Jamaat expresses deep concerns over continuing situation of communalism in many states of the country

November 3, 2012

Ongoing Spree of Arresting Muslim Youths under Concocted Charges seems to be part of a planned conspiracy to defame Muslims: Jamaat’s Secretary General

Mohd Salim Engineer(P.R Secretary), Nusrat Ali (Secretary General) and Ejaz Aslam(Media Secretary)

New Delhi, 03 Nov. 2012: Mere changes of faces will not suffice, the people of India requires performance, commenting on recent cabinet reshuffle said Mr. Nusarat Ali, Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH). The Secretary General of Jamaat briefed the media persons in a press meet held today at JIH headquarter in New Delhi on new phase of uncontrolled communal riots, ongoing spree of arresting Muslim youths under concocted charges and back-breaking inflation and price rise on common commodities.

Addressing to the media Mr. Nusrat Ali said Jamaat is deeply concerned over the still continuing situation of communalism in many States in the country. He said, “during the October 26 riots in Faizabad and its nearby villages like Bhadarsa, Kosi kalan Pratapgarh Mussorie(Ghaziabad) etc. in Uttar Pradesh and October 23 riots in Aakot, Maharashtra, precious human lives were lost and large-scale loot and arson took place. In these riots the Muslim minority had to bear a loss of crores of rupees. The role of police and administration as usual remained irresponsible. And in Assam the rehabilitation of the members of the minority community who had been rendered homeless in the Bodoland areas of Assam is yet to be done. The need is that this problem should be solved soon. The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav has also said that riots are being waged in U.P. as a conspiracy to defame his government. Such a statement of the chief minister is not enough. The need is that the State governments as well as the Union Government take stringent measures against communal conspirators, accelerate the law and order machinery and subject the criminals to severe punishment. The Jamaat also demands that Rs. 20 lakh be given as compensation to each of the families of those killed in the riots and the monetary loss of the devastated be duly compensated.” “Jamaat repeated its demand that the Government to bring strong Anti Communal Violence Bill soon as promised,” he added.

Addressing on the issue of ongoing arresting of Muslim Youths under Concocted Charges, Mr. Nusrat Ali said, “it is satisfactory that the apex court in the country, the Supreme Court released on bail Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi on October 19. It is condemnable that an eminent Muslim journalist had to spend eight long months of his life behind bars, devoid of his freedom, for the crime he hadn’t committed. The way Delhi Police levelled false charges against him, adopted illegal ways and character-assassinated an eminent journalist with baseless statements is enough to show that the bid to arrest youths under concocted charges in different parts of the country seems to be part of a planned conspiracy to defame Muslims, tarnish their image before the masses in the country and thus affect the relationship between Hindus and Muslims. It seems communal elements would continue these activities to strengthen communal parties in the upcoming elections. It appears that anti-Muslim elements having communal mindset have made enroots in large numbers into police and security agencies. The Muslims are compelled to think whether keeping them under the spell of fear and defaming them is part of the State policy?”

He also said, Er. Fasih Mahmood was arrested under similar charges in Saudi Arabia, and got deported and arrested in New Delhi on October 22. It is reported that many other youths working abroad are on the hit list. The well qualified and professional Muslim youths go abroad in search of jobs but there too the long arms of our so-called security agencies are out to devoid them of peace and harass them by levelling concocted charges. Further he said our Prime Minister, government authorities and justice-loving citizens in the country should think how long this atmosphere of terror against Muslims and the ongoing move to defame them would continue. Media persons ought to investigate each case and convey to the readers the truth behind it.

He informed the correspondent that a delegation of Jamaat met the Union Home Minister and demanded to stop false implication and arresting persons without sufficient evidence, grant proper compensation for acquitted persons and initiate strict legal action against the police official responsible for implicating innocent persons.

Back-breaking Inflation and price rise on common commodities

Mr. Nusrat Ali said, “Jamaat is also deeply concerned over the continuous rise in the prices of petrol, diesel and domestic gas. This makes all the necessary articles costlier. New Union Minister for Railways has hinted that rail fare will also be increased. Back-breaking rise in prices of food grains, sugar, milk and things of common use is being implemented. People belonging to middle and poor sections of society are bearing its brunt heavily.”

He demanded that escalating price rise be contained, the supply of domestic gas be retained to the previous system, and no cut in subsidy on any necessary article be made under the influence of capitalists. “For the construction of a happy, prosperous society, it is necessary that the fruits of development in the country must reach the poor sections in particular, and the gap between the rich and the poor should be narrowed down, he added.

In response to a question regarding the movement against the corruption in the country the General Secretary Mr. Nusrat Ali said, “the strong law and its honest implementation are certainly required. He added that the corruption cannot be completely rooted-out unless every individual should have strong belief in God and sense of accountability before the God. Jamaat is trying to convey this message to the Indian Society through its regular activities and is planning to start a countrywide campaign against corruption on these lines.”

Ejaz Aslam (JIH Media Secretary) and Mohammad Salim Engineer (JIH Public Relation secretary) were also addressed the media and responded to the questions on media persons.

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