Markazi Majlis-e-Shoora of JIH Begins

May 12, 2013

Markazi-Majlis-e-Shoora-of-JIH-BeginsA four day Annual meet of Central Advisory Council (Markazi majlis-e-Shoora) begins in JIH head quarters on May 11th 2013.
The Shoora would discuss the important National and international issues including the political situation in the Country in view of 2014 General Elections.

Resolutions will be passed on the National and International issues.
The Session in being Presided over by Ameer (National President) J.I.H Maulan Syed Jalaluddin Umari sb. and being convened by Qayyim (Secretary General) J.I.H Janab Nusat Ali sb.

The Session would conclude on May 14th 2013.

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  1. basheer sindgi

    you please pASS RESOLUTION REGARDING EDUCATION OF EVERY MUSLIM MINIMUM UP TO GRADUATION LEVEL and effective measures to be taken by the Muslim community

  2. Muhammad Khalid Khan

    Plzz pass the resolution to support or to at least not deport or condemn Welfare Party of India by Arkaan/Kaarkunaan….Its my personal opinion as a supporter of JIH that you should held a national meeting of your members and should try to wash their minds about WPI so that they would not dare to challenge the decision of your central advisory about making and supporting Welfare Party of India….!!!

  3. waqas ahmad

    Plzz discuss on” regarding intrest free education loan by goverment” & try as possible to make election manifesto in 2014 by WPI

  4. syed ummar

    whether session is concluded then what about announcements and resolutions. why it is not published in this website till today. or all resolutions sent to some one for amendments.

  5. equality for all

    Muslims need proving beyond doubt that they are not merely a bunch of people knowledgeable only about Islam, rather they are the best any field imaginable. This is something even the dynastic rulers of rich countries have utterly failed to realize.For example, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE are rich, but they could make no headway in science and technology in all these years.Teaching Shariah is good, but that will not ensure the progress of the global muslim.We must invest more in science and technology to raise our prestige to the world’s eye. Madrassahs in India could do well to shift their focus on imparting education in a way that will enable the students to establish themselves in the society and be renowned faces in the world of arts, science and technology. If they could not do this, no amount of efforts will improve the conditions of our people. So we have to take concrete measures for the upliftment of our community.