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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Gets New Leadership

Posted on 21 April 2015 by Khalid

Sadatullah Husaini, Nusrat Ali, T. Arif Ai, Mohammed Salim Engineer

New Delhi, 21 April 2015: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, India’s largest Muslim organization, has elected its new leadership for the term 2015-2019. While sitting National President Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Islamic scholar and author of international repute, has been re-elected to head the organisation, he has appointed a Secretary General and his three deputies (Vice Presidents) with the advice of Jamaat’s Central Advisory Council.

Jamaat’s 144-member highest body Markazi Majlis-e Numanidgan (Council of Representatives) elected Maulana Umari as Ameer (National President) for third consecutive term and an 18-member Central Advisory Council. The election was held earlier this month at the national headquarters of the Jamaat here in Delhi.

With the advice of the CAC, Jamaat chief has now appointed Mohammed Salim Engineer as Secretary General of the Jamaat and three Vice Presidents namely Nusrat Ali, T. Arif Ali and Syed Sadatullah Husaini.

Mohammed Salim Engineer has served as Jamaat’s National Secretary for the Department of Public Relations. In addition, he also serves as professor of Electronic Communications at MNIT, Jaipur.

Nusrat Ali has served as Secretary General of Jamaat in the previous two terms. T. Arif Ali has served as state president of Jamaat in Kerala for the previous two terms. Syed Sadatullah Husaini is director of Jamaat’s research institute Centre for Study and Research.

Besides, Jamaat’s National President Maulana Umari has also appointed three secretaries namely Iqbal Mullah (Dawat), Mohammad Ahmad (Mulki Aur Aalami Masayel) and Maulana Rafiq Qasmi (Islami Muwashara). All three have served as secretaries for their respective departments in the previous terms as well.

Secretaries for other departments will be appointed at a later date.

22 Responses to Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Gets New Leadership
  1. Abdul Sattar Farooqui says:

    Very good and balanced team
    Wishing them all the best

  2. Subhanallah all praises to almighty for this good leadership. Inshallah this leadership will also guide the team of jamat itself and other muslim brothers in right path as it has been doing since 1941 ameen.

  3. M S Khan says:

    Hope during current term, the young leadership brought forward to shoulder various responsibilities would get better opportunities to steer the movement successfully in fast changing world and acquire the experience and knowledge to respond the challenges ahead. We all repose our confidence in the emerging leadership. May Allah bestow His favour.

  4. saba mirza says:

    Best of wishes to counter RSS and its affliates

    • Firoz Khan says:

      Jamaat e Islami Hind is a organisation based on Quran and Sunnah and is alhamdullilah following the footsteps on the mission of the prophet. Jamaat’s ideology is not for negating other organisations.

  5. m abdul bari says:

    Allah S W T markazi leader ship ko Isteqamath ata’farmay.aur ham sab ki behter rahnumai karne ki taufeeq ata’farmay.Ameen.

  6. kashif says:

    Good selectiion

  7. kashif says:

    Need comprehensive strategy in diverse india

  8. YASIR says:

    This is a promising team… Especially the vice presidents and Qayyim.. It is high time JIH has to become revolutionary in its structure and function. I hope the new team will be bestowed Allah’s grace to hold this challenging mission. Allahumma Aameen….

  9. Arshad says:

    May allahsubhanatala accept our efforts and give new direction to our leaders to lead ummah in correct direction or way in a short time. life is smelting soon

  10. Nusrath Mohiuddin says:

    Bouhat Achi Team is bar banai gaye hai Buzrgoun ka tajruba Noujwani ka jazba Darmayani umar ka tadabur yaqinan is meqat me ek Inqelab nazar araha hai aur mustaqbil ki qeyadat bhi nazar arahi hai

  11. Abdul Majid(IIC) says:

    Wishes them all the best . May Allah accept our Sincere repentance for all our sins of entire Ummah and make our heart pure..

  12. M.Abdul Bari says:

    MashaAllah excellent combination of leadership ,my best of d best wishes to touch
    the new heights in the tenure

  13. Mohammed Parwez Mangalore says:

    MashaAllah .May Allah give you all strength to fulfill all your responsibility in right way. Happy to Sadatullah Hussaini has vice President when i joined SIO he was President of SIO


    Hope these new responsility will drive UMMAH as well as our Nation towards shining ERA fom present darkness. May ALLAH help them at every moment of journey of life

  15. Tawseef Nabi says:

    need to work hard to get the goal of peace….

  16. Wahid Mian says:

    I am very thankful to Allah Taala that Maulana UmriSahim elected third time in a row as a Ameer. i sure he will continue to show the right to all of us.

  17. abdurrazzaq shaikh jih ahmedabad central says:

    good result we hope for betterment. insallah

  18. abdurrazzaq shaikh jih ahmedabad central says:

    good result .

  19. sher ali MA karnataka says:

    assalamualaikum.very good team select.allah ap inqalabi kam le

  20. Nazeer Ahmef Quazi says:

    Good team
    More expectation
    Best wishes

  21. Dr Imran Ahemad Khan, Aurangabad, MS says:

    Al-hamdulillah, hum is baat par yaqueen rakhte hain k faisle aasman par hote hain aur unka nifaaz zameen par hota hai. Allah swt tamaam tahreeki aqabireen k liye aasaniyan paida farmaye aur maujuda mulki halaat me tahreeki nufooz, mulk o millat ki rahnumai me hamari nusrat farmaye, Allah hamari koshishoon ko sarmaya e akhirat banaye, aameen.

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