Ameer-e-Jamaat reminded the Muslim community about its duty of ensuring justice in the society during Eid speech

August 9, 2013


On the occasion of Eid ul Fitr today; August 9, 2013 Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri, Ameer (President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, led the Eid prayer at 8 in the morning; in masjid Ishsat-e-Islam, New Delhi. After the prayer he delivered the Eid address. He congratulated the vast gathering of men and women on the occasion of Eid. He prayed to Allah that by his grace, He may accept the humble efforts put in by the believers in the month of Ramadan. Indeed it was the month of fasting, pious acts and spending in the way of Allah, learning of the Quran and helping the needy.

 During his Eid address, the Ameer-e-Jamaat reminded the Muslim community about its duty of ensuring justice in the society. Quoting the Quran he pointed out that the believing community has been commanded by the Almighty to stand up for justice. They should do this for the sake of Allah only and not for any partisan end. The community of believers should be as witness to truth and justice. Even the enemy must be treated justly. The poor and rich both should be judged fairly.  The believers should be just, even if justice may harm their interests or of their parents and relatives.

 The Ameer-e-Jamaat express his utter surprise at the turn of events. Instead of providing justice to the world, the Muslim community is begging to others, for the justice. This situation calls for urgent introspection. The believers should not beg before human beings.  They should bow the Allah only and putting their trust in him.  They should begin an earnest campaign in today’s world; for ensuring justice to all.

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  1. Tabish shams

    It is time to intospect and act accodingly.

  2. Rabbani Akhtar Hassan

    Alhumdulilla. Eid Mubarak .Really we are bowing in front of humanbeings insted of the All Mighty creator The time we under stand this fact the problems of umma will be solved .Surely what the Ameer told is 100% right ,we has to trust Allaha(SWT).

  3. Mohammed Ziaullah

    Every word of Ameer e Jamaat is to be emulated at all levels by the millat. The cadre of Jamaat should convey this message to the fellow Muslims as well as the country men with thier words and deed