Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omari, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hind on Egypt Current Situation

July 8, 2013


The situation in Egypt is painful and distressing. Just a year back Egyptians had their first democratically elected government after suffering from a military rule – dictatorship – for a long, long period. In this way Mohamed Morsi Sahib got elected and formed a government.

But immediately after his victory conspiracies against him were hatched up. Now with in a year the same military which was overthrown by the people has overturned his government.

Morsi was able to form a government after a year long struggle for democracy in his country. Now with the military back in power all those struggles have gone waste.

During Morsi Sahib’s tenure too demonstrations against Morsi Sahib used to be held in Egypt. Morsi Sahib tolerated those demonstrations in true democratic spirit. But, now When Morsi Sahib is not at the reins, massive demonstrations supporting his return are being held throughout Egypt. And the military government has tried to scuttle them and crush the voice of the people.

This is distressing. It shows that calculated moves are being made to push the nation from the path of democracy to militorial dictatorship. We have seen that wherever

This attitude of the military government is utterly wrong.

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  1. Fazle Karim

    No, this is not wrong at all.. Morsi was on footstep of US what people do not want in Egypt. Morsi cheated his people..

    • MS Khan

      And that is why, the US government is refrained from using ‘coup’ for this military intervention. Prejudice leads to blindness. If Mursi would have followed on footsteps, military might not have dared to overthrow an elected President. The heinous crime of military should be condemned by all who profess in democracy and right of people to raise their voice freely as accepted during democratic rule of Mursi. Even anti Morsi politicians of Egypt have condemned this heinous crime of military showering bullets on people during Fajr prayer. Bad governance, if it is true, has nowhere allowed military take over in any democratic country except in Muslim countries where immature people favour dictatorship at one time and mourns for consequent repression at another time. Only lunatics does not care for any collective moral value.

  2. MS Khan

    How many Mursi would be overthrown by Egyptian military. The wave of democracy cannot be stopped, this is not the Egypt of 1960’s. Whenever election is held in Egypt, the democracy loving people would triumph and Ikhwan would come back with better preparedness to strengthen the democratic rule in Egypt. Those, who are prejudiced Islamic values, are destined to failure in Egypt.

  3. anayat nazir najar


  4. Ehtesham Inam fbg

    Really it is very bad situation for egypt……,but md.Morsy wanted everything in a glance……..???

  5. jaleel oorakam

    Morsi idd only One leader of egypt

  6. Syed Badar


  7. shafeeque hashmi

    lkhwan ruled for justice people re elect them for rule of justice in cairo

  8. minhajul haque

    Inshallah justice will prevail in egypt, and the whole world. May allah help all momeen who are fighting for truth.