, and to this end, all actions against Israel must be taken by the United Nations which the UN Charter allows against oppressive and lawless countries. On the positive side, our country reaffirmed its long-standing position in the UN General Assembly and declared its full support for the Palestinians, as well as a lasting and just solution to this problem. India expressed its position clearly that the status of the area should not be changed unilaterally to create an imbalance. We welcome this announcement and hope that our country, India, will play an active role in finding a lasting solution to the Palestinian problem and give the oppressed people of Palestine their due, given its long standing position against colonialism, slavery and exploitation. We hope that our country will make full use of its global influence to assert its rights. The JIH-CAC also calls on its leadership and civil society to speak out for the legitimate rights of the oppressed Palestinians.”

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