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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s suggestions sent to Justice J.S. Verma Committee to review anti-rape law

Posted on 07 January 2013 by admin

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind welcomes the government decision to set up committees to review the present anti-rape law and find out measures to make the society safe for the women. Jamaat expresses hope the committees will reach the root of the disease and find out the cure.

Following are the suggestions for kind consideration of the committee headed by Justice J.S. Verma regarding ensuring safety and security to woman:-

1. Only proper marriage contracted by free will of man and woman should be recognised as legally permitted form of legal sexual intimacy. All sex outside marriage including live-in-relationship should be declared illegal and punishable.

2. There should be provision for capital punishment for heinous crimes such as rape. These punishments should be given in public and there should be opportunity for people to witness the same so that it might act as deterrent to such heinous crimes.

3. Co-Education should be abolished and proper education facilities meant for only women only should be available at all level of education.

4. Educational institutions should prescribe sober and dignified dress for girls.

5. Services of religious institutions and religious leaders should be sought to reform society, inculcate moral values and awareness against crimes especially in the new generation.

6. Proper transport facilities for woman which proper safety measures be made available particularly in the town and cities.

7. Marriage should be made easy and it should be encouraged to have timely marriage, all forms of dowry be abolished and all unnecessary expenditures be curbed and made punishable.

8. The electronic and print media, TV programmes, Films and advertisements should avoid in proper exposure of woman and it should be made punishable.

9. The alcohol is in the root of all evils and crimes particularly against women it should be completely banned in the whole country.

10. The criminal laws in this regard should be made more stringent, the judicial procedure be simplified and made faster.

11. The police reforms should be implemented soon and especially the complaints of not lodging FIRs or delaying of FIRs are made punishable offence.

(Nusrat Ali)
Secreatary General
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
jihmedia@gmail.com, 317-D Abul Fazl Enclave, Jamia Nagar, Okhla,
New Delhi-25, Phone: 011-26951409 / 011-26948341.

30 Responses to Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s suggestions sent to Justice J.S. Verma Committee to review anti-rape law
  1. Ajmal V says:

    “Co-Education should be abolished and proper education facilities meant for only women only should be available at all level of education.”
    This suggestion is mocking JIH’s suggestion at all. Co-education makes no sense of sexual immorality, rather it keeps out more misconception among genders and make sense of honour in between.
    Here these suggestions are more prerequisites than amendment in existing rape law. So these are not pragmatic in secular democratic state like India.

    • ilyas says:

      We all agree the importance of education … We have seen the co educational system have ruined the family system in west … a good family ( father ,mother, sister,bother etc ) is very good enough to in cultivate and keep out more misconception among genders and make sense of honour in between and not the class rooms.

    • Nazeer Ataullah says:

      God has created men and women as opposite sex and attraction. How come there will be no sexual immorality in co-education. Our mind is so influenced that to accept the basic realities. Strange indeed.

  2. Itshad says:

    I agree with points 1 & 2 as it can be included in Law. Point 4 & 8 are valid points to noted & act on the same to keep the moral values amoung the society, but the same rules should be appied to boys/men too. The other points mentiond are your views & these may or maynot become Law.

  3. Alan says:

    Non of the 11 points said above is can be practically implemented. It has to be remembered that India is a Secular Democratic Republic. Also point 6 is a very vague, “safety measures be made available particularly in the town and cities” yes, we know it but any suggestion .

    • ilyas says:

      These suggestions will make our secular democratic India the best mother land with safe secured and peaceful for our great great grand children to live …

    • KMO says:

      Abount point # 6 “Safety Measures” I’d say, we have a good number of safety measures enacted by law but unfortunately there is no sincerety in implementation. Mostly the politicians and the cops, responsible for making and implementing the laws, turn out to be the culprits. It is like the fence eating up the crop.

  4. Illias K says:

    3. Co-Education should be abolished and proper education facilities meant for only women only should be available at all level of education.
    This one, whatever justifications we are given, is a completely wrong suggestion. Hope Indian Jamaat clarifies its stand.

  5. Amna says:

    Education is the right way to uplift the mankind to do their duties in the society. First of all we should understand that the dutiis of men and women to work out in the society are not same. So how can we provide same education for two different parties who are doing different things here. So the co-education is good. But not for avoiding rap etc. It is essential for realizing their accountablity each other.

