Muslim organizations including Jamaat protest against killings of Rohingya Muslims

April 10, 2013

Muslim organizations including Jamaat protest against killings of Rohingya Muslims

New Delhi, April 9: Leaders of various Muslim organizations including Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, under the banner of All India MuslimMajlise Mushawarat today protested against the ongoing killings of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Muslim organizations had planned to protest outside the Myanmar Embassy here in the National Capital, but the Delhi Police block their way to the embassy and forced them to demonstrate near Chanakyapuri Police Station.

All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, an umbrella body of Muslim organizations, had given a call to demonstrate at the Myanmar Embassy against the killings of Rohingya Muslims and destruction of their homes in Rakhine and other states of Myanmar for over last 6 months. But as soon as the demonstrators left Abul Fazl Enclave area in Jamia Nagar for Myanmar Embassy, the police intercepted their bus near Jamia Nagar Police station, an armed policeman entered the bus and took a front seat. Besides, a police van started escorting the bus all through the way. At the instruction of the police, the bus was taken on a different route, and rather than going to the Myanmar Embassy the bus was stopped at the Chanakyapuri Police station. Muslim leaders tried to persuade the police officers to allow them to go to the Myanmar Embassy for a symbolic demonstration but the police forced them to stay near the police station and protest there.

“We wanted to hold a symbolic protest outside Myanmar Embassy, but the Delhi Police which is infamous for its goondaism and its special cell which has earned global notoriety for fake killings and encounters, have forced us to protest here,” said Dr. Zafrul Islam Khan, president, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat and condemned the Delhi Police for not allowing them to demonstrate outside the embassy.

“We want to tell the world that Muslims in India are not silent, they know how Rohingya Muslims are the most oppressed community of the world, their citizenship has been snatched through a law which asks Rohingya Muslims to prove their citizenship since 1832. I have written a letter to Myanmar Ambassador that if that law is applied to all communities in Myanmar, the entire country would be empty, as hardly anyone would prove their citizenship,” Dr. Khan, who is also Editor of English fortnightly The Milli Gazette.

“Roghinyas are stateless community, they can’t get education and job, and even passport, over five lakh Rohingya Muslims are living outside the country. Buddhist monks are leading killer mobs,” he said while addressing the demonstrators.

Representing Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Ahmed, national secretary, expressed serious concern and sorrow over the fact that killers of Rohingya Muslims are Buddhists.

“It is really sad that followers of Buddhism – which is said to be a religion of peace – are leading marauders. The monks are indulged in violence. This is disrespecting the religion of Buddhism,” said Ahmed. He also asked neighboring countries to provide shelter to the people in distress.

Addressing the gathering, SQR Ilyas, General Secretary of Welfare Party of India said Myanmar is becoming a Palestine for Rohingya Muslims. “As Palestinians have been removed from their homes and forced to migrate, Rohingya Muslims are also being uprooted, they are being killed and their homes demolished,” said Dr. Ilyas.

He expressed sorrow at the silence of Muslim nations over the plight of Rohingya Muslims. “It is really sad that 52 Muslim countries are not speaking on the issue, they are not pressing the United Nations to pass even resolutions.” He asked Indian Government to respond to the tragedy as the victims will ultimately migrate to India as it is neighboring country. “India should press Myanmar government to stop atrocities against Rohingya Muslims,” demanded Dr. Ilyas.

National Coordinator of Association for Protection of Civil Rights, Akhlaque Ahmed termed the violence in Myanmar as the worst case of human rights violation. He criticized world bodies of human rights for remaining tightlipped over the plight of Rohingya Muslims.

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  1. faisal ahmed umri

    masha allah….har jaga aawaz uthayi jaye, oonchi sateh se uthayi jaye, mere qayal me hindustan agar chahe to mayanmar ki muslim nasal kushi ruk sakti hai.

  2. Rabbani Akhtar Hassan

    it is very sad to see th tightlipped muslim countries.May Allaha (s w t ) help the muslims of Mayanmar. Indian Govt should take a lead to voice against the killings .

  3. NaseemAkhtar

    Indian gov. Ko myanmar ke rajdoot ko bulaka r iske khilaf awazuthana chahie.

  4. Nazir Ahammed

    I think India Govt does not take any action against mayanmare.Because Congress is not a friend of Muslim.

  5. basheer sindgi

    i fail to understand the silence of the Media in not high lighting these killings of Muslims. It shows that media is also biased against helpless Muslim and indirectly it violating World Human Rights

  6. basheer sindgi

    52 MUslim Nation should raise this issue in United Nations and atrocities against these MUslims should be stopped immediately