Ameer-e Jamaat strongly condemns brutal killings by Egyptian army

Ikhwanul Muslameen

New Delhi: Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, has strongly condemned the brutal, barbaric firing by the Egyptian army on the peaceful demonstrators of Ikhwanul Muslimoon (Muslim Brotherhood). According to reports, the army attacked with bulldozers and armored vehicles on thousands of peaceful unarmed demonstrators in the ground of Masjid Rabia. The army opened fire on the demonstrators from gunships resulting in death of hundreds of people while thousands sustained injuries. The victims included women and children.

In a media statement today, Ameer-e Jamaat termed the act of the Egyptian army as brutal, immoral and inhuman. He said the army in the first place had no right to sack a democratically elected president through a coup. Second, the bloody military action against the masses including women and children who are protesting against the military coup cannot be justified morally or legally.

Ameer-e Jamaat also expressed surprise at the criminal silence of United States, other western countries and some Muslim nations on the brutal barbaric acts of the Egyptian army. He appealed to international bodies of human rights and United Nations to intervene immediately to stop the Egyptian military from the bloody operation so that Egypt could be kept from civil war.

Ameer-e Jamaat Maulana Umari also demanded the Government of India to execute its moral and constitutional responsibility as a democratic and free nation and break its silence on the situation in Egypt. Our government should approach the world community, United Nations and Non-Aliened Movement to stop the brutal military operation and restore democracy in Egypt. Ameer-e Jamaat also appealed to Muslim countries and Organization of Islamic Conference to make all-out efforts to stop the killing of masses in Egypt.

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  1. qaiser farooq

    history has witnessed these brutal massacres before as in case of ashab al ukhdud and this sheds light on the spirit of islamic movements.(milestones, qutb ).O men of ikhwan ! U are the lords of the struggle.O men of ikhwan! The future belongs to u in the struggle for freedom.O men of ikhwan!u are live books who have access to each house and school .qutb enroute egypt from syria.

  2. Rabbani Akhtar Hassan

    Very sad . What happend to the word humanity to see this type of barbaric killing of inocent people including women &children .Is it because it is the killing of Muslims ?When a boy shot dead in USA the President yell upon it but not on the hundreds of killings on his own SIGNAL .May Allah help the muslim Brotherhood .Ameen.

  3. anwar

    king Abdullah is also equal partner with Al Sisi in killing thousands of people in egypt. Shame on this partnership! Shame on king! shame on killers.

  4. Kafil azmi

    Muslim dunya ke lea sharmnak hai musalman hi musalman ke lahu ka sharib hai ..lekin fatah to haque walo ki hogi islam dushman shah abdulllah .mubark aur misri sena .israil aur america nist nabud honge inshaallah .ekhwanio ka khun raiga ni jaiga ek ek qatra islami enqilab ki nishani hai