Annual Session of JIH Central Advisory Council concludes, adopts resolutions on national issues

April 28, 2016

Annual Session of JIH Central Advisory Council concludes, adopts resolutions on national issues




New Delhi, 27 April 2016: The Markazi Majlis e Shoora (Central Advisory Council (CAC)) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) held its annual session at its headquarters from 23 to 26 April 2016 which was chaired by its Ameer, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari. The JIH CAC was attended by 19 members. The JIH CAC deliberated on the various problems and issues confronting the nation and adopted the following resolutions:



(1)Complete ban on alcohol
The JIH CAC recommends the government to put a complete ban on the sale of alcohol and to introduce prohibition in the entire country. The JIH CAC appreciates the role of social and political actors and the media in supporting the call for prohibiting this menace. The JIH CAC demands that the Central government should bring about legislation as recommended by the Directive Principles of State Policy in our Constitution to put a nationwide ban on alcohol. The JIH CAC lauds the Bihar government for enforcing total prohibition in the state and felt that this initiative must be emulated by the other State governments of India. The JIH CAC listed the various harmful effects of consuming alcohol on society, the economy, on morality and health. The JIH CAC categorically rejects the excuse given by various State governments that banning alcohol would seriously compromise the revenue they earn by way of taxing the alcohol industry. The cost that the government has to bear in terms of trying to prevent the crimes committed under the influence of alcohol, the various medical and health expenses that are caused by various diseases due to alcoholism, the breakdown in the family system and the abundance of court cases and litigation because of alcohol, is far greater than the income accrued by the government by taxing the alcohol industry. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind believes that our Creator and Sustainer has prohibited alcohol and other intoxicants precisely because of these reasons.




(2)Scarcity of water and drought in the country
The JIH CAC has expresses great dismay and anguish at the scarcity of water and drought in various parts of the country. The JIH CAC has noted that according to government sources about 25% of our country is facing drought like situation and a severe shortage of drinking water. The common man is experiencing great difficulty in getting drinking water and the farmer is tormented by the lack of water required for irrigation. The JIH CAC believes that the erroneous policies and misplaced priorities of the government are responsible for this woeful situation but the excessive greed and corruption by mankind cannot be ignored and are also equally responsible. JIH CAC feels that man has interfered unnecessarily in the laws of nature, destroyed the environment for material greed and adopted an extreme view of prosperity and progress which has destroyed the natural balance found in the universe. JIH CAC feels that the incompetence and the misguided policies of the government authorities are also to be blamed. The JIH CAC demands that the government should immediately ban those industries that are causing water scarcity and water pollution. JIH CAC appeals to the masses and especially to Muslims that they should come forward and lend a helping hand to those affected by drought and water scarcity. JIH CAC requests that people should turn to their Creator, ask forgiveness for their sins and improve their deeds.




(3)Judicial interference in Muslim Personal Law
The JIH CAC expresses great distress at the repeated interference in the Muslim Personal Law and its flawed and invalid interpretation by the judiciary. The JIH CAC is surprised by the Supreme Court for initiating suo motu proceedings to examine various issues under Muslim Personal Law like marriage, divorce, maintenance etc. to examine the rights of Muslim women. The JIH CAC believes that when the Supreme Court has repeatedly opined that Muslim Personal Law cannot be covered under Part 3 of the Constitution, then this interference by the judiciary not only goes against its own verdicts but also tantamount to an infringement of the right to religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. The JIH CAC accepts that the Muslim community does face an issue regarding divorce. However it has been blown out of proportion and presented in an exaggerated manner. Most of the divorces occur due to the lack of awareness in the Muslim masses regarding the intricacies and procedures of divorce as mandated by the Shariah. Hence the solution to this problem lies in educating the Muslim community and not by interfering in the Personal Law of Muslims. JIH CAC feels that the socio-religious Muslim organizations, the Imams of mosques, religious scholars and intellectuals should focus on the reformation of Muslim community in order to prevent the abuse of Muslim women’s rights and stem the rising trend of divorces in Muslims. Attempts should be made to deliver the rights to Muslim women as accorded to them by Islam. Muslims must be encouraged to solve their domestic marital disputes in the Darul Qaza and other Shariah Courts. Counselling committees should operate in Muslim Mohallas to solve various family disputes and differences.




(4)Condemnable actions in the name of nationalism
The JIH CAC condemns the wrong actions taken by the fascist forces in the name of nationalism. The JIH CAC feels that natural feelings of love towards one’s nation and one’s own countrymen have been twisted and perverted in such a manner that it demands extreme compliance that borders on worship and deification. Such demands are not acceptable to those who believe in only One God and offer exclusive worship only to One Creator. The JIH CAC feels that forcing certain slogans and making certain actions mandatory on people that goes against their faith and religious beliefs is an exercise in bigotry which will take the country towards anarchy and division. The parochial and narrow outlook of the government is negatively impacting the institutions of higher learning like Hyderabad Central University and JNU. JIH CAC demands that the government restore the climate of freedom in the country, establish the supremacy of law, stop imposing the saying of certain slogans and award exemplary punishment to those who take law in their own hands and those who foment communal hatred.



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