JIH Calls for Mass Initiative to Ensure Peace and Justice, End Corruption

August 26, 2012

New Delhi, Aug 26: When political class has failed rather miserably, we need a mass initiative to raise voice against injustice and oppression, against frequent communal riots, against moral degeneration, and against corruption. This was the main thrust of the speech delivered by Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Hind to mark Eid Get-Together organised at the JIH headquarters here last evening.

“We need a government to establish and maintain law and order, to deliver peace and justice and to protect lives and properties of citizens. But governments, one after another, have failed to deliver what they are expected of. So this is the high time the masses came forward and raised voice against these injustices,” the JIH chief said underlining the need of the hour.

The JIH president also assured his organisation’s total support to such an initiative. “JIH would welcome any such initiative and extend full support to it,” he asserted.

Another glaring problem he touched upon in his speech is that of corruption. “No political party, no political morcha, no group can root out corruption from society. We need human conscience to be awakened to tackle corruption. What can bring in an effective social change is nothing but fear of Allah,” he underlined.

Yet another problem he dwelt upon is that of moral degradation. “Youngsters do not respect their parents and elders. And the institution of marriage is disintegrating. The situation has come to such a sorry pass that even courts have started pronouncing for live-in relationships and media is also playing its role in making public opinion in favour of free, non-marital living,” lamented the JIH chief.

As it was an Eid Get-Together, the JIH chief also enumerated three important lessons Ramadhan gives us.

The very first lesson of Ramadhan is: Have fear of Allah and practise piety. To make his point home, the JIH leader said the very realisation that there is God and He is keeping a close eye on whatever we do in public or private prevents us from doing anything wrong and keeps us steadfast onto the path of Truth and Justice.

The second lesson is: Have control over desires. By exercising control over some permissible things from dawn to dusk, we develop a power to keep from what we should not do.

The third lesson of Ramadhan the JIH chief pointed out is: Have a feeling for others; benefit others rather than always seeking benefit from others.

The JIH leader said if we learn these lessons and act upon them it would be easy for us to solve the glaring problems faced by the country and change the society in the desired manner.

A summary of the speech was presented into English by Dr. Muhammad Rafat, Member Central Advisory Council of JIH.

The Eid Get-Together programme commenced with the recitation of ayaat 131-135 of Surah Al-Nisa by Dr. Tabish Mehdi followed by its translations into Urdu and English. The JIH also hosted dinner on this festive occasion and presented the guests with a set of selected books. Janab IqbalMulla, Secretary JIH, was conducting the programme.

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