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Iman should be the basis for Muslim Unity, not strategy

Posted on 25 June 2012 by Admin_markaz

Bangalore: June 14, 2012.
“Islam is a comprehensive system of life encompassing all spheres of life. If we follow a few aspects and ignore other sections, then it is as if we believe in a few and reject the rest, which has been condemned in Qur’an. Our Ulama should provide leadership in all spheres of life as Prophet Muhammad (s) did not only lead daily prayers but was also a leader in every sphere of life”, said Moulana Muhammad Rafeeq Qasmi, National Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind here in a special gathering of Ulama at BIFT organized by the Majlisul Ulama, Bangalore Metro. Addressing on ‘Role of Ulama in the formation of an ideal society’, Moulana called upon the Ulama to promote the sense of being Khair-e-Ummah (The Best Ummah) among Muslims and prepare them for the cause of reconstructing the society on the lines of Qur’an and Sunnah. Highlighting the importance of Unity of Ummah, Moulana explained that “today people discuss Ittihad (Muslim unity) as a strategic necessity, whereas it is Iman which should be the basis for unity”. Moulana Farooq Fouzan Rashadi and Moulana Muhammad Muqaddar Mazahari shared their experiences of the ‘National Ulama Workshop’ held at JIH headquarters. Moulana Najmuddeen Husain Umari, Assistant convenor, Majlisul Ulama, Karnataka presented the inaugural words. Moulana Iqbal Ahmed Qasmi was the convenor for the programme.

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