JIH delegation visits Govindpuri mosque, meets Imam

June 4, 2015

JIH delegation visits Govindpuri mosque, meets Imam

New Delhi, 03 June 2015: A delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind rushed to the Govindpuri mosque in South Delhi on Wednesday evening as soon as they came to know about an alleged attack on it. The JIH delegation comprising Mohammad Ahmed, Secretary, Dr. SQR Ilyas, Member, Central Advisory Council and Inamur Rahman from Public Relations Dept. met Imam of the mosque Mahmood Ahmed Qasmi to get first-hand information about the incident.


The Imam told the Jamaat delegation that a drunken man in mid-forties (called Rajwansh) threw a bottle of wine filled with burning petroleum inside the mosque when the local Muslims were preparing for the Zohar (Noon) prayers. The Imam said that as the bottle hit the ground it caused a minor explosion and the mat began burning. People immediately doused the flame and caught the culprit. The Imam called the police and handed over the man to them. The Imam also told the delegation that senior police officers also reached the mosque. Members of the management committee of the mosque went to the local police station and demanded action against the attacker. The Imam also said that the same man has made such acts twice in the last two years. At that time too, police detained him but released him later saying he was mentally ill. This time, the senior police officer assured the local Muslims that strict action will be taken against him if he has done this mischievous act deliberately and if he is mentally ill he will be sent to the hospital.


The Jamaat leaders observed the situation was normal in the area and two police constables were deployed outside the mosque by the administration to prevent any untoward incident. The Jamaat leaders advised the Imam that he should file an FIR in this regard and should not rely much on verbal assurance of the administration.

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  1. saba mirza

    Good action by Jamat team but i want immediate meeting with manish sisodia and arvind kejriwal to deploy permament constable and police post in front of every mosque