Religious leaders form ‘Dharmik Jan Morcha’ in Kolkata to curb growing hatred among communities


Leaders of different religions at ‘Dharmik Jan Morcha’ event in Kolkata


 New Delhi, 28 Dec. 2020: Leaders of different religions have launched West Bengal chapter of the united religious front ‘Dharmik Jan Morcha’’ in Kolkata to curb the growing religious and social hatred in the country. The event was attended by religious leaders from different parts of the country. A high level delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), consisting of its national leadership also participated the event. An initiative of JIH, the Morcha is a representative platform of all religions and communities in the country. Its main objective is to bring together people of different faith and work to foster an environment of communal amity.


Delivering his presidential speech, JIH Vice President Prof. Mohammed Saleem Engineer said, “people of different religions and beliefs live in India with different languages ​​and cultures, this is the diversity of our country and all of us have the responsibility to maintain this diversity. But some extremist elements are trying to end this diversity. We all must stop them together.”


The programme was attended by Father Sanjeev Das, Swami Parmanand Ji Giri Maharaj, Swami Uttamananda Ji Maharaj, Dr. Vachan Singh Saral, Mr.Varun Jyoti, Ms.Indrani Das Geeta, Acharya Gopal Chhatri and Chairman of All India Motavalli Association Syed Irfan Bashir. They have jointly stated that violence is not justified in any religion, but some selfish people are hurting the harmony of the country. In order to preserve the integrity of the country, the leaders of all religions have to stop it together, they added.


Swami Uttamanand Maharaj, activist of Krishna Mission has been chosen as the convenor of the Morcha.


On this occasion, the religious leaders also expressed their concerns about the growing social and caste discrimination, violence in the name of religion, prevailing corruption in the country. They have also discussed the possibility of promoting mutual unity and working together.


The JIH central delegation led by its Vice-President Prof. Saleem Engineer, included Director of PR Department Mujtaba Farooq, National Secretary Malik Motasim Khan and Assistant Secretary Wasiq Nadeem Khan. Maulana Abdur Rafiq, JIH state President of West Bengal and its state Media Secretary Mashiurrahman were also present on the occasion.


Later, the JIH delegation held a meeting with representatives of various social groups and intellectuals of Jharkhand and West Bengal in Kolkata to discuss several issues. Activists  and tribal leaders including president of Adivasi Budhijivi Manch Prem Chand Murmu and Kunal Murmu, The Hindu’s Kolkata bureau chief Suvojit Bagchi, Jharkhand’s social activist Ashok Verma, Dr. FK Birsa, secretary of Hindi Mukti Committee Chhotan Das participated the meeting. They discussed the protection of the rights of minorities and tribals in West Bengal and other part of the country.  A framework was prepared to protect water, forest and land from falling into the clutches of the corporates. Four such meetings have been held in other parts of the country. Other meetings are planned to prepare the roadmap for the future by involving people from different parts of the country.





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