Jamaat condemns Justice Katju’s statement on Muslim Personal Law

October 3, 2014

Jamaat condemns Justice Katju’s statement on Muslim Personal Law

New Delhi, 03 Oct 2014: Jamaat-e-Islami Hindi has termed as unjustified, improper and emotive the statement of Press Council of India chief Markandey Katju that Muslim Personal Law is unjust and degrading for women. Jamaat has urged Mr. Katju, who has been associated with judiciary for a long period of time, to explain as to how Uniform Civil Code could be just for a multi-religion and multi-culture country like India of over one billion people.

Mr. Nusrat Ali, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, said that some statements of former Supreme Court judge Katju are indeed useful, reasonable and moderate. But it seems that from his days in judiciary, he has held one-sided, illogical and unjustified viewpoint about Muslim Personal Law. He has once again expressed this view and thus has not only hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community and millions of other fellow countrymen but also raked up an impracticable, useless and unnecessary debate.

The Jamaat leader further said that Mr. Katju has described the Muslim Personal Law as barbaric and backward. This is completely against facts. By making such statement, he seems to have fallen prey to the conspiracy for distorting the history of Islam. Personalities of his stature should save themselves from the conspiracy.

Secretary General of the Jamaat has challenged Mr. Katju to analyse just last one year’s data about crimes against women like brutalities, domestic violence, murder, rape and sexual harassment etc. and he will surely know the truth that Muslim women are least affected and they are happily living under Muslim Personal Law. Yet, if some Muslim women have faced violence and injustice it is not because of Muslim Personal Law but the weaknesses of the Muslim society. A responsible person and expert like Mr Katju should understand the difference.

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  1. Hafiz anwarpasha umari

    اس طرح کے بیانات پر بروقت رد عمل نہایت ضروری ہے

  2. shah abdul hannan

    Very regrettable comment by Mr Katju. Universal civil code is not possible as it will go against religious teaching on personal law issues of Islam and some other religions.
    Shah Abdul Hannan

  3. Mohammed Abdulazeem

    Sir , your statement is not that strong as it needs to be . Particularly I have a serious objection on the term used “weakness of Muslim Society” . It’s a very crude way of clarification when it was not needed too . At least it was tolerable if you could have said ” weakness of certain Muslim individuals”. Statesmanship is an art , please be careful in using words and terms.
    Best regards

  4. S M Farhad

    Mr. Katju is an ambitious person. He wants some position from present govt. While Congress was in power he was vocal critic of BJP and its associates. But months before general elections he chose to remain quite, sensing defeat of Congress. Just after election result he raised controversial statements. One regarding Uniform Civil Code and another regarding collegial system of SCI. It is irony that even a person like his stature can’t judge with independent mind. Though being prejudiced is biggest sin in judicial society.
    Idea of Uniform Civil Code is regressive one though it is agenda of so-called progressive society. So India must reject the idea of uniform civil code and must repeal the Article 44 of the Constitution of India to make our country truly progressive.

    SM Farhad,