Five-day workshop for pre-primary teachers held at Jamaat headquarters

November 8, 2014

Five-day workshop for pre-primary teachers held at Jamaat headquarters

New Delhi, 08 Nov 2014: Education helps one to think about oneself and the universe. The process of learning starts from cradle and goes on to grave. The imposing materialism in society has forced us to send our kids to pre-primary schools. We should not keep children under the burden of books as this does not allow their proper evolution and the bud withers even before blossoming into a flower. A teacher can give bad results from a good system and good results from a bad system. These views were expressed by Nusrat Ali, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind at the inaugural session of five-day teachers’ training camp for pre-primary on 5th November here at the headquarters of Jamaat.


The program started with recitation and commentary of Quran by Jamaat’s Secretary Ejaz Ahmed Aslam. He said education and thinking about the universe are necessary for human life.


In his welcome speech, Ashfaq Ahmed, Secretary, Education Affairs, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind said pre-primary is not being given due attention. From 2012, the government has made some programs for this stage of education. Even in kindergarten and play schools, kids are educated through Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, which is a burden for children and against their psychology.


He informed that 23 education experts have been contacted for this program. The purpose of this five-day program is to introduce our teachers with basics and work scheme of pre-primary education so that they could get inspired to learn more.

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  1. asma patel

    You needed five days to understand that forcing cildren is opposite of their phycology. Your coleage mohtrem Afzal Husain sahab had written a book Fanne talimwa tarbeet which described very well how to give educaition and why. Have you read that book? You need to come up with carriculm which includes wide verities of fun activities so children learn without burden.

  2. Shehzad

    Dear Sir,
    It is very good step for the community. Can you please send us workshop report and can you organize this kind of workshop at Jaipur.

    I am working in Pratham NGO

  3. Firaz Ali

    It is very good step , Like these program should be every where in India.

    Requesting to send Work shop Report and guidelines to me direct at my email,

  4. abdulhalim

    Appropriate but rare work. Education is not synonymous with making book-worms or competition crackers. Rather it should be a joyous ride of discovery and learning.