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Policy and Programme

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Beneficent!

Ameer-e-Jamaat Speaks to You

The paramount need of human beings is guidance. The Merciful Creator has made ample provisions for material needs of mankind; similarly He has also provided them guidance to satisfy this primary need. He created man as a responsible being; blessed him with an upright nature and granted him the ability to discriminate between good and evil. On every human individual, He bestowed a living conscience which encourages man to do good deeds and warns him against evil. The human society was given by the Creator, a collective sense of moral values and an intrinsic criterion to distinguish the good from the evil. In addition to such comprehensive orientation, humanity was also given explicit guidance by the Creator through His messengers and prophets. These noble beings taught man the purpose of life and identified the path leading towards their Lord and culminating in His pleasure. The messengers conveyed the divine law to humanity and explained to people the principles of personal evolution, means towards emergence of righteous society and norms of justice and fair play. They were pious beings whose conduct was exemplary; they put into practice whatever they preached. They demonstrated in their life, the highest standards of commitment to truth, true speech and moral integrity. They thus became the torch bearers for mankind. They emancipated mankind from degradation and led it towards success. They showed people the path of moral elevation, purity and refinement. Mankind will ever be indebted to the messengers for their sublime teachings and guidance.

One and a half millennium ago, Muhammad (peace upon him), the last among the chain of messengers of God, presented to mankind the comprehensive and authentic divine guidance once again and implemented it in human society. The believing community was given by the Creator, the title of Ummah Muslimah (the obedient community) whose defining characteristic was faith in divine teachings and the revealed obligatory code of conduct. The Ummah Muslimah was assigned the duty of conveying the divine system to all people. The community was instructed to collectively become the witness of truth (unto mankind); its mission was to enjoin the good, forbid the evil and establish the rule of justice on earth, according to principles revealed to messengers.

Islam is meant for the whole of the globe and the totality of mankind; since it is the divinely ordained system of life. The basic reality is that the universe we live in didn’t happen by accident; it was created by God whose creation includes mankind. Human beings are therefore meant to surrender themselves before God without reservation and offer total obedience to Him. Any deviation from this truth is contrary to human nature and is bound to lead to disastrous consequences, in the present phase of life and in the life hereafter as well. Islam exhorts man to be realistic by making a firm commitment to Allah. Such a person would behave responsibly; rather his behaviour would always be above reproach. Inspired by divine guidance, society and economy would also progress in the right direction. Indeed the whole of human life would acquire the correct foundation and perspective, ultimately culminating in final success, in life hereafter.

The Islamic message is for all people irrespective of their status; they may be ruler or ruled, rich or poor, urban dwellers or villagers, literate or illiterate; well to do or destitute; Islam addresses them all without any distinction. The individuals addressed by it are all created by God and governed by Him. The realization of the natural link between God and man eliminates from society; the evils of inequality, exploitation, tyranny and injustice. Mankind is saved from disorder, immorality, corruption, and degradation; it achieves moral elevation and perfection. The human family is exhorted by Islam to lead a life of sincere obedience to their Creator. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind invites people towards this noble endeavour.

The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is an organized entity, working in accordance with a written constitution. Its structure and mode of action is consultative. The Jamaat organizes its activities by drafting its program and policy for four year terms. The present document relates to the current term viz. 2015 to 2019.

It is natural that in chalking out its policy and program, the Jamaat keeps in view its central goal of implementing the divine guidance (IQAMAT-E-DEEN). At the same time, it gives particular attention to the requirements of the existing circumstances pertaining to peoples and communities, at local and global level. Enlightened by Islamic view; the Jamaat believes that the root of present calamity may be traced to man’s indifference to or open rebellion against God and His guidance. Conversely it follows that reform – individual or collective – would be initiated by sincere belief in God and unconditional obedience to His guidance. This sublime transformation in man’s personality is not primarily an external phenomenon; rather it first occurs in the human heart, mind and conscience. A desirable change of heart and mind, can not be brought about through coercive means or use of force. Indeed, there is only one method to achieve such a change of heart viz sensible discourse, sincere counsel, rational persuation and civilized exchange of views. To bring about the desired transformation in individual, society and state; the Jamaat has adopted precisely this approach, rejecting tendencies alien to it.

