Resolution passed in CAC meet

August 3, 2016

Goa shoora CAC meet


Central Advisory Council (Shoora)
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
Session held from 23rd to 27th July 2016

A special session of The Central Advisory Council (CAC) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind was held in Mapusa city of Goa from 23rd to 27th July 2016 with Ameer (President) JIH Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omeri in the chair. Following deliberations on some important community, national and international issues, the CAC adopted the following resolutions:

1. Worsening Kashmir Situation:
The CAC meeting of JIH expresses its deep concern over the worsening situation in Kashmir. Unarmed civilian protestors are being gunned down by security forces; youth are targeted and blinded by pellet guns. Even ambulances and hospitals are not spared from attacks. These inhuman acts deserve condemnation and they are promoting anger, distrust and unrest in Kashmir.

CAC emphasizes that improper and blind use of brute force aggravates problems .The application of AFPSA (the notorious inhuman legislation) in Kashmir and North East has virtually made the security forces lawless and unaccountable. The forces are also guilty of other excesses like assaults on women, killing of youth through staged encounters and routine violation of citizens’ rights.

Continuous excessive military presence in civil areas creates hurdles in normal activities, imposition of curfew and curbs on press and media, paralyze normal life of people. People of Kashmir are being alienated through ill advised moves of government.

Supreme Court has recently ruled on AFSPA and staged encounter; the government and its forces must pay heed to court’s sane advice. The administration, forces and government must reform their role. In particular, human rights must be protected.

According to JIH the problem can be solved only through communication and dialogue. CAC draws government’s attention to need of meaningful communication. Contact and communication, suspended for long must be restored. Improper and unwarranted use of force is to be avoided by withdrawing AFSPA and gradual reduction should be made in military presence. Basic rights of people of Kashmir should be protected and their needs and grievances be addressed. The process of communication between government and people should be made effective and all elements should cooperate in the process.

2. Improper interference in Education and Culture:
CAC of JIH views with concern, ill advised moves of central and some state governments in the fields of education and culture. Attempts to abolish the autonomy of educational institutions, curbs on freedom of expression, persecution of students and teachers, conspiracies to deprive minority institutions of their status, improper changes in textbooks, distortion of history, commercialization of education, promotion of communal hatred and atmosphere of immorality and corruption are some of the symptoms of the deep malady. The government and its supporters from Hindutva groups are directly responsible for creating this situation by their deliberate actions or studied negligence.

CAC notes the key role of educational system in the collective life of people; it may lead to progress or alternatively to disaster. Hence improper interference in education needs to be checked. The government is trying to impose a particular culture, by force on all citizens who have their own religious beliefs and traditions. Example of such unwise imposition are compulsory inclusion of yoga with its religious symbols and compulsion on students to participate in surya namaskar or saraswati vandana. The new education policy has provided the government an opportunity to rectify its mistakes. The new policy should reflect government’s resolve to make education really meaningful and free from coercion.

CAC appeals to enlightened sections to take steps to save educational system. Distortion of textbooks and manipulation of history should be checked. The academic freedom of institutions, students and teachers should be ensured. Minority educational rights must be protected and the autonomous and minority character of these institutions should be preserved. The government must give up its negative and disruptive agenda. Rather, it should promote through education, the universal ethical values, noble human traits, commitment to truth and integrity. The system of education should not become a tool for imposition of a particular culture on people by force.

3. Excesses on Dalits :
CAC expresses its concern over victimization and persecution of Dalits and condemns such incidents. In a Gujrat village, several people were beaten up for the simple act of skinning a dead cow. This barbaric incident is not an isolated one. Many similar brutalities are committed in various parts of the country. In Ahmad Nagar, Maharashtra a Dalit girl was assaulted. In U.P., the leader of a party Miss Mayawati was the target of abusive language. These incidents reflect racial prejudices. CAC notes with distress that police and administration often fail to punish the guilty. What is worse is that they also try to shield and protect the criminals.

CAC recalls that Dalits have historically been targeted by racial chauvinists. But after BJP government’s recent ascencion to power, the aggressive elements have been encouraged. The prime minister’s silence has not helped matters. Data indicate that as many as 2500 rape cases occur annually targeting, Dalit women; other excesses add to this dismal picture.

Even after seven decades of independence, constitutional safe guards and legal initiatives have not removed Dalit misery. The present system does not honour the human status of Dalits. The CAC emphasizes that all human beings are equal in their human status and hence racial pride and arrogance should be eliminated. All people should be respected and unity of mankind should be promoted.

CAC demands effect check on atrocities against Dalits. The guilty should be punished in accordance with the law. The administration and police should be made accountable.

