Only long-term solution to challenges faced by Indian Muslim Community – Syed Sadatullah Husaini

February 9, 2024

New Delhi: The President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Syed Sadatullah Husaini has called on the Indian Muslim community to galvanize itself to confront the coming challenges which mandate a long-term solution.

In a statement to the media, Syed Sadatullah Husaini said, “The challenges faced by the Indian Muslim community in the context of approaching elections are increasing by the day. Those promoting communalism and sectarianism are shamelessly corrupting our democratic institutions for narrow political and ideological interests. There is considerable anger and anxiety among Muslims. However, we should not be disappointed or scared. The need of the hour is to exhibit determination and courage, and work continuously to overcome these challenges. It is not the first time the Indian Muslim community has faced such challenges. From the 1857 Mutiny to India’s independence, the partition of the country and many other trying instances have been part of our history, and by the Grace of God, we have faced these challenges and overcome them.”

The JIH President reminded the Muslim community saying, “We must be aware of our power; it is rooted in our religion and its noble and pristine teachings and principles. We act as a bulwark against oppression and exploitation. Hence, we are targeted and subjected to trials and tribulations. We must understand that there is no quick fix to our challenges. It is only long-term. We must try to bring about change in our immediate circle of influence. I am proposing six action points for the community: (1) Build good relations with your fellow countrymen. Remove their misconceptions about Muslims and Islam and convey the true picture. (2) Try to improve the condition of the Muslim community. Focus on their education, their economy, and removing their weaknesses. Most importantly, improve their moral character and adherence to religion. (3) Play the role of the “Khair-e-Ummat” (best community) (4) Stand up for justice for all the weak and oppressed regardless of religion, caste, and community. We will oppose and resist injustice but in a peaceful manner. (5) Utilize the power of social media for constructive purposes. Don’t use it as a platform to air your despondency, despair, and frustration. Use it to awaken the country on the real issues confronting them, raise awareness about Islam, and provide courage to the Ummah (6) The coming elections are crucial for the country. We must support peace and justice-loving people, ensure that people participate in this election in large numbers and discharge our responsibilities in the right direction. Let us transform these challenging times into the dawn of a new era. Let us change anger and frustration into constructive energy, which will help us change our present condition.”

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