JIH Voices Grave Concern on Illegal Arrests of Muslim Youth

October 14, 2012

Bhopal, Oct 13 2012: “The chain of detaining and arresting innocent Muslim youths in the name of counter terrorism has been going on in different parts of the country including Madhya Pradesh for a long time. On one hand the police and other government agencies arrest innocent Muslim youths under serious charges while on the other the media project them, much before their trial in courts of law, as veteran terrorists. As a result, their lives and the lives of their respective families are ruined and their entire families are shattered,” said Er. Muhammad Salim and Dr. Muhammad Ahmad, Secretaries of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind while addressing a press conference in Bhopal on October 13.

“But when these cases are heard in courts of law, the police and investigating agencies fail rather miserably to prove the allegations they love to level against innocent Muslim youths and after suffering incarceration for as long as 20 years behind bars the courts declare them innocent and acquit them. But during this period, the cream of their life is ruined, their houses and families are destroyed, and their relations and friends stand alienated. In these circumstances the acquitted Muslim youths see only dark future ahead,” they added.

Mr. Abdul Lateef, Zonal Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Madhya Pradesh also addressed the press persons.

The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Madhya Pradesh expressed its grave concern over these unconstitutional and unnecessary arrests and demanded from the Government of Madhya Pradesh:

  1. To direct the police and other agencies to keep in view the Supreme Court guidelines and human rights before and during detaining a person;
  2. To ask the police officials to desist from issuing irresponsible statements regarding arrests;
  3. To grant proper compensation to those who are acquitted by courts of law in order to rehabilitate and help them restart their life in a dignified way;
  4. To constitute Fast Track Courts for the trial of arrested youth so that the victims may get justice without any delay; and
  5. To take immediate action against mischief-mongers and anti-social elements so that communal riots might be contained before it is too late.

The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Madhya Pradesh is preparing to hold a Jan Sunwai in Bhopal, where the victims of police excesses will be provided an opportunity to present their stories before the public and the juries will deliver their verdicts.

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  1. Tariq

    Because of these unncessary arrests Indian Muslims are posing a second big trouble after Riots. Its a part of the bigger conspiracy and the demands made here by JIH will not be accepted, still I appreciate the efforts and it should continue. Finding a platform to highlight the issue is important. It is also important that we have honest and sympethetic people in Media and in Govt Departments/Police and in Govt itself. SO having a better political equation/partnership is the need of the hour. No better time for this than NOW.

  2. Zahid

    i think we forget our basic principles that we should be united. And help each other where ever we find trouble.
    Brother Tariq if you think that we can continue with the treaty which we was made after freedom of our country regarding our safety and security so i believe it is already broken by the govt. And Allah said to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), if you made treaty than do not break, but treaty is broken by others than take action.

  3. rashid abbas

    salam padne aor na padne ke ki vajha batein