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Women have the potential to contribute positively to the betterment of society – JIH Women’s Department, Co Secretary, Rahamathunnissa

Posted on 16 March 2020 by Admin_markaz

29 Feb, London: The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Women’s Department, Co-Secretary, Rahmatunnisa attended a Women’s Conference at the Brent Mosque in London organized by STRIVE UK. The theme of the conference was “Me and My World”. Rahamathunnissa was the chief guest of the program and gave the inaugural address. She said: “the relevance of empowering women today cannot be overemphasized. This was particularly relevant today as women in India have found their voice. They are standing firm against oppressive draconian laws. Being feminine is not a weakness but a great possibility and power which if used positively can create wonders in society said Rahamathunnissa, National Co-Secretary, JIH in her inaugural address at a Women’s Conference at London. What limits women are the stereotypical image of being the weaker section, the guilty feeling of the original sin and lack of a proper vision. She said that Islam hasn’t set any limits in becoming a contributing member of society but has given guidelines in support of that. She cited examples of exemplary contributions of Muslim women from history till today including the protesters at Shaheen Baghs.”



Various speakers from the UK, India and the Middle East participated in the conference. Kaulat, Lamya, Amrit Wilson, Claudia Radiven, Shareefa Fadhel, Sariya, Ramla Akhter, Rashidat Hassan, Fatima Rajina, Mahera Ruby, Nasreen Saiad and Raghad Altikriti took part in the panel discussions.

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