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Women’s Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind condemns BulliBai app for targeting Muslim ladies

Posted on 04 January 2022 by Admin_markaz


New Delhi, 04 Jan. 2022: Women’s Wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has strongly condemned the targetting women by placing their pictures for “auction” on the “Bulli bai” app.

While demanding a firm action against the accused involved, JIH Women’s Wing Secretary Mrs.Rahmatunnisa said, “this could be a conspiracy of hate mongers to instigate a section of the society. So, we should not get in their trap but fight with patience, modesty and with legal tools.


In a statement to the media, the JIH Women’s Wing Secretary said: “We condemn those responsible for such a communal, misogynist, sexist, and Islamophobic attempt to denigrate and insult the daughters of India. It violates their fundamental right to dignity and privacy, and the perpetrators should be booked and awarded strict punishment. The online “auction” of the respectable daughters of India at a website/app by the name of ‘Bulli bai / Bulli deals’ shames our nation and culture. Our Bharatiya Sanskar is in peril. That is because our culture honours and glorifies our mothers, sisters, and daughters—such attempts to target women from specific religions damage our reputation in India and abroad. Hence, we must treat those responsible for this crime as indulging in anti-national activities. It should be recalled that a similar effort to debase and mentally-torture women were carried out six months back in the name of ‘Sullideals’ in which photographs of more than 80 Muslim women were uploaded for their online auction. Despite FIRs being lodged and many complaints, the criminals were not punished, and the case is still pending. This inaction encouraged the criminals to come out with a new mischief to further their nefarious agenda.”

Demanding the concerned website/app to be first brought down, she called on authorities to arest and punish all those who are behind the crime. She also demanded that they should be named and shamed, and the victims must be provided adequate monetary compensation for the ordeal they had to suffer.


Mrs.Rahmatunnisa added, “let us fight unitedly to eradicate anti-national, anti-social, and hate-mongering activities. Earlier also such things happened, but no appropriate action was taken, which emboldened the criminals to repeat it. All those who uphold our great culture of respect towards women should press the IT and Home Ministry to take stern action against the perpetrators”.


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