Jamaat-e-Islami Hind President calls Maulana Riyaz Ahmad Khan’s demise a great loss to Muslim Ummah, country 

Reyaz Ahmad Khan

March 10, 2021


New Delhi, 7 Mar 2021: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind President Syed Sadatullah Husaini has described the demise of a well-known leader, Maulana Riyaz Ahmad Khan as a great loss for the Muslim Ummah and the country. A prominent figure among the Mumbai’s community leadership and a leader of the JIH Maharashtra, Maulana Riyaz passed away on March 03, in Mumbai.


In his condolence message, the JIH President said that late Maulana Riyaz Khan was a beacon for the Jamaat as well as for the community. Mr.Husaini continued, “Maulana was a driving force behind the numerous religious, reformist, welfare and educational movements of the country. Many generations have learnt the lessons of endurance, sincerity, steadiness, sensibility and struggle from him. The most crucial period of my life, in which the direction of a personality is determined, was spent in Maharashtra. Late Maulana Riyaz was one of the prominent elders, who had a profound effect on my personality during that time. Despite the little formal education, he had mastered various disciplines including the Arabic language at the very early age. Besides having a sound knowledge of Islam, he had a keen eye on the day to day events and was also well aware of the modern scientific research and discoveries. Through his writings and books, he discussed the important issues, facing the Islamic movements, in a scholarly manner.”


Recalling Maulana Riya’s efforts for the integrity and the unity of the society and the community, the JIH President said, “he was highly respected in every section of the community, maintaining cordial relations. Whether it was religious and social or the welfare and political activity, he had an extraordinary ability to jointly work with all sections of the society with a team spirit. He left a deep and unprecedented impact of his sensible thought on the community leadership of Mumbai city and on various groups. He was a unique mentor. The young people associated with him not only loved him wholeheartedly, but they were also deeply influenced by his balanced thought. His personality was the combination of diverse talents like intellectual works, writing and public relations skills, political and social activism, passion for training and struggle for the Islamic cause. Many members of his family, who have been trained by the Maulana, are rendering valuable services to the Islamic movement. May Allah Almighty forgive him and fill the void created by his demise, especially in the Mumbai city. Amen.”




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