Ameer-e Jamaat hands over house keys to Assam riot victims

January 9, 2015

Islam For All campaign launched in Maharashtra copy

Guwahati, 09 Jan 2015: Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, on Friday handed over house keys to people who were rendered homeless during the bloody riots in Assam two years ago. Jamaat has constructed 376 houses and 23 mosques in Kokrajhar, Chirang and Gosaigaon – three worst affected districts of BTAD area. Of them, 90 houses and four mosques were constructed by Jamaat in Chirang and 126 houses and 2 mosques in Gosaigaon. The Jamaat constructed houses for 15 Bodo families also.


Besides, about 1100 houses and 40 mosques were also repaired in the area. Some 115 makatib are also being run by Jamaat where about 7000 students are getting taking education.


Maulana Umari handed over the keys to the victim families at a program which was also attended by Jamaat’s national secretaries Mohammad Ahmed and Mohammad Shafi Madani.


Ameer-e Jamaat addressed public meetings at three different places in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts. He also visited Kamarpara village in Gosaigaon district where Jamaat constructed 126 houses and 2 mosque

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  1. Mohammed Sayeed

    Excellent Commendable job done by JIH.

  2. tabish shams

    may allah accept there efforts those who work and part with this work. ameen
    jzakumullah khair

  3. waseem Alshaikh

    Allah Musalmanu ki hifazat farmaye

  4. HM Sidhick

    AlHamdulillah. Further the Jamaaeteislamihind shall also concentrate to start Coaching centres throught India initially at particular states, to accord coaching and training to get employment in Government and public sectors for the educated youths

    • Dr Zafar Obaid

      This is a great idea to actually guide the Indians and make them Self reliant. God bless you dear.

  5. Sheikh Nabil

    Mashallah great job, we should keep on doing this Kidmat qalq job to please Allah.
    do we take financialvassistance from Govt on

  6. parwezjamal

    Masaallah nice job done by jih

  7. Kishorekantha

    Jamaat is really a good party

  8. Kishorekantha

    I love jamaat.It is a muslim party

  9. Dr Zafar Obaid

    Din me ek ghante ghauro fikr ke liye nikaalen. Raaste khud hi manzil ka pataa denge.