National Politics

March 19, 2022

Many of the country’s problems can be attributed to specific negative political traditions and tendencies that have grown rapidly in the country since independence. For a certain period, during and after the freedom struggle, politics was considered a means of selfless national service. Values such as honesty, simplicity, genuine concern for public issues and altruism were considered essential for politicians. Unfortunately, this situation has deteriorated sharply.

Today in our country, evils like corruption, family politics, caste, hatred and sectarianism are becoming the basis of politics. With such politics, justice for all is never possible. Looting and narrow-mindedness are inevitable and logical consequences of this culture. Leadership goes out of hand.

Presently, evils such as corruption, nepotism, casteism, hate, bigotry and communalism are becoming the foundation of politics in our country. This kind of politics can never deliver justice for all. Narrow-mindedness and plundering are the natural outcomes of such a (political) culture. The biggest damage that this situation leads to that the capable, intelligent and honest people in society do not have any share in the leadership of the nation and the country’s leadership is passed on to the incompetent. Currently, the country’s major political parties are completely in the hands of the capitalists and their interests. A large number of corrupt politicians have infiltrated them at every level. The animosity towards minorities and totalitarian tendencies of a large political party are well known. Movements, which were traditionally considered anti-capitalist and pro-labor, are also either trapped in the clutches of the capitalists or their class politics and decadent political and economic ideologies are unable to fulfill the aspirations and needs of the people of the country. The smaller parties that could have replaced them have become confined within the spheres of interest of particular castes, classes or regions.

At the root of this menace of corruption, sectarianism and vested interests lies the rampant materialism that has engulfed the entire country. It is a race of greed and avarice that does keep a person worthy enough to serve people selflessly. After business, finance and bureaucracy, now politics and public service are under the clutches of the same greed and covetousness.

According to Jamaat, the political disorder is responsible for many problems of the country. This situation has become so disturbing that the people have started hating politicians and politics itself. This hatred is manifested in different forms every day.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has always been active in eradicating this evil. What is required is that the virtuous elements of the country should unite and struggle for value-based politics and a political system. Awareness among the people and voters should be created so that they do not encourage caste discrimination, sectarianism, class interests, crime and corruption in politics in any manner.

The real and lasting solution to this problem, along with other problems in the eyes of the Jamaat, is that we turn to our Creator and Master and accept His guidance in all matters including politics. Only politics based on the fear true obedience of God has the potential to be the guarantor of justice for all and counter the powerful motivations of materialism and factionalism, which even good people easily fall prey to.

Jamaat along with the virtuous elements of the country will continue its struggle for value-based politics and at the same time present its message of piety and obedience to God in all spheres of life including politics before the people of this country so that they may ponder on that message.

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