To bring about healthy change of mind and heart and reawaken the highest sensitivities of man, it is necessary to liberate people from the clutches of misleading but widespread false notions, beliefs, ideologies and tendencies. The Jamaat, besides explicitly presenting and explaining the divine guidance and messengers’ teachings; also deems it necessary to simultaneously counter the prevalent false ideas and beliefs. Associating partners with God (SHIRK) is a glaring deviation from truth; unfortunately this deviation has surfaced in all periods of history and today also it is widely present; hence the need to counter it. On the other hand; on media, education, legislation and polity, one may clearly notice the wide spread impact of such negative tendencies as denial of higher reality (GHAIB), atheism, permissiveness, ethical relativism, superficiality, consumerism, moral insensitivity and preoccupation with sensual pleasures. The Jamaat, while exposing the irrationality of such harmful trends; invites people towards meaningful life, eternal moral values and the principles of revealed religion which resonate with human nature. Thus people may develop their selves and may achieve lasting success in the life hereafter. The Jamaat realises that for presenting the truth and countering the falsehood; mere intellectual discourse is not enough; practical implementation on the ground, of the lofty ideals is also required. The effort of the Jamaat in this regard is particularly directed towards the believing community (Ummah Muslimah). People of this community are obliged to present to the world the attractive picture of the healthy civilization that emerges on the face of the earth, when individual and collective life is built according to divine guidance.

Unfortunately, today we are living in superficial times. The mechanistic culture of today converts human beings into mere earning and consuming machines; devoid of higher feelings and ethical sensitivity. They are slaves to their mundane pleasures and superficial pastimes. To save people from this dehumanizing influence, it is necessary to promote healthy culture in society, inspired by divine guidance. The Jamaat would therefore focus on country’s youth to liberate them from superficial tendencies associated with decadent culture; it would encourage their comprehensive personality development through healthy values. There are some misguided elements in our country, who want to impose by force, a particular culture on the whole of the population. These elements enjoy the clandestine support of the ruling establishment as well. We view such efforts and tendencies with grave concern, deem them to be extremely harmful to all and hence oppose them. We are in favour of those democratic notions which endorse the basic rights of various religious and cultural groups; indeed such democratic notions are a necessary corollary of the provisions laid down in Indian constitution.

The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind aims at comprehensive uplift of the Ummah Muslimah so that by virtue of righteous thought and action and excellent ethical qualities; it may actually become “the best community” (KHAIR-E-UMMAH). The Jamaat’s endeavour is to reform the Muslim society so that it becomes a living model of Islamic culture. If Muslim society indeed reforms itself, it may become a beacon of light for the rest of mankind.

The Jamaat recognises the crucial importance of individual as well as of society. Common wisdom informs us that an upright individual forms the constituent unit of a healthy society. Without doubting the truth of this assertion, the converse is also true viz the society and its institutions also play a key role in moulding the individuals and their character and personality. Hence the collective institutions can not be neglected by a comprehensive movement working for basic social change. The Jamaat therefore regards all social institutions as important and plans to reform them. These institutions include family, educational institutions, social forums, avenues for collective action and social service, media, state and international bodies and entities. According to its capacity, the Jamaat will make efforts to transform all such institutions into better ones; so that their objectives are healthy; people responsible for running them are capable and sincere and their mode of action (methodology) is regulated by well recognized ethical norms (MAROOF). Naturally, the Jamaat will pay particular attention to institutions managed and run by Muslims. To reform the institutions, the Jamaat will educate general public and create healthy public conscience. It will maintain fruitful regular contact with responsible people running the institutions and seek to reform their attitude and views. Due to prime importance of family, the Jamaat will particularly educate people about Islamic teachings in regard to family. Efforts will be undertaken to make family the fountain of moral excellence and refinement.

