Jamaat leaders participate in FDCA discussion presided by ex-Foreign Secretary

November 14, 2015


New Delhi, 14 Nov 2015: Top leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind took part in the discussion entitled “Preserving India’s Unity in Diversity” organized by the Forum for Democracy and Communal Amity (FDCA) here on Thursday. The program was presided over by national president of FDCA and India’s former Foreign Secretary Prof. Muchkund Dubey.


The common man is feeling relieved after the results of Bihar elections but it seems unlikely that the central government and its ministers or the ruling party BJP will take any lessons from its drubbing, said Prof. Dubey in his opening remarks. He further said that despite the defeat, it seems they (BJP and Sangh) may become more aggressive. Secular forces, therefore, should not sit idle. Expressing deep concern at the current situation, Prof Dubey said the government is continuously doing such work which is tarnishing the image of the country and spirit of tolerance is getting lessened.


Participating in the debate, Justice Rajindar Sachar, former chief justice of Delhi High Court, said the government is raising such issues which are dividing the society but people should not fall prey to their tactic.


Taking the discussion ahead, Nusrat Ali, Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind said unity in diversity is the real beauty of our country and this is what makes it distinct in the world. Those who are harming this nature of the country are actually dividing and weakening the country, he said.


Mohammad Salim Engineer, Secretary General of Jamaat, said the communal forces get success only when they are able to divide people. These forces cannot survive without spreading hatred and they have penetrated even in the southern parts of the country which were free from communal hatred.


Other eminent persons who participated in the debate included Prof. Apoorvanand of Delhi University, Adv. ND Pancholi of Delhi High Court, Prof. KB Saksena and Laeeq Ahmed of SIO


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