JIH Central Advisory Council passes resolutions on HC verdict on Hijab issue, inflation, unemployment, communal hatred, Ukraine war

April 5, 2022

A 3-day session of the Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind held at its headquarters in the Capital last week with JIH President (Ameer)  Syed Sadatullah Husaini in the chair. The session deliberated and adopted resolutions on the Karnataka High Court verdict on the Hijab issue, Inflation and Unemployment, Rising Communal Hatred and Russia-Ukraine War.

The full text of the resolutions:

Karnataka High Court Verdict on the Hijab Issue

 The Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH-CAC) deems the Karnataka High Court verdict on the Hijab issue to be regrettable. On one hand this verdict stands in sharp contrast with Article 15 of the Constitution of India (which secures discrimination on the grounds of religion) while on the other it also violates other fundamental rights enshrined in Article 14 (right to equality), Article 19 (freedom of expression), Article 21 (privacy), and Article 25 (freedom of conscience). Women’s education is one of our country’s top priorities. In spite of this, creating such barriers for female students in the name of the uniforms is very detrimental to the country. This verdict has thrown a question before the female students to choose between Hijab and education. Pushing daughters of the country in a situation, where they are being forced to choose between education and dress as per their religion and conscience is a cause of distress to the conscientious citizens of the country.

The JIH-CAC feels that this issue is related directly to the freedom of expression and conscience, and the court has further complicated it in an uncalled for manner by raising the debate of its being essential or unessential. The JIH-CAC feels that the court ought not to become entangled with what is essential and what is not essential in a religion. It is up to the Ulema and religious scholars to decide such an issue.

The JIH-CAC feels it necessary to reiterate that the entire Muslim Ummah is united on Hijab being obligatory in Islam. Islam makes following certain limits binding on both man and woman to maintain purity in society. It is for this purpose that Islam deems Hijab essential for women.

The JIH-CAC holds in high esteem the Muslim female students’ commitment to the Islamic commandments with zeal, courage and steadfastness.

The JIH-CAC also considers fallacious the contention of the High Court that Hijab creates seclusion and distancing in society. Ours is a plural society. The Constitution of the country has given every religious and cultural entity the fundamental right to lead a life in accordance with its religion and traditions. Here, diversity, respect for religious freedom and rituals and practices of different groups are the source of real and lasting unity, not the unnatural or coercive uniformity.

The JIH-CAC expects that the Supreme Court will restore the Muslim female students’ fundamental right to get education with their religious compliant identity as soon as possible, by removing this confusion created by the lower court.

Inflation and Unemployment

This session of JIH-CAC expresses deep concern on the rising inflation and unemployment. After the Assembly elections in five States the prices of petrol and diesel have been increased many times, which has made the transportation of basic necessities costlier. There is an extraordinary increase in the price of cooking gas, pulses, rice and other articles of day to day use. The prices of milk, vegetables, cooking oil and bread, etc are increasing fast. Similarly, the prices of medicines have also increased exponentially, making it very difficult for the common man to get medical treatment.

The JIH-CAC feels that it is no more among the priorities of the Government to provide facilities for the citizens by containing price rise. The unfair tax-rates, black marketing, hoarding, making economic policies under the pressure of capitalists’ interests and neglecting agriculture, agrarian economy and other key job-creating sectors are all equally responsible for inflation.

The JIH-CAC demands that the Government reduce tax rates forthwith, bring petrol and diesel under GST, and restore the subsidy on cooking gas.

The JIH-CAC feels that the rising unemployment in the country has made the life of inflation-hit people further miserable. Despite the claims of the Union Government neither new opportunities for employment have been created nor have the vacant seats in government institutions and companies been filled. In order to get political mileage, our governments throw doles like five kilograms free ration, free gas cylinder and laptops for students to distract people’s attention for the time being from inflation and unemployment. But they do not have any interest in creating permanent employment opportunities.

The JIH-CAC feels that there is no lack of natural resources in the country. If small and medium scale industries are promoted, it will not only increase national production but create new employment opportunities as well. If domestic industries, and leather, furniture and handicraft, etc. are promoted in the country at the government level, unemployment can be contained easily. If proper attention is paid to the agricultural economy, people’s migration to towns and cities can be contained by providing employment opportunities at the village level. The JIH-CAC demands that employment should be regarded as a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution, and the gap between rich and poor be bridged by effecting a just division of resources.

Rising Communal Hatred

This session of JIH-CAC expresses deep concern over the hatred being spread in the various spheres of life in the country in a well-planned manner.

Today in our country whether it is political, educational sphere or a place of cultural mingling or media broadcasts, communalism, hatred, provoking and divisive things are rife everywhere. To spread hatred in the country, history is being trampled upon, misconceptions are being dished out in a planned manner, and there are also deliberate attempts to widely spread blatant lies and fake news.

The JIH CAC is deeply concerned about this situation. It comprehends that the sincere sections of the country need to take immediate notice of the situation and work together in a united manner to promote peace, development and brotherhood and eradicate communal hatred at all levels. Especially, interfaith leaders have the utmost responsibility in this regard.

It is also essential that in these circumstances true history is presented before the countrymen and the introduction of various religions and cultures be popularised in the society. The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind looks with appreciation at all the efforts being made to contain communal hatred, and will try to promote those efforts at every level and lend its cooperation in this regard.

Russia-Ukraine War

The JIH-CAC expresses grave concern over the Russia-Ukraine war going on for the last one month, which has destroyed many cities of Ukraine, hundreds of people have been killed, and hospitals are replete with the injured including children, elderly persons and women. Millions of women, children and old persons are compelled to take refuge in neighbouring countries. If this war is not stopped for a long period, it can spread to other countries, the consequences and sufferings of which will badly affect the entire human race.

The JIH-CAC takes with concern the fact that the United Nations is not doing anything save and except adopting condemning resolutions. Unfortunately, despite the loud claims of progress, our world has failed to find effective measures to avert such bloody conflicts.

The JIH-CAC appeals to the warring nations to declare an immediate ceasefire and settle their mutual disputes by peaceful means and meaningful parleys.

The JIH-CAC also called on the United Nations and the world powers to take concrete steps to prevent loss of lives and properties of civilians during the clashes of interests of the major powers. It also urged the Indian Government to make effective use of its diplomatic influence for peace in the region.

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