The world today suffers from tyranny and coercion; the capitalist imperialism being its most blatant manifestation. Aggressive nationalism of our country is an ally of this global menace. The Jamaat will resist and counter all theories and ideas which encourage tyranny and injustice; it will present before people, the just and fair teachings of Islam, relevant to social, economic and political aspects of life. In addition to suggesting alternatives, the Jamaat will reform, to the extent possible, the existing laws, regulations, rules, constitutions, traditions, trends and attitudes.

Simultaneously, it will resist all undesirable changes in existing institutions or their mode of action. The Jamaat will work for protection and restoration of natural rights of individuals and communities, by appealing to people’s conscience.

There are many sincere people today who advocate Islam’s relevance to the country and the whole world. Naturally, they seek to develop the individual personality, society and state in the light of Islamic guidance. Their path is however laden with difficulties and hardships; since the global atmosphere appears to be hostile to Islam. The dominant discourse of today regards Islam as its rival and deems it impractical and harmful for individual and society. An attitude of hatred towards Islam, is being actively promoted today. The anti-Islamic project is equipped with vast resources and has captured education, media, literature and state. Hence it seems to be making inroads.

However, there is no cause to become pessimistic or disheartened; your strength is that you believe in the true religion, firmly established on the basis of reason. Evidence for the truth of Islam is overwhelming, since it is the natural religion of mankind; its teachings resonate with human nature. It has the capacity to attract all noble souls and, moreover, it solves today’s pressing problems, in the best possible way. The world can not resist the charm of Islam, if presented rationally. Your sources of strength are tireless effort, sincerity, concern for humanity and commitment to its wellbeing. No power may defeat your firm resolution and you are bound to surmount the obstacles, in your path. The Almighty has promised His blessings to those groups which sincerely strive for establishing the religion of truth on earth. We pray that we may indeed deserve the blessings and good tidings of Allah. The Quran says :

“ O believers; if you will help Allah; He, in turn, will help you and plant your feet firmly.” (The Quran, ch.47, verse 7)


Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hind


1. Dawah

The Jamaat shall undertake Dawah activities to acquaint fellow countrymen with the basic Islamic concepts of monotheism, prophet hood, life after death and their implications. The Jamaat would convince them that Islam is the only true path as well as just and humane order, which ensures success in the present worldly life and in the life hereafter; rejection of this truth is liable to lead to ultimate failure in both worlds. It would endeavour to acquaint them with the irrationality and (morally and socially) harmful consequences of polytheism, atheism and other false ideologies and notions. It would clarify the Islamic concepts of unity of mankind, human dignity and equality of men; paving the way for liberation of humanity from racial, linguistic or regional chauvinism and prejudices. The irrationality of caste system would be exposed and ignorance and misunderstandings about Islam, Muslims and Islamic movement would be removed.

2. Islamic Society

(a).  The Jamaat shall properly present the authentic and comprehensive concept of Islam, identifying its implications for individual and social life; in order to awaken in the Muslim community the concern for hereafter, an urge to seek Allah’s pleasure and devotion and obedience to the Prophet (peace on him). Accordingly, the Muslim society and its institutions of education, social service and community action will be developed to reflect Islamic values in their functioning. People’s conduct would be made free of defects in thought and action, and impurities of SHIRK (association of partners with Allah) and BID’AH (unwarranted innovation in religion) would be moulded in accordance with Islamic teachings. Muslims would be made alive to their status of being KHAIR-E-UMMAH (the best community). They would be exhorted to unite on the basis of Islam, to become witness of truth and discharge their responsibilities of IQAMAT-E-DEEN (establishing the divinely revealed way of life on earth).

(b).  The Jamaat shall strive to develop the institution of family in the light of Islamic teachings. Efforts will be made for proper Islamic orientation of the young generation to save them from harmful association with permissive, immodest or polytheistic cultural influences. Proper understanding of women’s rights and obligations would be disseminated widely so that they are accorded proper status in society and they may duly participate in the mission of enjoining the good (MAROOF) and forbidding the evil (MUNKAR).

