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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind expresses its deep concern and anguish over the shrinking of democratic space in the country

Posted on 18 January 2017 by Admin_markaz

Chennai, 18th January 2017
The meeting of Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind was held at Chennai from 14 to 17 January.  The meeting was presided over by President Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Moulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri and attended by 18 Central Advisory Council members. The council discussed at length the pressing issues concerning the nation.  The council also pondered over the prevailing International situation.

Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
The Central Advisory Council expresses its deep concern and anguish over the radical shrinking of democratic space, sporadic incidents of violation of human rights, deprivation of autonomy of democratic institutions, illegal and unjustified hegemony of corporates over national economy and nexus between the neo-liberal market forces and Hindutva pushing the nation towards a despotic and tyrannical situation.
Furthermore the council is of the opinion that the basic values enshrined in the constitution of the country are being systematically trampled upon in well orchestrated and detrimental manner.  Unhealthy changes are being made in the economic policies of the nation and to accommodate the vested interests of the corporates.  The government has resorted to the trend of ordinances and have passed over 23 ordinances in the just 30 months.
The council reminded the ruling establishment that it is the basic and constitutional duty of the Government to ensure that human rights are respected and safeguarded that have been enshrined in the constitution, to protect the rights of various cultural and linguistic identities,  guarantee the protection of rights of Dalits, Adivasis, and downtrodden section of the society, safeguard the dignity and chastity of women and to ensure the rightful autonomy of all constitutional institutions.
Jamaat also reminded the Government of India that our nation is a welfare state and the realization of a welfare state depends upon proper and effective functioning of all constitutional institutions, including legislature, judiciary and bureaucracy.
Central Advisory Council  also discussed the aftermath of demonetization on the common people and nation as whole.  At the outset the council agreed that there is an immense need to eradicate black money evasion taxes and financial irregulation and scams in the nation.  But in the same breadth it feels that the efforts taken by the Central Government to demonetize the economy has not only failed to realize the purported objectives, but it has also inflicted irreparable loss to the economy of the nation. The Central Advisory Council is also of the opinion that it has afflicted millions and millions of innocent, hapless citizens of the this nation with insurmountable difficulties.
The Central Advisory Council also condemned the way the autonomy of the RBI was eroded with this move. The Central Advisory Council also appealed to the central Government to shun away its move to transform the economy of the nation from cash economy to cashless economy.  It also appealed to  the Government to expedite the process of releasing new currency and normalize the nation.
The council also expresses it grave concern over the heart rending civil war and chilling account of atrocities and gross violation of human rights committed in Syria by the government and foreign forces. The Council believes that the real motive of this war is the true imperialist designs of super powers i.e. capturing and taking possession of vast natural resources of the region.
The Central Advisory Council urges the Muslim countries of the region to display the bonding and strive for peace and universal brotherhood. The Central Advisory Council is also of the opinion that all the foreign forces should immediately be withdrawn from Syria, all the Syrian refugees languishing in different countries must return to their homeland and effort should be made to make the atmosphere conducive to establish democracy there.

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