Peace & Humanity Conference held at Port Blair

January 30, 2017

Port Blair, Jan 29: A ‘Peace and Humanity Conference’ organised by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, A&N Islands was held at TGCE auditorium here this morning. The Lt. Governor, A&N Islands, Prof. Jagdish Mukhi was the chief guest on the occasion. The Secretary General, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Dr. Mohammed Salim Engineer delivered the key note address while the Acharya, Chinmaya Mission, Port Blair, Swami Shuddhananda Saraswati, Fr. Evams Suares, Catholic Church, Port Blair and Sister Sharmistha, Brahmakumaris, Port Blair were the guest speakers.

Peace and Humanity Conference Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Port Blair
Addressing the gathering, the Lt. Governor expressed happiness to be part of the ‘Peace & Humanity’ conference and said that this kind of programme involving representatives of all religion is a welcome step. Every religion propagates the message of peace and harmony, the Lt. Governor stated. The Lt. Governor remarked that the situation we see across the globe today calls for serious thought on peace & humanity. There is a longing for peace and humanity in this fast progressing society, he said adding that unless we foster the feeling of humanity, we cannot attain peace. He said, in A&N Islands, we can see the gleaming example of peace and harmony being reflected here. The Islands showcases communal harmony despite diversity in religion, culture and languages. The true essence of unity in diversity can be witnessed here and should be emulated by the world. He also lauded the representatives of all religion and people of these Islands for their active role in fostering the feeling of togetherness.
The Lt. Governor also touched upon some of the social evils that are plaguing the society and have become a burning issue. He said, consumption of tobacco products have led to increasing number of oral cancer cases here in the Islands and this forced the Administration to impose ban on tobacco products with effect from Oct. 2, 2016. Similarly, excessive consumption of alcohol is causing many health hazards and the Administration has decided to curb the consumption of liquor in the Islands. As a step towards this direction, Lt. Governor said the Administration has increased the number of dry days to 15 days on national holidays and reduced the bar timing to 6 hours. The Lt. Governor said the Administration is making all out effort in tackling such social evils by forming a Directorate of Prohibition, wherein intensive awareness and symposiums on ill-effects of tobacco and alcohol are being created among school, colleges students, youths and the general public at large. Similarly, bars and shops selling liquors on national/state highways have been asked to shut down by March 31, 2017. He also appealed to all community leaders, Heads of organizations to join hands with the Administration in propagating the ill-effects of tobacco & alcohol and help create a peaceful society.
The Lt. Governor also shared his observation about the Islands, which he said, reflects cleanliness, proper implementation of laws, central govt. schemes, social security schemes are being implemented for the welfare of the Islanders besides the citizens are law abiding and they live in perfect peace and harmony.
Speaking about Health sector, the Lt. Governor stated that majority of the population of these Islands including the Govt. officials are dependent on Govt. health service. He also acknowledged some of the short comings in the health sector pertaining to non-availability of Super Specialty Services for treating Neurology, heart related ailments and orthopaedic. The Lt. Governor assured that by June 1, 2017, a Cath Lab will be inaugurated and facilities for treating heart related ailment will be made available here in the Islands. Apart from this, specialised treatment in Orthopaedic, Neurology, Nephrology and Urology Departments will be provided soon.
The Lt. Governor has appealed to all Islanders to make best use of the central govt. schemes and help these schemes reach the grass root level population as well.
In his key note address, Dr. Mohammed Salim Engineer said the symposium on ‘Peace & Harmony’ calls for togetherness. He highlighted about the activities of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind which is working with a mission to propagate the message of peace and humanity among mankind across the country. He said, our country can only progress if we respect each other’s feelings. India is a pluralistic society and ‘Unity in Diversity’ is our greatest strength which we must be all proud of. Our country has also given us the basic values of justice, equality, fraternity, brotherhood and is a home to many religions. He said the A&N Islands are a reflection of a true Mini India where we see people of all religion, culture and language resides in perfect peace and harmony and this example should be propagated across the nation. He also said these islands have a great historical significance. Our freedom fighters unified against all odd and attained freedom for our country, similarly, we must all come together and create such environment for humanity and peace to thrive, forgetting our differences. He stressed that we are all one family and humanity is one.
Sharing her thoughts on peace and humanity, Sis. Sharmistha said we need to clean our minds by infusing positive and beautiful thoughts in our daily activities. She stated the ‘Peace’ that we are seeking for, can only be attained, when we are at peace with ourselves and in our mind. She said, we must not let negative thoughts over shadow us but strive to create beautiful thoughts and reflect it through our actions and attitude towards others. She said we are all responsible for bringing peace into this world, hence we must ensure peace within ourselves only then we will be able to share this with our fellow brethren.
In his message, Fr. Evams Suares said, we are all creation of God and we must reflect the godliness qualities in us, only then we will be able to share love, joy and peace with each others. He said we all are fellow pilgrims in this journey of life and we must all strive to bring peace and humanity for making this journey blissful. Our attitude and action needs to be a positive one and only then we can overcome hatred, malice, jealousy and other negative aspects of life, he said.
Speaking on the occasion, Swami Shuddhananda said it is the notion of human to notice the flaws and negative aspects of life instead of appreciating the goodness that surrounds us. He said, such perspective needs to be changed, only then we will be able to see the brighter side of life. He also said that the sorrows and pains of this world are caused by divisions in society in the name of religion, caste, creed and language etc. and to overcome these, a symposium on peace and humanity is very apt. He said law alone cannot bring about changes in our society; it is our thoughts, actions and attitude which can bring about huge transformation in the society. He appealed to one and all to help bridge the gap of misunderstandings of any sorts among fellow beings and to focus on spreading tolerance, respect, love and forgiveness with our fellow beings. He also urged all to rise above all other differences and feel the pride of being Indian.
Earlier, Shri M.K. Mohammed, President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, A&N Islands welcomed the gathering while the function concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Shri K.P. Mohammed Younus, Vice President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. The students of Crescent Public School presented a melodious patriotic song.

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