3. Security and development of Muslim Community

The Jamaat shall strive for physical security of Muslims and protection of their basic rights. It will make efforts to protect the youth from excesses committed against them. It will try to preserve the cultural and religious identity of Muslims. The Jamaat shall strive for all-round development of the community, as per Islamic teachings; in the fields of education, economy and public health. It will also mobilize Muslims to make efforts in this direction.

4. National and global issues

(a)  Guided by Islamic teachings, the Jamaat shall strive for comprehensive reconstruction and development of national life on the basis of justice and equity, peace and well being and established ethical norms. The Jamaat shall work for the promotion of healthy values in national polity and seek to remove the deprivation suffered by weakened sections. The Jamaat shall seek the cooperation of all well-meaning elements to save the country from the clutches of global imperialism, capitalist system, and aggressive nationalism.

(b) In the global arena, the Jamaat shall espouse freedom from political, economic and cultural imperialism, as well as liberation from despotic rule and oppression. It would advocate due regard for human rights and the establishment of just global order and world peace. It will support the popular movements in the Muslim world, working for reconstruction of society on Islamic basis; it will raise its voice against the excesses committed against them by vested interests. The Jamaat shall, according to this capacity, strive to protect the Muslim world from sectarian strife and imperialistic designs.

5. Service to Humanity (KHIDMAT-E-KHALQ)

The Jamaat, within its means, shall work for the eradication of poverty, sickness, illiteracy, hunger, deprivation, and unemployment. It will provide succor and rehabilitation for the sick, the disabled, the needy, the orphans and widows, and the afflicted and oppressed; irrespective of class or creed. It shall also persuade the Muslim community to undertake such efforts. It shall motivate associates of Jamaat as well as general Muslims and people at large, to perform individual acts of service; besides undertaking collective programs. Resources of the state would also be utilized towards this end. Mutual cooperation or joint undertaking with other bodies performing social service will be possible; within the principles followed by Jamaat.

6. Tazkiyah and Tarbiyah (Education, Purification, Development and Training)

The Jamaat will make comprehensive efforts for all round TAZKIYAH (purification, refinement and development) and TARBIYAH (training and skill development) of its adherents. It will strive to strengthen their bond with Allah, awaken in the concern for the hereafter and promote devotion and obedience to the prophet (peace on him). They should become active in the path of Allah, overcome their limitations and weaknesses and get involved in a meaningful action. In their immediate environment, they should show initiative and resolve and should develop excellence in various fields.

8. Organization

The Jamaat will pay due attention to its organizational functioning so that its collective ethos reflects the Islamic ideals of consultation (SHURA), obedience within ethical boundaries of MAROOF and meaningful expression of views. Efforts towards organizational expansion and consolidation will be made such that all associates of Jamaat properly discharge their responsibilities, the organizational structure serves the needs of the movement, planning gets improved, implementation is made effective and evaluation is comprehensive painstaking and diligent. Thus Jamaat’s inner atmosphere should become the living picture of RUHAMA BAINAHUM (i.e. the believers ought to display utmost kindness towards each other) and the associates of Jamaat should collectively demonstrate the spirit of BUNIAN-E-MARSOOS (a well-knit group resembling a firmly erected wall).


Units of Jamaat, according to their circumstances, will identify the implications of the above policy. Some important implications are the following:

1. Dawah

  • The Jamaat shall strive to establish good human relations with non-Muslim brethren.
  • It would acquaint them with the life and message of the prophet (peace upon him) and remove the prevalent misunderstandings about him.
  •  It would emphasize that Islamic creed is never imposed on anyone, by force.
  • It would clarify that Islam alone ensures an individual’s salvation and success, in this world and in the life hereafter.

