Prophet’s style of forgiveness was unique: Laxmi Shankracharya at Patna JIH program

February 2, 2013

Patna: The Patna unit of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind organized Jalsa-e-Seeratun Nabi on January 26, 2013 at Anjuman Islamia Hall in Patna. Hindu scholar, Swami Laxmi Shankracharya of Kanpur was the chief guest of the program. In his thought provoking speech Swami Shankracharya said that Muslims must adopt the characteristics of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and should follow sunnah in every part of their life.

“We hear and talk lot about the life and characteristics of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), but unfortunately we do not adopt and follow it in our life. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) won the heart of people and made them his follower by his conduct, character, justice, truthfulness and patience and these characteristics are still model for all the mankind,” said Shankracharya. In his address he also said that the cruelty and oppression faced by Muslims in Mecca was the biggest act of terrorism in the world but Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) asked his followers to be patient.

Shankracharya said the style of forgiveness of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was unique and extremely good. Prophet always looked for opportunity to forgive. In this context, Shankracharya cited the Conquer of Mecca when the Prophet forgave Abu Sufiyan. The Prophet always gave the answer of cruelty by forgiveness. He used to say that Allah sent him for mercy and blessings not for hating others. Swamy cited the Battle of Badr and said that Prophet was so emotional that he could not sleep entire night after looking the condition of war prisoners.  Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was so exemplary personality that even after 1435 years we can get anyone like him. With tears in his eyes and heavy sound, Shankracharya said he was really misguided by the media, and was looking towards the characteristics of Muslims. I was also misguided when I read Quran without knowing about the context in which its verses were revealed.

The other Special Guest of the program was Prof. Abuzar Kamaluddin, an Academician, Islamic Scholar, Economist and writer. Prof. Kamaluddin said Muslims are not following what Allah and his prophet put emphasis on. Muslims should make education their priority and their deeds should be according to Islamic principles. He also gave stress on the Unity among Muslims. He said that the life and characteristics of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was revolutionary. The so called Islamic scholars divided our education in two parts. This act of division put Muslims far away from religious & common education. He cited the Delhi rape case and said that solution of these kinds of problems is with Islam.

In his inaugural speech, Maulana Rizwan Islahi, Ameer-e- Muqami, JIH, Patna welcomed the guests and the invitees and explained the aims and objectives of program. Nayyer-uz-Zama, Ameer-e-Halqa, Bihar, presided over the program. In his presidential address he stressed on following the path of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

Among the dignitaries present at the program were former Ameer-e-Halqa Bihar Qamrul Hoda and Ahmad Ali Akhtar, Chairman Sunni Waqf Board Irshadullah besides govt. officials, Police officials, Doctors, Engineers, academicians, students of all communities. The program was conducted by Asif Hasan Farabi.

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  1. ilyas

    Alhamduillah , We very happy to read the entire speech and we have to got to learn a lot as to how we look upon by our brothers … what we should do


    A very accurate and heart feeling lecture delivered by a hindu scholar. Now, the time has come to communicate to the human being in general and Indian society in particular regarding prpphet Muhammad(PBUH)and his teachings.

  3. Md. Asif Hussain, Tezpur, Assam

    Really he is brave and intellegent man. May his voice become the voice of every people.

  4. Ehtesham Inam fbg

    Really it is a golden chance to clearfy this term that prophet Muhammad(saw) is not only ideal for muslims,he is ideal to all mankind.He is the messenger of God who came to all mankind goodness….