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Freedom of Expression and Blasphemy

Posted on 06 October 2012 by admin

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind supports freedom of expression but wants to clear the difference between freedom of expression and irresponsible, libellous and blasphemous expressions. As it has been recently demanded in the United Nations, the Jamaat very strongly condemns the defamation of religious personalities under the false pretext of freedom of expression. For the Muslim Ummah which forms one fourth of humanity, the most respected personality is that of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). He is held in this position by not only Muslims but by every right thinking person. As a fact he has been sent by God as a mercy for the entire world. Denigrating and blaspheming his personality by making disrespectful cartoons, levelling dirty, baseless and false charges against him and making films on him for reprehensible objectives is intolerable for the Muslims. The Muslims of the world firmly resolve to uphold and safeguard the honour and dignity of this great Prophet, and rightly expect from every good person that he would respect the sentiments of the Muslims.

The Jamaat wonders how the USA has allowed the making of the film ‘Innocence of Muslim’ in the name of freedom of expression. It is a matter of great concern. It is more surprising that the maker of this infamous, mischievous film the Egyptian born American Christian Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has been arrested in USA for probation violence, not for blasphemy and defamation and making a film based on lies, and baseless and blasphemous allegations.

The Jamaat demands that the Government of India and the governments of all civilized countries should enact comprehensive anti-blasphemy laws to protect religious personalities from denigration and save the world from mischief of those who indulge in crime of blasphemy.

The Jamaat appeals to all Muslims to refuse to be provoked by any provocative act and to use their energies in spreading the teachings of the Prophet who is a “mercy to mankind” and saviour of entire humanity. They should follow his teachings with devotions in their entire life With the power of love elevate the downtrodden Bring light into the world through the name of Mohammed (Iqbal)

FDI in retail trade and Inflation
Jamaat views with concern the present FDI policy of Central Government under which FDI in retail trade has been permitted. It is harmful for small traders and the country also. Jamaat is concerned that this will affect the interests of 4.5 crore small traders who are engaged in retail trade. And it will have adverse repercussion for the economy of the country.

The UPA Government has further relaxed the conditions of FDI in the country. According to new directives FDI has been allowed 100% in single brand retail, 51% in multi brand retail, 74% in broadcast sector and 49% in Aviation. This relaxation has been made in the name of economic reforms, but its benefit would accrue to big multinational companies like Wal-Mart. This decision indicates that our Government is under the pressure of capitalist and imperialist forces. The Government is trying to prefer the interests of multinationals at the price of common man. It is also feared that entry of multinational companies in retail trade would further increase unemployment.

Likewise, steep hike in the prices of commonly used fertilizers has affected the farmers. Two fertilizer Di –Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) and Muriat of Potash (MoP) – are among the much used fertilizers in India. Their prices have been increased from 3 folds to 5 folds. The use of these fertilizers has become out of reach for the farmers and it is continuously increasing their difficulties.

The Jammat is deeply concerned that the economic future of 4.5 crore retail traders would slip under the control of corporate capitalists. Moreover, it will have adverse repercussion and pose danger for the autonomy of the country. Therefore the Jamaat demands that the Government should roll back its decision of FDI in retail keeping in view the interests of the common man.

The Communal Situation in UP, Corrective steps
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is deeply concerned about the intelligence bureau report that the communal situation in U.P. is volatile and atmosphere is being created to stage communal riots on a big scale.

It is unfortunate that in recent months several communal riots have taken place in the state which caused the loss of several innocent lives. The UP chief minister had expressed his resolve when assuming office, that he would act tougher against communal minded elements. He should do the needful in this regard without delay.

Maintenance of law and order and protection of life and protection of citizens is the basic responsibility of every government. In this regard reforms in police department, legal action against criminals and removing prejudiced officers from sensitive places is necessary. Besides, it is necessary that minorities are given proper representation in police and para-military forces so that the situation may be effectively controlled. In this regard the recommendations of government appointed Sachar Committee and Justice Ranganath Misra Commission should be implemented and proper representation is given to minorities.

The Jamaat deems it necessary that UP, which is the largest Indian state populated by every sixth Indian citizen, also gives proper representation to minorities in police and para-military forces. Every citizen in UP should be given an opportunity to live in an open and free atmosphere so that he may make progress and at the same time state forward.

Rehabilitation of the Riot – Affected persons of Assam
The biggest problem of the riot affected areas of Assam is rehabilitation of displaced persons and repairing the relations between the communities. Out of five lakhs displaced persons still two lakhs persons are in relief camps even now some crimes like murders are taking place here and there.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has taken up massive relief work up to now, has spent Rs. 2 Crore 25 lakhs on relief measures. For addressing the important task of restoring good relations among Muslims, Bodos and others, the Jamaat formed a sex-member delegation which comprised the following persons 1) Tula Sanjay of Vishvagiram 2. Mr. Omar Vohra of JIH Guajarat 3. Ms. Momta Chauhan, Education inspector 4. Shalish Bhat 5. Ms. Sevika, a Bodo lady 6. Mohammed Shafi Madani. This delegation ceaselessly worked for a week and met leaders of All Bodo Students Union (ABSU), all Bodo Minorities students Union (ABMSU), social and political leaders of Assam, and central and state bureaucrats assured and tried to restore the confidence and good relations Bodos and Muslims to a great extent. Assam chief minister Tarun Gogai had proposed completion of rehabilitation by 15th August. Central government reached a package of 300 crore for this. The Jamaat demands that the rehabilitation should be completed at earliest.

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