  6. KMM Kabeer says:

    3. Co-Education should be abolished and proper education facilities meant for only women only should be available at all level of education. This suggestion is sentimental and not valued and mocking JIH… I think…

    • ilyas says:

      Out of sight is out of mind ….. we all very well know, how disturbing it is while we were in school … let us understand the importance of desire control …. we send our children to
      school increase their knowledge….. only good home will nature good ethics

  7. Johncivillo says:

    Very poorly crafted both in content and language. “Co-Education should be abolished and proper education facilities meant for only women only should be available at all level of education”. What is this “only women only”? Considering the fact that co-education is implemented in many of the colleges and schools run and managed by JIH and its off-shoots, this proposal as it is has become controversial. Even if you have a sagregated education system, will you be able to sagregate men and women from malls, hospitals, markets, roads, bus stands, railway stations, airports ect? Why JIH don’t propose to have separate railway stations and airports also?!! JIH could have suggested to enusre the moral standard required for the co-educational system. The proposal altogether reflects the poor standard of “the most progressive and dynamic” Islamic movement in India. This is very disappointing..

    • Mohammad Afzal says:

      wearing hijab women can go in flights and trains your suggestion is wrong …no need of seperate flights and trains.Wearing hijab women can go to studies but for comfortness it will be best if they have separate colleges….please think cooooooollllllllllllll…..

    • Muslim Khan says:

      This kind of thinking is responsible for whatever is going on today…. understood why are you talking about crafted content and language because you know very well whatever is written is the only way. why don’t you see the message they are trying to spread.

  8. husna says:

    suggestion no.3 isabsolutely wrong…..we sholud encourage co education… the education should be proper…

    • KMO says:

      Ms Husna – from your name you appear to be a Muslim. You may be aware that when a girl and a boy are alone the third person with them is Satan. And you know what will happen next. Should we give a chance for that. Think about our own children, brother or sister in such a situation……

  9. Saif Ul Islam Farooqui says:

    Dear Fellow Indians

    I think we have to rational and look at the recent history of Indian culture where our forefathers they do fallow scriptures as per their capacity. The man-made system meant full of deficiencies and liable to amend continuously with no guarantee of peace, prosperity, justice and true dignity for all.

    Here goes my take on this subject, the ongoing outrage due to gang rape of a girl in Delhi unfortunately has become a nationwide phenomenon. This episode should not be highlighted just for political gain or be confined to one horrific incident alone, instead we have to do an honest root cause analysis with an earnest mindset and root out all kinds of crimes including the rape from the society once for all.

    What really saddens any honest Indian citizen is that the discussions whether on social networking media, TV talk shows or both houses of Indian Parliament focusing only on the problems without outlining a real mechanism to address it.

    Women parliamentarians cutting across party lines Sushma Swaraj, Mayawati, Jaya Bachchan, Girija Vyas denounce this uncivilized act but I support the pragmatic approach of Sushma Swaraj who rightly said that it’s time to introduce the death penalty or hanging of rapists. Her argument is very close to Islamic teachings that insist on painful punishment for transgressors as an only solution to root out crimes from any human society.

    No other religion has specific rulings mentioned in the scriptures as does Islam, instead some scriptures denigrate the very dignity of women. Islam the religion of all times practically demonstrates the real dignity and true honor of women to those whoever comes closer to it.

    It is high time to confront this evil of the society else sexual abuse or rape victim will never be able to forget the devastating impact it leaves on all aspects of their life.

    Regards, Saif Ul Islam

  10. talha says:

    Advocators of co-education should know:-
    Firstly co-education is not an Indian culture it is purely foreign culture.
    India always had separate educational institute for girls & women, this is our culture.
    After tasting bitter fruits of their own culture, west is adopting Indian culture of separate educational institutions. Only Girls & women colleges are coming up in west

    • Ibn Ali says:

      Does JIH believe co-education create rape in India? Its shame on JIH to denote Islamic movement, since most of the Islamic movement like Annahda propagate same idea(co-education) for social uplifting. Lest, JIH itself has women members in representative bodies too. I think JIH is also not above traditional Muslim groups. All its claims of dynamism and so on is only superficial.

    • mohtashim raza says:

      Wearing trousers and shirts are not a part of indian culture. Tooth brush and going to the present day toilets are also not a part of Indian culture. Ask the Jamaat e Islaami to come up with alternatives of these first and then do petty politics. Time has come when we must stand up against these organisation and ask of for ban.
      Mohtashim Raza

      • KMO says:

        To Brother Mohtashim and brother Ibn Ali – let us not get personal but deal with the issue at hand. All of us are Muslims and we have guidance to last until the end of time. This guidance is applicable today and for the future as it was 1400 years before. Whatever changes we may see, basic human feelings remain unchanged and relationship established by God should not be mutilated by us. Living together, same sex marriage, etc are the human mutilations I am talking about. These are by-products of human interventions such as co-education, no-marriage institutions like the church and other monastries. Let us return to the Quran and Sunnah for our guidance.

