Resolution of JIH National Members’ Meet

December 14, 2015

11-14 Dec. 2015, Hyderabad

1. On Growing intolerance and violence: The All India members’ convention of JIH expresses deep concern over growing intolerance and communal violence in the country. The convention opines that communal elements got strengthened after the ascent of BJP to power at the centre. Efforts to hide the violent incidents and criminal silence of the government over ill statements of the BJP leaders and central ministers in encouraging such elements.

                The convention feels that the fascist elements are responsible for prevailing unpleasant atmosphere in the country. They harness the grudge in their hearts over peaceful atmosphere of the country and are hell bent upon spreading hate and polarizing the society on communal lines.

                 Members’ convention of JIH regrets over continued silence of Prime Minister over this grim situation. Ironically, Union Home Minister is blaming the state government by putting all responsibility upon the state governments.

The convention values the welcome development that the country has risen against the growing intolerance. From president of India to the Governor of RBI, from renowned intellectuals to the poets and artists, all have expressed their disapproval over the current situation.

The convention feels that a great majority of our countrymen is peace-loving and wants to lead a life of peace, tranquility and communal harmony. Just because of some harmful elements, we can’t ignore innumerable people in the society who are truth-loving and well wishers of the country. The convention demands that criminals of the violence and lawlessness be arrested and brought to the justice.

2.Anti-People and unjust policies & Decisions:

Mr. Narendra Modi led BJP government at the centre made its ascent to power with the promises of development, Job opportunities, inclusive growth and end to corruption. The nation was shown the dream of “Achche Din” and the return of black money from the foreign banks.

The convention opines that, conversely the Modi government has formulated several laws that solely benefit the rich and corporate sector of MNCs. Farmers are being displaced from their land, rights of laborers are being violated and due to foreign investment, domestic industries are dying, poverty and unemployment are on alarming rise.

The convention feels that the central government has failed miserably to control the rising prices and inflation. Subsidy on cooking gas, petrol, diesel and fertilizers is being cut. Budget has been reduced on public health and education sector, while corporate sector is being given huge relief on trades.

The convention expresses the deep concern over the increasing crime rate in the country. Incidents of exploitation of women and rape has increased manifold. The flood of nudity and indecency is spoiling the character of youth.

The convention also expresses its deep concern over the policies and action being taken to end the cultural freedom of minorities and weaker sections, to neutralize their educational institutions and the efforts to saffronise the education system.

The convention demands that the government should avoid such unhealthy initiatives and should instead grant the rights to all sections of society especially the minorities provided by Indian constitution and international laws. The convention believes that in addition to government’s responsibility, the blame for prevailing situation lies basically in materialistic way of life.

This convention demands the government of India to withdraw anti-people and unjust policies and laws. Capitalistic system should be replaced by justified economic policy so that the fruits of real liberty and development reach one and all. This convention demands complete ban on liquor and harmful drugs.

This convention appeals the fellow countrymen to lead a responsible life with fear of god and sense of responsibility before God.

3) Need for World Peace and Justice

This convention of Jamaate Islami Hind expresses concern over the deteriorating global situation. Today, some powerful countries are busy in establishing their domination over the whole world through unjustified and tyrannical means. They are interfering with the internal affairs of weaker countries; they can’t have independent foreign policies and are compelled to follow the diktats of the so called ‘big powers’. In addition to direct interference, they are utilizing means of mass communication and by influencing their education system, they are trying to intellectually enslave their populace. The capitalist system has created severe economic injustice and abuse of rights. Powerful countries indiscriminately arrest citizens of weaker countries and subject them to persecution. Weaker nations either fail to stop this oppression or are not inclined to resist.

This convention draws attention towards the formulation of comprehensive and just laws for the establishment of world peace. Islamic teachings will be helpful in this regard. This international law should be enforced by existing world institutions and they should also abide by it. UNO should be reformed and made just, representative and effective. Otherwise, an alternative institution should be constituted. Illegal interference in internal affairs of weaker nations should end and they should be allowed to freely work for their work and development.

This convention appeals to all justice loving circles to take effective measures to cleanse society from the evils of exploitation, deception, addiction and usury.

4)   Call to fellow countrymen towards the Truth

This session of JIH members draws attention of fellow countrymen towards giving importance to divine guidance. In fact, the Creator of mankind has made arrangements for all its needs. Like all apparent needs, He has also fulfilled the fundamental for guidance. It is the duty of human beings to benefit from His guidance and lead the life under the light of truth. Guidance from the Lord of the universe carries humans from darkness towards light.

This guidance has been reaching us through his chosen men called prophets. The final edition of this guidance has come to us through His final prophet, Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him).

This convention invites all our countrymen to embrace the guidance from the Creator of the universe and His prophets, so that they can please their Lord, gain success and attain peace of heart.

This convention draws the attention of the countrymen towards the fact that divine guidance possesses unmatched ability to unite mankind. Human society can achieve justice only by following the guidance from the Lord of the universe. All human issues and those of our nation can be effectively resolved by adopting this guidance.

5) Responsibilities of Muslims

This session calls upon Indian Muslims to build their character and make it exemplary. Muslims should stand for the well being and development of their fellow countrymen as ordained by God.

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