All-Rajasthan GIO Members Camp held in Jaipur

June 29, 2013


Jaipur, June 26: The Rajasthan zone of Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO), female students wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, organized its first-ever all Rajasthan members camp here in the capital city of Jaipur earlier this month. The camp was attended by GIO members from five districts of the state.

“We should strive to make the environment of campus pure, calm, and safe; and free from evils like ragging, fashion shows, eve-teasing, communalism, etc.,” said Ubaidah Iqbal, GIO Rajasthan president while speaking at the camp. In her concluding speech at the daylong camp, GIO chief suggested ways to achieve the ambitious goal. “For this, we should civilize the students by Islamic teachings and try to help them as far as possible, but first we have to present ourselves as a perfect Islamic ideal before them,” she said.

The leaders from districts and units of GIO addressed members on various topics. Shaista Hussain (District Organizer, Sikar) expressed her thoughts on the topic significance of being organised. She stated that organisation is the innate need of human being. Allah has made the Muslims a ‘Jamaat’ (Group) for a purpose i.e. iqaamat-e-deen (establishment of Deen) and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. also commanded us to remain in ‘Jamaat’ to achieve this aim. Sumaiya Afnan (District Organizer, Jaipur) enlightened the audience on Duties of a leader and the followers. Huma Ansari (Unit President, Mangrol) addressed all the members on the topic Our duties as an individual. She said we should present our Islamic identity in every aspect of life and should try our best to guard human rights of all. Saika Bhati  (Treasurer, GIO, Rajasthan) gave speech on the title Mutual relationship among the sisters of GIO and stated that mutual understanding and affection between the members are helpful to achieve the purpose i.e. iqaamat-e-deen.

Shakira Khatoon (Nazima Tarbiyat, Women’s Wing, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Rajasthan) spoke on Sacrifice in the way of Allah and said that we should learn the feeling of physical and financial sacrifice from Sahabiyaat (Rz.) and try to develop that feeling in us.

The topic Study: Why and How? was presented by ab Waqar Ahmed Sahab (Observer, GIO Rajasthan). Dr. Mohd. Iqbal Siddiqui (Secretary Dawat, JIH Rajasthan) described How To Develop An Islamic Personality. He said that personality of a person can be judged through his knowledge about society and its circumstances. He also said that memory of a person is the measurement of his ilm (knowledege). The most developed personality of the world is that of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. who gifted us knowledge through the Holy Quran.

At the end of the programme, Khurshid Hussain, Patron, GIO Rajasthan and state president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, said that it is a precious gift of Allah that we are Muslims and are attached with a purest organisation. Close relation with Allah, Islamic life and character and belief in life after death are the main parts of our training.

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    May ALLAH help the sisters!

  2. Mohammed Nayeemuddin

    We are living in such an age where our sisters/mothers are on the edge. It is a great initiative by the Rajasthan GIO. All other so called feminist voices should pool together and fight against discrimination of women.

    The so-called Feminism started in the last decade of 1800s and is a new phenomenon still struggling in different parts of the world with very nominal/relative success. It is a necessity in our Indian patriarchal social structure system, but if one ponders over the Islamic history, we find great examples of women leading from the forefront… During the reign of Umar (ra), the 2nd rightly guided Caliph, the controller of market affairs was a female, al-Shifa bint Abdallah (rah) and many more.

    These sisters should move forward and ask for changes in the laws related to the sexual harrassment and discrimination of sexes, etc. What has been done by the Indian Judiciary in these fronts is very minimal!

    I pray for the success of our sisters.