JIH Council of Representatives passes resolutions, expressing concerns over current situation, growing hatred, violence against weaker sections and Muslims

October 18, 2021



New Delhi, 18 Oct. 2021: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s (JIH) Council of Representatives has passed resolutions, expressing concerns over current social, economical and political situations of the country and over growing hatred in the society and violence against weaker sections and Muslims.


A four-day mid-term session of the JIH Council of Representatives,  which recently concluded in New Delhi passed resolutions on the political, social and economical situations of the country as well as the challenges facing the nation and issues related to women.  It is a powerful elected body of Jamaat’s consultative system, comprising 157 members including 29 women, which elects the JIH president and the central advisory council.


The JIH council expressed deep concerns over the growing hatred in the society, ongoing atrocities and violence against the weaker sections and Muslims by individuals and groups. The JIH has called on the government and the people of the country to play a positive role in upholding the rule of law and securing democratic values ​​from being trampled. It said, “this grim situation is extremely harmful for the country, which is tarnishing the image of India in the world. While some political forces may get a few temporary benefits by spreading hatred in the society, it has very potential adverse effects on the society and the country. The countrymen need to be warned about this.”


Describing the one-year-long farmers’ agitation as democratic and peaceful, the JIH council called on the Government to adopt a sincere approach towards their demands instead of forcefully crushing their movement.


Taking note of the atrocities being perpetrated against women, teenagers and underage girls, the JIH has observed that incidents of rape and violence against women are becoming common  in the country. “Neither, offenders get apprehended, nor they get proper and timely punishment. On the other hand, the sensitivity towards women and their rights in society is declining. Both society and the government must play their role in shielding women and their rights,” the JIH council added.


Expressing serious concerns over rising unemployment, severe economic crisis, uncontrolled inflation in the country, privatization of government institutions and public departments, the JIH council has said that moves like handing over the public entities   like Air India and Railways to private companies, give impetus to the idea that the present dispensation is adopting exploitative capitalist tendencies in economic policies instead of working as a welfare state which is in no way good for the country. It has pointed out that these decisions of privatization also make it clear that the government does not have the ability to run such large institutions.


Expressing concern over this some latest controversial legislations, the JIH council has observed that under the guise of these laws, the aim of them is to target government’s political opponents, minorities, especially Muslims and curtail their freedoms enshrined in the Indian Constitution.


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