Gujarat: JIH Ahmedabad with Sarkhej Roza Committee host mosque introduction programme for people of all faiths

January 23, 2023

Ahmedabad: Hundreds of people from different religions have participated in a mosque introduction programme, which was jointly organised by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Ahmedabad city unit and Sarkhej Roza Committee.

With an aim to give introduction to the countrymen of Islamic prayers including Namaz, Azaan and ablution and clear their misconceptions, the Muslim community have opened the doors of mosques for them with open hearts. The people of different religions, sects and groups, who arrived at the programme, were greeted with much love and enthusiasm. Volunteers cleared the common misconceptions about Islam, mosque, prayer and Azaan and explained their true meanings to them. The organisers informed that members of different faiths were very happy and warmly thanked the organizers for holding such a nice programme as their illusions and misconceptions were removed.

Apart from students of Swaminarayan Gurukul and other schools, Anop Mandal, Dalit leaders, media persons, people from different organizations, NGOs, civil society, social workers, and sisters of women’s organizations have made the programme a big success with their active participation.

Under the mosque introduction programme, volunteers gave visitors a complete tour of the mosque along with its detailed introduction and they also presented a practical demonstration of how prayers are offered.

Highlighting social activities, which are conducted in the mosque, the organisers elaborately described the benefits of the Muslim places of worship as community centres. The meaning of Azaan was explained to visitors .

An Islamic exhibition was also organised to explain the origin of the earth, monotheism, prophethood, women’s rights, de-addiction etc. through beautiful charts and banners citing Quran and Hadiths. After a joint breakfast, various books were gifted to the visitors.

An organiser of the programme said, “a common misconception that women are not permitted to enter mosques, was also dispelled by explaining them in detail and women belonging to different faiths were warmly welcomed by their Muslim sisters during the mosque introduction programme and their queries were satisfactorily answered”

JIH Gujarat secretary and in-charge of Islam Darshan Kendre Dr. Salim Patiwala with Mr.Kalim Ansari, Convener of the programme and his entire team organised the programme and promised to hold such programmes across the state for creating an atmosphere of love, goodwill, amity and brotherhood in the country through these initiatives.

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