4. Deteriorating Economic Situation :
The Central Advisory Council Session of Jamaat e Islami Hind, expresses serious concern over the fast deteriorating economic situation and growing misery of common people. The unusually long recession has paralyzed the whole market; inflation and rising prices have made, even the essential commodities unaffordable for common man and unemployment is creating wide scale unrest among youth.

The net exports are plunging with an alarming rate and have shrinked to almost half in just two years of the present government. Steep decline is being noted in crucial employment-intensive sectors like agriculture, trade and manufacturing and no concrete plan seems to exist to rejuvenate and ensure growth in these sectors. The investment in the country is going down and new opportunities of investments are disappearing. The policies like, sale out of public sector enterprises and other national assets and induction in crucial sectors of foreign direct investment, are also causing mayhem in the national economy.

The major impact of such policies is the sudden rise in unemployment rate. Every year; around one and half crore youth are entering job market while the number of total jobs created annually has dropped to just hundred and twenty five thousand. The sectors like IT and ITES, which were once source of pride for the country, have witnessed unprecedented fall. The result is sharp rise in prices, particularly food prices making even essential commodities, out of reach of common people.

The Advisory Council of Jamaat feels that in addition to the policy of neglecting rural and agrarian economy, the factors like future trading and other speculation based practices in commodity trading are also responsible for this jump in food prices.

One major reason of rising prices is the irrational tax regime which is being strengthened in every budget. Under this, the burden of indirect taxes on common people is being increased while direct taxes on rich people are being decreased. People of India are not getting any benefit of heavy reduction in global oil prices and the oil price is also a major cause of inflation. Reduction of over 1500 crore rupees in the receipt of direct taxes and an increase of over twenty thousand crores in indirect taxes is an ill advised move. Widening the base of service tax and bringing in even services like education and health under its impact is unjust. Taxes are reduced for rich individuals and corporate, such policies tend to benefit a few select domestic and foreign capitalists, at the cost of the poor.

The condition of the nationalized banks is a live testimony of this anti people orientation of the economic policy. The capital generated out of the taxes paid by the poor, is being transferred to the rich capitalists through huge loans given by nationalized banks. The bad debts are increasing and now the bad debts of national banks have increased to several lakh crores of rupees.

This session of CAC reminds the government of the spirit of constitution of India which encourages policies aimed at making India a welfare state. Such policies should help in creation of wealth along with its equitable and just distribution so that the fruits of development reach all people and flow of wealth is from rich to poor. The session demands people friendly measures like, promotion of agrarian and manufacturing sectors, reduction in indirect taxes and decreasing excise duties, ban on speculative trade practices in essential commodities and introduction of extensive measures for increasing employment avenues and control of recession.

5. Revolt in Turkey :
The CAC congratulates the people of Turkey and the popular government there on successful resistance offered by them to the revolt by mischievous elements. The CAC is confident that this bold effort of Turkish people would finally eliminate from Turkey, the long chain of ill advised to military intervention in governance. A new trend would emerge in Turkey strengthen democratic values, institutions and traditions. Role of military would be rightfully confined to protection of country’s borders and external interference in the country would be stopped.

The CAC appreciates and supports the initiatives of the popular government of Turkey and particularly of its president Rajab Taiyab Urdgan. They are making focused effort to strengthen democratic institutions and healthy traditions of governance in Turkey. To ensure safe future of people, it is necessary to identify the mischief makers responsible for the failed coup. Those found guilty should be dealt with in accordance with law and justice.
The CAC welcomes the unity, boldness and cohesion demonstrated by people of Turkey in this difficult hour. The CAC appreciates the healthy role played by Turkey’s political parties and opposition groups. They unequivocally condemned the rebellion against popular rule and supported the elected government.

The failed coup has exposed the double standards and hypocrisy adopted by west and western powers. During the revolt and afterwards; sections of powerful global media, misguided intellectuals and analysts adopted blatantly partisan attitude. This situation indicates that global powers do not really tolerate the operation of democratic process in Muslim countries; rather they want to impose their agents as rulers in this region. The people all over the world and especially in the west should be aware of anti-democratic role played by western powers. The people must raise their voice against their interference. They should demand that Muslim countries be allowed to elect their popular governments through democratic process.

The CAC meeting reminds the government of Turkey that the present times are testing times for them. The popular government there, should demonstrate maturity, wisdom, forbearance and statesmanship; it must face the current situation boldly. The present turn of events should become a catalyst to ensure in Turkey, continuity of democratic traditions, rule of law, protection of basic rights and all round progress of the country.

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