2. Islamic Society

The Jamaat shall endeavor that

  • The knowledge of Islam spreads among Muslims; their faith in Islamic creed and teaching is affirmed, they become aware of the importance and relative priorities of obligatory injunctions (FARAIZ) and optional virtuous deeds (NAWAFIL) in regard to IBAADAH (worship) and mundane matters; and their minds are purified of un-Islamic influences.
  • SALAT, ZAKAT and other obligatory acts are performed in the Muslim society, with due diligence.
  • Muslims raise themselves above sectarian prejudices and strife and get united on the basis of Quran and Sunnah.
  • Muslims realize the importance of Islamic collectivity and its blessings for them.
  • Positive efforts are made to contain the impact of the decadent western culture and to counter negative tendencies such as aimless life and indifference to religion.
  • Mosques may become centers of education and purification of society and imams as well as mosque management pay due attention to this important role of mosques.
  • Educational and social institutions and social service forums managed by Muslims should reflect Islamic values and ethics viz integrity and honesty, justice and equity, respect for human beings, transparency, consultative functioning, rule of law and efficiency.
  • Muslims become aware of the Islamic criterion of matrimonial selection, Islamic etiquette of marriage (NIKAH), unacceptability of dowry practice and extravagance, principles of child upbringing and legal injunctions regarding inheritance. The Muslim society should put the Islamic teachings into practice, in regard to family and social institutions.
  • In case of discord between husband and wife, Muslims should know the Islamic prescriptions which include efforts of reform, mediation and (if necessary) divorce (in the recommended manner, as per SUNNAH) or KHULA. A dispute (if it arises) should be referred to DARUL QAZA.
  • Committees for social reform and dispute resolution should be formed and Shariah panchayat and Darul Qaza should be established.
  • Muslims should be persuaded to organize a collective system for collection and disbursement of Zakat and Ushr.

3. Security and Development of Muslim Community

The Jamaat shall endeavor that

  • Impact of western values and fascist tendencies on the educational system is resisted and efforts are made to counter such influences.
  • Muslims be motivated to take necessary measures, within the limits of shariah and the law of the land; to defend themselves against the assaults on their life, property, honour, and dignity; they should seek the cooperation of all well-meaning people, in this regard.
  • Waqf properties are protected and their income is properly utilized. The government and the custodians will be urged to take necessary measures, in this regard.
  • Legal aid and support be provided to victims of illegal excesses committed against them; by state machinery. People, in general, will also be educated about the legal safeguards, available to them.

4. National and global issues

  • The Jamaat shall endeavor that the people of our country develop a healthy society based on ethical values, and justice; where improper socio-economic imbalances are overcome and discriminations are removed. Jamaat will present Islamic guidance, for this purpose.
  • Jamaat shall strive on various levels, for the eradication of communalism and fascism. It would educate public opinion to promote democratic values and ensure just dispensation for all cultural entities inhabiting our country. In this regard, Jamaat will try to exercise healthy influence on the electoral process.
  • Jamaat would strongly denounce rising trends of violent disregard of law and terrorism as well as a violation of human rights by the state. It will emphasize the need to identify real causes of terrorism in order to overcome them. It would urge people to adopt peaceful means (within the law) for getting their due rights.
  • Jamaat would oppose the increasing influence of imperialist powers on sensitive affairs of our country and on country’s foreign policy. It would advocate an independent and appropriate just stance in foreign affairs.
  • To overcome the environmental crisis, Jamaat will present Islamic teachings about the environment.
  • Jamaat will continue its struggle against capitalist exploitation and present the equitable economic system given by Islam, as the only alternative. Jamaat would suggest appropriate economic policies in the light of Islamic guidance and pave the way for establishing economic justice, in the country.
  • Jamaat shall educate the public mind against atrocities on women and infanticide.
  • Jamaat would raise its voice against corruption. It would emphasize that to check corruption, it is necessary to cultivating faith in Allah and sense of accountability and develop an effective regulatory mechanism.

(b)  i.    Jamaat will oppose the actions of imperialist forces to control and subjugate independent countries. It would condemn the violence and atrocities directed against people demanding their due rights.

