Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Expresses Concern Over Increasing Number Of Youths Renouncing Indian Citizenship

August 7, 2022

NEW DELHI, 07 Aug 2022:Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), a leading Muslim organization of Indian Muslims expressed serious concern over Indian youth renouncing their citizenship in large numbers in recent years.
Addressing a press conference at its headquarters here today, JIH national vice-president Prof. Mohammed Salim Engineer said: “More than nine lakh Indians have given up their Indian citizenship since 2014, and more than six lakhs in the last five years. Is the data not a reflection that even after 75 years since we gained our independence from the British, we have been unable to build a country that is strong and stable enough for Indians to return and settle back after their professional or business stints abroad?”
“Youths are assets of the nation. They are educated, technologically skilled, and highly competent and yet, they are leaving India. This is a matter of great concern. The increased number of Indians becoming citizens of other countries since 2014, also shows the lack of confidence in them the future of their children and the direction of the nation in terms of securing basic rights for all its citizens and upholding certain principles for governing the country,” Prof Salim Engineer pointed out.
JIH vice-president Syed Ameenul Hasan and national secretary Mohammed Ahmed were also present at the press conference.
In response to another question, JIH vice-president S Ameenul Hasan said, “It is important for the government to deliver on the question of providing jobs to our youth. In fact, the government should provide at least one house to every family and provide a job to each family head so that everyone can live a life with respect.” He said that the government, however, did not seem to be serious about this and was raising only emotional issues to side-track the real issues.
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