  11. johncivillo says:

    Here the question is not about pedagogy. Rather, it is about the solution that the government is seeking for a problem related to alarmingly increasing rate of rape. For this, first of all, any organization is supposed to give suggestion that is immediately practical. JIH is not sending the proposal to the
    Saudi Arabian government. Does JIH genuinely believe stopping of co-education in India is feasible considering the pluralistic nature of our nation? Leave alone the question of whether it is the cause for the alarmingly increasing rate of rape incidents. If not, JIH was supposed to propose measures that will help to improve the situation taking the current situation into account. The wording for this should have been : “taking to consideration of the current co-educational system prevalent in our society, the government needs to take necessary socio-academic measures to ensure required discipline and moral standard among the students for bringing forth the cultured citizenry serving our nation and humanity as a whole, and for the smooth and safe running of the educational institutions”.

  12. Ameen Noufal.V.A ,Kerala says:

    I think the co education is not a reason for antiwoman activities including rape in the society, also the mass joined around our Prophet to know the islamic way of life comprises both Men & Woman. Pls consider the anti islamic,anti muslim media propagandas and take care on giving stones in their hands.

  13. Deen Mohamed says:

    When IIT and MIT have successfully launched online engineering universities, these can be taken as models by JIH to establish an international university for both men and women and help avoid all kinds of illegal intersex crimes at student level

  14. ashraf says:

    Now you start talk irrelevant things. Recommendations to Justice JS Verma Committee to strength anti-rape laws are asked, so talk about those laws and its not recommendations
    education system or what you think is right way to run school. Don’t make joke out of yourself.

  15. shameem ahmed says:

    I agree with all the 11 suggestions sent by JIH to Justice JS Verma committee to review anti rape law and believe that if implemented properly will yield good results. Islam is not a readymade one time solution. Rather it is an approach; a methodology if applied can heal many ills in society. That’s the reason why all these points to address the issue of rape and many more other benefits may also be reaped. Otherwise only one point ie., point no.2 (capital punishment) would suffice for the reactionist view (as those who suggest capital punishment in case of delhi rape victim).

    Over point 3 regarding co- education there’s a big hue and cry from some quarters as if hell is going to fall upon them. This exposes their hypocrisy who while advocating women’s rights on one hand, go against any reform that does not match their own short sighted thinking or which resembles Islamic.

    The Point is simple. It’s sheer commonsense. Free inter-mingling of sexes leads to relationships that people like to hide from their parents. Co-ed institution is a place where boys and girls come in close contact, spend much time, interact and exchange views. In this process relationships develop. The sexually charged up atmosphere everywhere and the unregulated “my body-my right” type of dress code quickens the process. This is not just the case in colleges and universities. Surveys reveal that such things happen even in primary schools leading to pre-marital sex among youth and children. This is not a secret. Many students also get distracted from studies in their efforts to please opposite sex. The whole environment turns murky.

    Now let’s analyze the situation in a co-ed institution. Some students find prospective partners and get into live-in relations, while some get involved in love affairs, some manage to get partners from time to time to date, while those who try to please the same girl but could not succeed or those who feel betrayed by their partner or those who could not manage to get any partner may involve in immoral activities and due to frustration sometimes resort to molestation, rapes and suicides and etc. A very small number of morally good ones due to their consciousness of good and bad stay away from such activities. Such will be branded as conservative, backward by their fellow classmates as they don’t have any girlfriend to accompany in parties.

    The other point worth mentioning is that there is a general erosion of moral values in our society due to the onslaught of western culture. The problem is, many people are not ready to accept that sex with consent is morally wrong. Every damn thing done with consent is not wrong according to them. For such what I would say is that if shyness is lost do as you wish. Otherwise the point could be easily understood. Children in schools are given sex education while moral science is absent. How do you then expect morally good and responsible citizens to come out of educational institutions?

    The whole issue needs to be tackled in a holistic way. A sincere heart searching is the need of the hour instead of sheer reactionism.

    • umair says:

      brilliently explained, in this way jamaat people should explain their points while on tv talk shows.

  16. muhammad sharief says:

    Suggetions are o.k . I think this committee was set up to review the punish ment to rapists. Suggetions regarding education,pedagogy,curiculam,transport etc.. should be sent to govt of india. Talking with p.m and othe ministers will give fruitful results. Intiate a debate among inteligentia will be useful act…..

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