Military action against Morsi government is murder of democracy: JIH

July 4, 2013

Military-action-against-Morsi-government-is-murder-of-democracyNew Delhi, July 4: Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, has termed the sacking of elected democratic government of President Dr. Mohammad Morsi by the Egyptian military as utterly wrong, illegal, un-Islamic, murder of democracy and conspiracy of anti-Islam internal and external forces. Ameer-e Jamaat has appealed to the people of Egypt not to let the historic connection of Egypt with Islam be affected and try to make it stronger.

In a media statement today, Ameer-e Jamaat Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said that in one year rule, President Dr. Mohammad Morsi has made laudable efforts to improve the internal and external affairs of Egypt with extraordinary wisdom, patience and determination. Maulana further said that sacking of an Islamist government in Egypt is indeed pitiable but not surprising because from the day one, attempts had been made to build up internal atmosphere against it. Ameer-e Jamaat has appealed to the people of Egypt to think if an elected democratic and constitutional government is better or military regime which is utterly against the requirements of democracy. The people of Egypt should also think if Army should be given right to rule the country instead of protecting the borders of the country.

Jamaat leader expressed hope that military leaders would maintain a behavior of respect and justice with leaders of Ikhwanul Muslimoon (Muslim Brotherhood) and would keep from the actions that brought disgrace to military rulers in the past.

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  1. shafeeque hashmi


  2. Fazle Karim

    By the way, who wants Democracy.. And was Morsi’e regime democratic.. do you believe that policies can be only against the people in democracy..

  3. sartaj alam

    this is not only one time done it was also committed before in aljazair, afghanistan, like countries where the islamic parties have elected by the national people in democratic process
    but its true there is the dual defination of democracy ,one for none islamist parties and other for islamist parties
    if islamist party elected democratically the anti islamic forces never accept like aljazair, afghanistan and now in egypt countries where the election was free and fair and no doubts of any questions.
    so the anti islamic forces never accet the real islamic regim where all the islamic laws is imposed
    think what they want
    injustice or justice

  4. Fazle Karim

    Democracy does not mean a govt. elected through a general election.. Govt should be for people also..

    • MS Khan

      And military shall decide by force, not people by vote as to whether a democratically elected government is ‘for people’ or ‘against people’, what an absurd argument. Now onwards, one more clause should be inserted in the Constitutions of India, US, UK, etc that military has legitimacy to overthrow an elected President /Prime Minister if people so demands through staging demonstration.