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Secretary General JIH, Mohammad Salim Engineer joined Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s Bharat Yatra against atrocities on children.

Posted on 12 September 2017 by Admin_markaz

Secretary-General JIH, Mohammad Salim Engineer joined Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s  Bharat Yatra against atrocities on children.

Mr. Satyarthi and Secretary General JIH along with others came together to flag off Kailash Satyarthi’s ‘Bharat Yatra’ against child abuse on Monday.

For his outstanding contribution towards the struggle for children’s rights, Kailash Satyarthi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. He started his journey from the famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari on the occasion on the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekanand’s Chicago Speech.

On this occasion, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Mohammad Salim Engineer said: “Jamaat-e-Islami Hind appreciates Satyarthi Ji’s efforts in the field of child safety and we pray for the success of this Bharat Yatra”. We all should come forward to fight against the atrocities against children as they are the future of our country”.

Starting from Kanyakumari on Monday this yatra will conclude on New Delhi by 16th October 2017.

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