JIH asks India, China to resolve border dispute through dialogue, says their cordial relations necessary for world peace


New Delhi, May 4: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind today urged India and China to resolve their latest border dispute through dialogue as the cordial relations between the two nations of world’s one-third human population are necessary for world peace. Jamaat has expressed deep concern at the recent Chinese military movement in the Indian territory but condemned Indian political parties for accentuating the issue and talking in military terms.  Jamaat said maintain good relations with China and other neighbors are in our country’s own interest.

“India and China, on the basis of population, economic and political power etc., are the most important countries in the world, and China is our neighbour as well. The combined population of the two countries is over 2.5 billion and this consists of more than one-third of the human population. It is of much importance to us that our relations with our neighbours remain cordial and peaceful. This is in our interest and also necessary for world peace,” said Ameer (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri while addressing the monthly press conference at Jamaat’s headquarters here on Saturday.

“A border dispute has emerged at Daulat Beg Oldi in the North-Eastern region of Ladakh border region between India and China for quite some time. It is a matter of grave concern that Chinese army has established military posts on Indian side of the actual line of control (ALC). This is in contravention of international principles. It is natural that grave concern is being expressed in our country. But it appears that some politicians are busy accentuating the issue so much so that China is being dubbed as our biggest enemy. This is not the right line of thinking. Cordial relations with our neighbours are in our interest. The real requirement of patriotism, instead of adopting a sentimental attitude or talking of armed response, is to solve the differences with mutual dialogue. The parties should keep from making statements which can further sour the relations between the two neighbouring countries.”

Making Jamaat’s stand on the issue clear, he said: “It is the concerted view of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind that owing to worsening relations both the countries would have to spend more on defence, which would be an extra burden on poor publics. Therefore, with more spending on defence, the poor masses of India, who have been facing difficulties already, will fall victim to more difficulties. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind expects of the wise and sagacious diplomats of India and China to solve this border dispute in a cordial way and that cordial and lasting relations will grow between the two countries.”

Jamaat while condoling the death of Sarabjeet Singh and condemning Pakistan for lapses in his security in the jail, Jamaat chief strongly criticized the central government, political parties and media for making it a high voltage issue and pushing the two neighbors to intensified conflict.

“The assault on Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh by jail inmates in Kot Lakhpat Jail of Pakistan which resulted in his death is most unfortunate and condemnable. It appears that there was dereliction of duty on the part of the jail authorities,” said the Jamaat.

Jamaat also condemned attack on a Pakistani prisoner in Indian jail yesterday. “Likewise the attack on a Pakistani prisoner in Jammu jail by some un- scrupulous inmates is equally unfortunate and condemnable. Whichever may be country in the world, it is its responsibility to behave humanely with prisoners. It is the duty of jail authorities that they protect prisoners according to law but sadly inhuman behaviour is often meted out to them.”

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind demanded that in all countries of the world prisoners should be dealt with humanely. It is the essential requirement of justice and human rights.

Jamaat recalled the killing of under-trial Qateel Siddiqi in Pune jail last year and criticized both government and media for not highlighting that murder. Jamaat demanded NHRC to look into the Pune jail killing.

“Similarly, jail inmates in Yerwada Jail Pune, killed or made to kill under conspiracy, an under-trial Qateel Siddiqui of Darbhanga in June 2012. The need is that the National Commission for Human Rights get this callous killing thoroughly probed, the guilty are subjected to due punishment and heirs of the deceased killed in a coldblooded manner be given adequate compensation,” said Jamaat.

“It is surprising that a large section of media in our country is continuously writing on the assault on Sarabjit but it maintained silence on the murder of Qateel Siddiqui. It is the concerted view of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind that these double-standards need to be corrected.”

Expressing deep concerns at the steep rise in crimes against women and young girl children, Jamaat said such incidents cannot come to an end unless and until all the factors that lead people to commit sexual crimes are banned.

Jamaat drew the attention of both the government and the people towards their respective responsibilities. “The government should ban alcohol and other intoxicating substances, blue films and obscene literature. And the responsibility of the masses is that they stop purdah-less-ness and revealing dresses. Besides, it is also necessary that moral education is declared mandatory in the education system. And free mixing of men and women too should be contained. It is also necessary that laws that can give stringent punishment to culprits should be devised. Further, the government should tell the administration to take immediate action on the complaints of the victims,” said Jamaat.

Jamaat also demanded the Uttar Pradesh government to fulfill its election promise of releasing innocents who are in jail in terror cases. Jamaat asked the state government to make public the RD Nimesh Commission report which has reportedly found wrong the arrest of Tariq Qasmi and Khalid Mujahid in 2007.

The press conference was also attended by secretaries of Jamaat Ejaz Ahmed Aslam, Mohammad Ahmed and Maulana Rafeeq Qasmi.

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  1. m.m.sulaiman

    Alhamdulillah good jobin donthise by jamaath.
    This should continue for each and every stage ,when nation was in trouble .

  2. Ghulam Muhammed

    Jamat has added its voice to a sober and mature response to the latest India-China problem, that is being used by India’s most dumb-headed media gurus, to show they are more patriots than others. The clamour of war war war shreiking headlines and editorials, show the dangerous trend India’s media have adopted to increase their commercial interest and readership, without realising, where such intransigent hollering could lead to. Jamat has come out with a sagacious advice that would be appreciated and lauded by all rightful citizens, not hankering for fake jingoist obsessions.