Muslim Leaders address National Issues Save the Country from Slavery, Poverty and Unrest

November 7, 2010

New Delhi: After last minute withdrawal by the Delhi police Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) rally was converted in to a public meeting held on Sunday at JIH headquarters at Jamia Nagar where speakers registered their protest and anger against the curb on basic human and democratic right violation by the Delhi police only for a VVIP. JIH General Secretary, Nusrat Ali, said “We register our protest on curbing of our legal and democratic rights in this country only for a guest whose country is responsible for many problems of the world. He said that this country is not country of any party family or other group this is country of all citizens and every citizen has right to present his her view to make this nation JIH has a program a proposal how to alleviate poverty from this country and we felt that we should present our view to the people of this nation Nusrat Ali said government can stop us from going to Ramleela but can not stop from conveying our message He said that we have to learn how live self dependently and in self reliance way and the problem is not problem of Muslims alone it is problem of every section of this country He questioned how America and Israel can help our country when they have destroyed Baghdad and Kabul we are strengthening our relation with Israel which has changed an independent country Palestine into a jail Israeli crimes against humanity are enough to believe that Israel is our ally Criticizing governments economic and social policies JIH secretary general said that the country had failed to show any progress on Human Development Index indicators but number of millionaires and billionaires is increasing He also pointed to deteriorating law and order problem in the country where hundreds of Muslim youths had been illegally detained tortured and encountered JIH Secretary general asked Indian Muslims and their leaders to voice for all major problems in this country to show that Indian Muslims are not indifferent of the problems and are committed to contribute with their ideas and Jamat Islamic will strive all efforts to bring Muslim community with Maulana Umri was delivering the Presidential Address to a huge gathering of thousands, at which Muslims leaders form all sections and offices had gathered to launch their protest against the last minute withdrawal of the permission to organise a rally today on the same theme citing VVIP visit of the US President, Barak Obama.

Maulana Umri, urged the nation and the leaders of the cross-sections of the country to, “Analyse the message of Islam and then turn it down if you feel its not the option or the alternative for a successful society”. He regretted by questioning, “We follow Marx and Lincoln, were they Indians?” He further said, “Then why not give a hearing to your own brethren who wish to see a better India”.

He exclaimed that, the concern and objective of the United States is to uplift their economy, whether for achieveing this goal they need to term somebody terrorist or bombard any nation. Calling attention to the Quran, Maulana Umri said, “The Quran says, O people, fear your Creator”. He urged the policy makers to take heed of the sufferings of the millions of this country and select the alternative to prevail law and justice in the Society.

Earlier in the day, Janab Nusrat Ali, Secretary General, JIH expressed, “The JIH posts a strong protest against the curbing of the freedom of the citizens of the country”. He questioned, “how can one keep strategic relations and good relations with countries where even basic rights are not exercised”. He regretted that, India is moving towards enslavement of the imperialists powers. It is the duty of the government to provide the basic necessities of the citizens of the country, he expressed.

Expressing concern over the injustice to the youth with state terror, Janab Ali grieved “In the behest of terrorism, numerous youth are behind bars who after years are acquited with an apology, but what about their future. Who’s responsibility is it then”. “We call upon the government to stop state terrorism due to which there’s unrest across spectrum in the society”, he emphasised. “Our concern is to provide equal opportunities and rights to the citizens of the country”, he reiterated.

Maulana Mufti Mukarram Mehmud, Imam of Masjid Fatehpuri quoting non Muslims scholars said, Islam is the only solution for all the problems. He further emphasised that Muslims need to shun organisational bias and work devotedly for the prosperity of the country specially to curb the monster of inflation. He also criticized the Government spending on CWG and Obama visit.

Naved Hamid, Member of National Integration council represented Muslim Majlise Mushawrat He strongly agitated the arrests of innocent youth and demanded that investigating agencies must be made accountable.

He appreciated the political effort of JIH in Kerala and said the problems in democracy can be solved through active participation. He also demanded the prosecution of RSS cadre who are found guilty of spreading terrorism at par with the other criminals and terrorists. Citing the demographical change in India, he pointed that, more than 50% are youth and we should plan and strategise our actions according to the modern trend.

Shabbir Ahmed Ansari, President All India OBC organisation “There are reservations for the Muslims but its the misfortune that we are unable to take the benefits of these reservations. The country is known for its reservations and positive discrimination policies”.

Zafarul Islam Khan editor Milli Gazzette called on the Muslim Ummah to fulfill their basic duties the society and specially referred to the system of Zakaat. He further urged that Zakaat should be implemented in a manner to be the alternative and to eradicate poverty from the society.

“A lobby in the country is in support of the western lifestyle where the slogan is ‘eat, drink and be merry cause tomorrow you will die”, exclaimed Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Aslam, Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and Editor, Radiance Viewsweekly. He lamented at the state of affairs of the country, as the country is engulfed with inflation and corruption. He further expressed concern and said, the country is moving ahead with capitalism. Concluding on a positive not, Prof. Ejaz said, where there are so many problems, there are some optimism and democracy is the greatest of them. He called on the women to actively participate at different levels of governance and groom them selves for this need.

Maulana Mehmood Madni MP and leader of Jamiatul Ulema Hind also criticized the government policies and said we are going to loose more than gain from USA He asked that Muslims must also come forward for the problems of others and expressed his willingness to lend his support in this cause.


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