  1. Jamaat will continue to support the independent state of Palestine. It would advocate complete liberation of Palestine and condemn the excesses being committed against the Palestinian people, by the oppressors.

iii.  Jamaat would support the movements in Muslim countries; which are working for the promotion of democratic values, protection of human rights and reconstruction of society on the basis of Islamic principles.

5. Service to Humanity

  • Jamaat would continue, without any discrimination, its efforts to provide rehabilitation and legal, material and medical aid to sufferers of man-made or natural calamities, epidemics or riots.
  • Associates of Jamaat would strive to solve the problems of poor localities and work for provision of basic needs of people, residing therein.

6. Tazkiyah and Tarbiyah

It would be the foremost duty of every associate of Jamaat to reform, develop and train himself; inspired by sense of accountability before Allah in the life hereafter; desire for achieving His pleasure and spirit of devotion and obedience to the Prophet (peace upon him). For this, he will pay attention to the following:

  • Observance of obligatory acts of worship (FARAIZ) with due regard to attainment of internal and external perfection.
  • Reading and comprehending the book of Allah.
  • Study of Hadith, life of the Prophet, life historic of companions of prophet and the literature on Islam and Islamic movement.
  • Recitation of AZKAR (remembrance of Allah as taught by Prophet).
  • Performance of optional prayers (NAWAFIL) particularly TAHAJJUD as prescribed by the prophet and voluntary fasting, as per one’s capacity.
  • Spending one’s earnings, in the way of Allah.
  • Total observance of injunctions of Allah (AWAAMIR) and      abstinence from prohibited actions (NAWAHI).
  • Self assessment of one’s daily activities and engagements, repentance (TAUBAH) and seeking forgiveness of Allah (ISTAGHFAAR).
  • Strengthening one’s bond with Allah; self assessment in regard to such qualities as sincerity, desire for Allah’s pleasure, fear of Allah, perseverance, gratitude, devotion to Allah and trust in Him, repentance (TAUBAH) and renewal of commitment (INAABAH).
  • Reform and rectification of one’s conduct and dealings.
  • Reform and education of family members and arrangement of family meets for this purpose.
  • Good behaviour towards neighbours with due regard to their rights.
  • Spirit of sacrifice in the path of Allah and abiding by organizational norms.
  • Restraint in criticism, regard for prescribed limits, moderate speech, gentle admonition and counsel, mutual enjoining of righteousness, perseverance and compassion.
  • Piety (TAQWA) and excellence in righteousness (IHSAAN) in all private and public affairs, avoidance of pretence and arrogance; cultivation of sincerity and unstinted devotion to Allah.
  • Recognition of one’s talents and efforts to develop them.
  • Sincere concern for society and people’s well being; capacity to take initiative, to enjoin the good and forbid the evil.

7. Organisation

The Jamaat shall endeavour that

  • Its associates have complete faith and commitment towards their objective and they participate actively in Dawah and other Islamic activities.
  • There is continuous development in Jamaat towards mature thinking leading to convergence of ideas and mutual good will. The associates may take due care of each other and unitedly face the obstacles; with mutual cooperation and spirit of sacrifice.
  • Associates of Jamaat may realize the importance of collectivity, honour collective decisions and ensure obedience of proper commands. Those entrusted with responsible positions ought to display compassions towards others.
  • Spirit of mutual consultation may grow in Jamaat and Islamic etiquette of critical evaluation and responsible speech may be adhered to.
  • Decisions may be properly implemented and a stable system of evaluation and introspection may be developed.
  • Associates of students and youth bodies may utilize their potential for the movement.
  • Maximum possible number of men and women may become participants in the mission of IQAMAT-E-DEEN; and their talents may be properly utilized for fruitful purposes.
  • Responsible individuals should take immediate notice of weak aspects in Jamaat’s adherents and units; should undertake suitable corrective measures including purge, if necessary.


