Banning triple talaq will not help Muslim women: JIH Chief

New Delhi, May 11: The President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and Vice President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) – Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari expressed apprehension over the efficacy of banning triple talaq. Speaking at the monthly press meet of Jamaat the JIH Chief stated that: ’’banning triple talaq will not benefit Muslim women. Even if triple talaq is outlawed, those who want to trouble their wives will still continue to do so and stop giving conjugal rights to their wives. This will lead to many complications and jeopardize the woman’s stature and dignity’’. Maulana Umari again reiterated that ‘’the problem of divorced Muslim women has been blown out of proportion and statistics don’t support the claim of this problem being endemic within the Muslim community”.

Earlier the National Convener of the recently concluded ‘’Muslim Personal Law Awareness Campaign’’ – Muhammad Jafar briefed the media on the achievements of the campaign. He said that: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind successfully completed an all India campaign called ‘’Muslim Personal Law Awareness Campaign’’ which was run all over the country from 23 April till 07 May 2017. The objective of the campaign was to create awareness within the Muslim community regarding their personal laws as well as to remove the misconceptions and misgivings among fellow countrymen regarding the family laws in Islam that are related to the way Muslims marry, divorce and inherit etc. The campaign received tremendous response from people and both the print and electronic media covered the campaign extensively. Muslim Religious scholars (Ulema) of all denominations supported the campaign. There was a dedicated website ( and a Google Android App (MPLAC) for giving information about the campaign in cyberspace. Social media platforms were extensively utilized for spreading the message about MPLAC. One of the highlights of the campaign was the press meets and ‘’Shariat Conferences’’ that were exclusively addressed by Jamaat women. Thousands of JIH women members and workers conducted small and big programs. Door to door meetings, visit slums and villages as well as conducting small programs, corner meetings, rallies, seminars, symposiums and huge public meetings brought the campaign to millions of people. Friday sermons in mosques were utilized for the campaign to explain the correct Islamic way to divorce, exhorting Muslims to avoid ostentatious marriages and to give due share to daughters in inheritance. Specially made folders and books were prepared to explain the moral and legal issues about personal laws and problems that women face. There were special meetings with Ulema and Muslim lawyers. Counselling Centers and Sharia Panchayats were formed in many cities and towns. Jamaat was able to reach around 14.5 crore people through the campaign.

The Press Meet was also addressed by the Secretary General of Jamaat – Muhammad Salim Engineer who talked about the growing lawlessness in the country and welcomed the Supreme Court judgment in Nirbhaya case.

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