Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) expresses concern over Floods in Assam and Bihar

July 17, 2019


New Delhi, 17 July 2019:  Jamaat-e- Islami Hind (JIH) has expressed deep concern over the death of more than 50 people due to natural calamity in Assam and Bihar. In a press statement, JIH President (Ameer) Syed Sadatullah Hussaini said: “heavy rain and unprecedented floods and landslides have driven the states into a terrible catastrophe. Many parts of the states are lying under water. People are fleeing in great numbers.” According to media reports, in Assam, the deluge has affected 33 districts and claimed 17 lives. 45 lakh people have been affected by nature’s fury. In Bihar, at least 33 are killed by the floods. 25.7 lakh people are affected in 16 districts of the state. Thousands of houses are submerged.  Thousands of people are stranded in various parts of states. Losses incurred by the huge flood run into millions of rupees.  Syed Sadatullah asked the central government to declare floods in Assam and Bihar as a national disaster.


The JIH Ameer reminded the states’ authorities to take necessary actions to alleviate the suffering ordinary citizens. The Jamaat leader appealed to all citizens of the country to extend all possible help to the helpless people of the states. He said: “All are urged to come forward to provide essential relief materials, including food, financial support and medical help.”  The JIH Ameer has asked the associates and members of Jamaat to play a leading role in the relief and rescue works in flood affected areas.


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