All proper measures will be adopted to implement the guidelines given in the above policy of Jamaat. In th light of the above policy, detailed plans at the level of units and zones will be respectively chalked out by the units and zones themselves. In making their plans, they will keep in view the above policy as well as program and targets given below. The activities listed below are not exhaustive; other activities will be included as per local and zonal needs; within the scope of Jamaat’s policy and constitution.



  • The message of Quran and prophet’s ideal life would be conveyed to the people of the country, especially the influential section among them; such that at least eight times as many persons get will acquainted with the message of truth, as the number of members and workers of Jamaat.
  • Through means of mass communication, every unit of Jamaat will convey the message of Islam to at least five percent population of that locality.


  • Two institutions will be established for education and training.
  • Whole time associates will be appointed in designated places.
  • A dawah campaign will be organized by each zone.
  • Islamic information centres will be established at four places.



  • Jamaat will present the comprehensive concept of religion on a wide scale such that at least ten percent of the Muslim population of the concerned locality gets well acquainted with the authentic view of religion.
  • Islamic teachings in regard to family will be widely propagated so that Muslims, at least 15 times the number of Jamaat’s associates, may become fully aware of them and are persuaded to put them into practice.
  • In at least 10% of the Jamaat units in every zone; guidance centres will be established to provide proper counselling before marriage, authentic information and guidance in regard to inheritance and resolution of family disputes.
  • In one third of the units of each zone, children circles will be formed.
  • Every local unit will develop at least 10 percent of the mosques into centres for education and reform of Muslims; so that mosques may perform their required role in society.
  • Scholars of religious disciplines (ULEMA) will be organized to participate in the activities of the movement.
  • Darul Qaza will be established at selected places.


  • At the central level, two week long camps will be organized for madarsah graduates and imams of mosques.
  • At zonal level, four day camps will be organized for lady graduates of madarsas.
  • Each unit of Jamaat will plan suitable cultural activities for youth, for healthy personality development.
  • At the central level, a camp will be held to train the organizers of counselling centre; to be established in various zones.
  • All India campaign for unity of Muslims, will be launched.



  • Gainful employment will be provided to needy Muslims; to at least as many as Jamaat’s adherents (in that locality).
  • Jamaat will establish, in at least 5% units in each zone; guidance centres to help people in regard to education, health and employment.
  • Five hundred new educational institutions will be started for educational development (including primary schools, adult education centres, open schools and centres of distance education).
  • At least 20% of Jamaat managed institutions, will be developed to achieve A grade of performance (according to specified criteria).
  • Jamaat will ensure full utilization of state’s welfare funds, meant for Muslims.


  • For Muslim unity, representative forums would be formed at state level and in prominent cities and towns.
  • In half of local units, at least one student would be motivated and supported to pursue higher studies in media, civil services or law.
  • A cell will be established at central level, for protection and proper utilization of WAKF properties.
  • Resource persons will be identified and facilitated to train teachers. Teacher Training will be done by zones.



  • In every zone, Jamaat will contact 5% of non Muslim journalists and intellectuals to acquaint them with Islamic approach to current issues. Similarly all Muslim journalists and intellectuals of that zone will be contacted.
  • Jamaat will educate the public and policy makers in favour of Islamic economy and banking; to pave the way for establishment of Islamic banks, provision of interest free accounts in conventional banks and promotion of Islamic financial products.
  • For protection of civil rights of people and provision of legal aid and guidance to sufferers, forums would be established at state level.
  • Fifty selected (rural or urban) localities will be made completely free of the menace of drugs and liquor.
  • Ten selected localities in the country would be developed as model localities, in accordance with guidelines to be provided by Jamaat’s centre.


