Press Note, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, 06 Sep 2014

September 6, 2014

Press Note, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Sep-6-2014

(1) 100 Days of Modi Government
The BJP-led NDA government at the centre completed its first 100 days on 2nd Sep. It is too short a period to make a proper assessment of a government’s performance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made some good announcements and taken good steps during this period. But his silence on the constant divisive campaign of his party and Sangh Parivar targeting minorities, particularly Muslims, is harming the very idea of a plural India. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind thinks that development plans and divisive measures cannot go hand in hand as peace and social unity are necessary for development.

PM Modi’s austerity moves like asking ministers not to buy new cars and curtail foreign tours and his announcement for toilets at every home and school, and bank account for every citizen are indeed good. In an apparent move to provide a clean and corruption free government, he asked ministers not to hire relative as personal secretaries. His visit to Japan was also successful in terms of attracting investment.

But the first 100 days of BJP government have not given people any relief from inflation as there is no monitoring of black marketers and hoarders. Corruption also continues unchecked.

Jamaat thinks that Modi’s call for fair governance is questionable as he inducted in his cabinet several people who are accused of serious crimes. Amit Shah, charge-sheeted in fake encounter cases of Gujarat, has been appointed as president of BJP. Moreover, GL Singhal and Abhay Chudasama, two of the Gujarat IPS officers arrested, suspended and jailed for the fake encounters of Sohrabuddin and Ishrat Jahan, were reinstated by the Gujarat state BJP government in the last two months. Sangeet Som, a BJP MLA who is accused of involvement in Muzaffarnagar riots last year, has been provided Z plus security cover. There are reports that votaries of saffron ideology are being appointed as heads of crucial academic institutions like Indian Council of Historical Research etc.

Some steps have been taken, like appointment of former CJI of India Mr. Sathasivam as governor, which indicate the trend of blurring the line between judiciary and executive. Jamaat fears that this is going to alter the relation and balance between judiciary and executive. With Law Minister on the panel, interference of government in judiciary cannot be avoided.

(2) Negative Propaganda and Communal Tension
Jamaat is seriously concerned at the rise in hate campaign against minorities, particularly Muslims, since BJP came to power at the centre. There has since been a spate of communal incidents also (Saharanpur, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Kanpur etc.). At regular interval, leaders of BJP and Sangh Parivar have raked up contentious issues like Article 370 and Uniform Civil Code. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, in violation of the ethos of the Constitution, said that India is a Hindu Rashtra and all citizens of this country are Hindus. There are attempts in organized manner to change the basic identity of this country. Jamaat firmly believes that India is a plural country with various castes, religious and languages.

For past some weeks, BJP and saffron outfits have launched a false propaganda named ‘Love Jihad’, ‘Communal’ rapes and forced conversions. The media probes and police records have found them as just unsubstantiated claims. Saffron leaders, under the very nose of Prime Minister have continued venomous campaigns with some ulterior short-term goals. The deafening silence of PM Modi on the hate campaign against minorities is a serious cause of concern. It seems as if the PM of ‘development’ has given a nod to the divisive campaign.
The Jamaat thinks that no country can become powerful without taking all its communities on the path of progress and no development is possible without social peace and unity.

The Jamaat demands the central and state governments to deal with hate campaigners sternly and prosecute them as per laws of the land.

3) Turmoil in the Muslim World

It is a matter of serious concern that the Muslim world is passing through a very dangerous period of turmoil. One after another, Muslim countries are becoming victims of internal strife, external intervention and instability which is seriously affecting the lives of their populations. The death toll in Syria is touching 2 lakh figure while about one third of Syria’s population is suffering from internal and external displacement.

The first democratically elected Islamic minded government of Mohammad Morsi in Egypt has been toppled with the support of US and other new imperial powers and overt and covert help of anti-Islamic forces.

Libya after widespread destruction is desperately struggling for survival. The western plan for division of Iraq into three separate countries     is already underway.  The emergence of ISIS or Daish, appears to be a result of internal strife and external conspiracies. ISIS has captured a big portion of Iraq and Syria and has been indulging in large scale atrocities, which has given a bad name to Islam and the very concept of Islamic state or pan-Islamic Khilafat.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind shares the widespread concern and anxiety of the Muslims all over the world on this dangerous state of affairs. The Jamaat thinks that one of the basic reasons of this situation is lack of ‘Shooraiyat’ and democratic spirit in the Muslims countries plus impositions of dictators upon the Muslim countries by the so called western champions of democracy. The western powers never allowed the genuine representative of people in Muslim countries to come to force and manage the affairs of the people. Now primarily it is the responsibility of the citizens of the Muslim countries to bring about the genuine Islamic change through peaceful and democratic means from within the countries. In this respect Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH)   would be the guiding principles in this struggle. The rulers of the Muslims world also must realize that they cannot turn the clock back. Therefore they should change themselves in the light of popular aspirations.

The western powers must realize that they should stop supporting dictators and must allow the populations of Muslim countries to fulfill their aspirations and shape their lives in the light of their faith. Otherwise irresponsible people will perpetuate the misrule and the situation may go from bad to worse. This may harm the whole world.

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  1. Mohsin

    if u can’t establish islamic state don’t underestimate others who r strugling to do that, it’s better to keep quite as u don’t know d real situation whts going on there…. “Jo khamoosh raha usne apna imaan bacha liya”



  3. Abdul Hakkim

    well said.

  4. Ehtesham Inam, Gogipothia Forbesganj

    Press release should be published in all the leading newspapers of India statewise…..??

  5. Qazi Shafiqurrehman

    Nice reaction/opinion on 100 days of Modi Govt.National did not gave coverage. Try to give it to all national news media as press release.

  6. Anis

    This is not true, see the what Modi Government is doing for people of kashmir. It will take time to change. We should accept work with positive altitude with positive hope and come on mainstream of development and positivity.

  7. abdulhalim

    Very helpful in educating the people. Please keep it up!!!