A home with righteous children becomes a model of paradise: S. Ameenul Hasan, Vice President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

New Delhi: Addressing an online lecture on the ‘Art and Science of Parenting’ organized by the ‘Children Islamic Organization’ (CIO). On this occasion, Vice President, of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, S. Ameenul Hasan said, “Children are a gift from Allah. In a house where there are good, virtuous, and righteous children, such a house is like heaven. The Islamic style of parenting is to give children an atmosphere of peace at home, strengthen their faith, cultivate their affiliation with the mosque, and organize prayers for children. They should be in a happy mood, which will attract sympathy and affection. For the development of good character and behavior in children, it is necessary that the parents also have good qualities. Today, parents want to make their children doctors, engineers, or other professionals but do not want to give them a higher goal in life. That is why in today’s society, children grow up to become doctors, engineers, and other professionals, but they lack a higher purpose in life.”

Introducing the CIO to the audience, S. Ameenul Hasan stated “CIO has been established for the development of children’s personality, good behavior, and morals. Parents can help avail their children of this. The physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of children is essential. All children in the world behave in the same way and go through the same process in their life stages, while parents train their children in different ways. When the child reaches the age of 14, he is in the ‘anti-age’ or ‘rebellion age’ and he wants to go against what the parents say and also answers back. A child between the ages of 18-20 is in the developmental age or philosophical stage and changes take place in his/her thinking and mood. All children in the world change their behavior according to their age. Parents have to take care of this.”

The Secretary of CIO, Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Assistant Secretary, Dr. Mubashera Firdous, committee members, Nasreen Shakir, and Hina Abdul Rab, parents, teachers, and people from different parts of the country participated in this occasion.

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