  • A group will be formed in each state to maintain regular contact and share views with public figures and administrators (including police officers and beaurocrats). A similar group will be formed to maintain regular contact with NGO’s and social forums.
  • Steps will be initiated at academic level to counter negative attempts to malign Islam and Muslims (e.g. a history conference may be organized to present the correct perspective on history).
  • Text book preparation upto the level of class X will be completed in all subjects. These books will be available in Urdu, Hindi and English.
  • Efforts will continue promote the concept of Islamic banking in academic circles and among policy makers.
  • Media production house will develop suitable material for children and youth including clips, animation etc.
  • A booklet will be published to present Jamaat’s view on important issues.
  • To maintain peace in the country, forums for peace like SADBHAVNA MANCH will be formed at local level.



In at least one backward locality in at least one fourth of its units in each zone; Jamaat shall, with the help and cooperation of well meaning individuals, forums and local bodies, strive to provide basic facilities of education, health and hygiene, microfinance and interest free loans.


Jamaat’s central department of KHIDMAT-E-KHALQ will spend its budget, improper proportions, on the following activities.

  • Scholarships to needy students
  • Assistance for self employment
  • Immediate help to the needy
  • Legal aid and relief



Each associate of Jamaat would plan to achieve the following goals:

  • Complete the study of any commentary (TAFSEER) to understand the message of Allah’s book.
  • Cultivate a new skill (e.g. public speaking, writing, linguistic skill, computer literacy etc.).
  • Develop a conducive family environment in his home; in accordance with Islamic norms.


  • Tarbiyatgah will continue to function for comprehensive development of personality; with particular attention to capacity building.
  • Besides educational camps to understand policy and program; two tazkiyah camps will be held for zonal presidents.
  • In every local unit, once in three months and in every zone once in a year, tazkiyah meet will be organized, focussing on purification of heart.



  • All local units would achieve the required level of organizational strength and unity, to the satisfaction of zonal shura.
  • Planned efforts will be made in five metro cities to make the    Jamaat an effective social force there.
  • The number of workers would be increased by 50%.
  • In every zone, the message of Jamaat will be introduced in 30% new places, focussing particularly on localities where Muslim population exceeds 25% .
  • One fourth of the workers of Jamaat will be brought up to the standard of Jamaat membership.
  • Jamaat and its message will be introduced in fifty new districts.


  • Centre will provide to units and zones; practical guidelines along with resource material for work among children.
  • Youth will be the focus of attention in all zones. To work among them, a blueprint will be provided to zones.
  • Attention will be given to weak zones to strengthen them; for this purpose services of Jamaat associates from other zones will also be utilized.
  • All India members meet would be held in the first half of the four year term.
  • Members meet would also be held at zonal level.
  • Two meetings of zonal presidents would be convened to discuss policy and program and organizational issues.
  • Women circles would be formed at places where they don’t exist yet.



  • Centre for Study and Research and Central Study Group would be strengthened and their activities expanded.
  • Translation of suitable literature from Urdu to English and from English or Arabic to Urdu will be undertaken through specially planned efforts.
  • Efforts will be made to improve the circulation and standard of magazines and newspapers associated with Jamaat.
  • The literary front will receive special attention; it would be made vibrant and strong and creative individuals would be invited to its fold.
  • Dawah websites will be launched in regional languages.

Application form for enrolment a Jamaat worker

Respected Local President/ Zonal President/ Sub Zonal Incharge,    Jamaat-e-Islami Hind,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

I am ………………………………………………………………………………………

Son/ daughter of …………………………………………………………………….

Resident of ……………………………………………………………………………

  1. I have read and understood Article 3 of Jamaat constitution and I hereby affirm that my creed is La ilaha Illallah Muhammadur  Rasulullah.
  2. I have understood the objective of Jamaat (explained in Article 4 of Jamaat’s constitution). It is also the aim of my life.
  3. I have also properly grasped Jamaat’s methodology as described in Article 5 of the constitution of Jamaat. I declare that I will abide by it.

Accordingly, I request that I may be enrolled as a worker of Jamaat; to enable me to work for IQAMAT-E-DEEN.

(Name, Signature and date)

  1. Age     2. Education    3. Occupation       4. Literature studied

Recommendation by a Jamaat member/worker ………….

The application is accepted ………… (Local or zonal president).