The role of media is very important in a democratic country: Dr. Hamid Ansari

October 24, 2023

23 October, New Delhi: A grand celebration on the occasion of “60 years of ‘Radiance Viewsweekly” was organized at the India International Centre, New Delhi. Apart from former Vice President Dr. Hamid Ansari, a large number of Radiance readers, well-wishers, educationists, intellectuals, journalists, social activists, and national leaders were also present.

While presenting his keynote address on this occasion, Dr Hamid Ansari said that the role of media is very important in a democratic country.
He emphasized that media is a sector that keeps a close watch on the policies and actions of the government and highlights the shortcomings of the government.

Former BBC journalist Satish Jacob talked in detail about the role of the media and Indian Muslims. He said that not only Muslims but even the media were also facing threats and difficulties. He said “Being a part of the media fraternity, I have no hesitation in saying that the media has disappointed us. Media has failed in playing its role honestly.”

The 60th anniversary program of Radiance was presided over by the Chairman of the Board of Islamic Publications, Prof. Muhammad Salim Engineer. Addressing the audience he said that over the last 60 years, Radiance has striven to be the voice of the voiceless, the downtrodden, the deprived, and the oppressed and to serve Indian society. This weekly (Radiance) since its inception has been raising its voice for justice, and truth and for Muslims and other minorities, tribals, and weaker sections.

Earlier, Prof. Ajaz Ahmed Aslam, Editor-in-Chief of Radiance, in his inaugural address highlighted the successful journey of Radiance.

On this occasion, shawls and mementos were presented to those who had rendered their services to the magazine. They include Intizar Naeem, AU Asif, Syed Nuruzzaman, Syed Khaliq Ahmed, and Abdul Bari Masood.

The program was moderated by Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Secretary of the Board of Islamic Publications, and Mr. Sikandar Azam, Editor of the weekly, thanked the audience.


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