Resolutions Adopted at Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

June 6, 2015

4-day session of Markazi Majlis-e Shura begins at JIH Headquarters

Resolutions Adopted at Central Advisory Council

of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind



New Delhi, 6th June 2015: The four-day session of the Central Advisory Council (CAC) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind concluded here today. Presided over by Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omari, this session was participated by its members Mr. Nusrat Ali, Mr. T. Arif Ali, Mr. Syed Sadatullah Husaini, Eng. Mohammad Salim, Mr. Mohammad Jafar, Dr. Hasan Raza, Dr. Mohammad Rafat, Dr. Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas, Mr. S. Aminul Hasan, Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Aslam, Maulana Waliullah Sayeedi Falahi, Mr. Abdur Raqueeb, Mr. Mujtaba Farooq, Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Mulla, Mr. V.K. Ali, Mr. Malik Moatasim Khan and Mr. Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui. Secretaries of the Jamaat Maulana Mohammad Rafeeque Qasmi and Mr. Mohammad Ahmad as well as Secretary Ladies Wing Mrs. Atiya Siddiqua and Mrs. Nasira Khanam also participated as special invitees. The session approved the Jamaat’s Programme for the current four-year term. Besides, long-term course of action was discussed in detail. The session also deliberated upon the national, community and international issues and problems and adopted the following Resolutions on the issues confronting the country and the Muslim world.





  1. One Year of the Union Government


The BJP-led Union Government came to power one year ago with the slogan of Sab ka Saath Sab ka Vikas, the promise of Good Days, and other promises and assurances of wiping out corruption, providing employment for youth, protection and empowerment of women, enduring development, active participation of people, good governance, containing inflation, and bringing back the wealth of the country in the form of black money stashed in foreign countries.


The JIH-CAC feels that the Union Government has not only failed rather miserably on almost every front but also made many such decisions and enacted such laws as are anti-people and pro-capitalist section. The prices of articles of daily need are skyrocketing, despite heavy fall in prices of petrol and diesel in international market their prices have been steadily rising; there is also increase in excise duty on petrol and diesel. The farmers facing the destruction of crops now fear the Government’s usurpation of their lands in the name of fulfilling the requirements of corporate land mafia and MNCs as well as the so-called development. Despite mounting opposition, the Modi Government has promulgated the Land Acquisition Ordinance for the third time while the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill is still pending before the Select Committee of Rajya Sabha.


The CAC is gravely concerned that the Union Government is hell bent upon annulling the reservations and privileges available to the labourers by effecting fundamental amendments in the Factories Act, the Apprentices Act and the Industrial Dispute Act so that the demands and interests of the corporate and multinational companies might be fulfilled. On the other hand, the interests of rural labourers are being hurt by amending the NREGA Rural Employment Scheme.

The CAC feels that the Union Government has failed rather miserably in containing inflation. The subsidies on cooking gas, petrol and fertilizer are being rescinded while on the other hand the corporate and capitalist section is being provided with heavy decrease and extraordinary concessions in taxes. The Government is not paying any attention to public health and education, a glimpse of which can be seen in decrease in funds allocated to these heads in the recent budget. Moreover, the Union Government has approved the Mina Kumari Committee Report which allows the foreign companies fishing in India’s sea waters while prohibiting Indian fishermen to operate over there. The Union Government is also taking extraordinary interest in privatisation of the public sector companies which are called Navratan Companies.


The CAC feels that during the last one year the social structure of the country has been badly affected and the communal atmosphere in the country has been spoiled totally. Provocative statements, venomous slogans and communal riots have poisoned the atmosphere in the country. All – right from Members of Parliament to Union Ministers – are trying to shine out in this matter.


The CAC is gravely concerned that the BJP dispensation has started working fast on its real agenda. Attempts at ghar wapsi, allegations of love jihad, the demand to give the Gita the status of national book, attempt to drop the words ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ from the Constitution of the country and the constant attacks on mosques and churches have grown the feeling of insecurity in minorities. During the last one year many communal incidents, small or big, erupted in the length and breadth of the country, the process of which is going on. Saffronisation of education is on in a planned manner, whereby Surya Namaskar, Gita Parvachan, Saraswati Vandana and Yoga are being implemented in schools. On the other hand, extraordinary modifications are being effected in the system of education and textbooks which has put a question mark on the cultural and religious freedom.


The JIH-CAC demands the Government to withdraw the anti-farmer Land Acquisition Ordinance and Amendment Bill forthwith, not to interfere in the rights of labourers, to contain inflation, to regulate petrol and diesel prices in accordance with international market, to stop rising inequality in the country, and to increase the expenditure on social sector. The CAC demands that the Union Government be not a partner in the corporate and multinational companies’ attempt to hold the national economy hostage and ensure the just distribution of resources as well as the idea of a Welfare State.


The CAC demands that the Union Government check the rising trend of intolerance in the country, take strong action against those who pollute the communal atmosphere and spread violence, provide protection for the Constitutional and human rights of minorities, Dalits and backward sections, maintain the cultural and religious freedom of the country and ensure the regard of law.


The CAC feels that whether it is wiping-out of corruption or just distribution of resources, whether it is measures to eradicate poverty or protection of human rights, whether it is a matter of creating peace, unity and brotherhood among the various sections or establishment of equity and justice, it is not possible unless and until the rulers are God-fearing and have a sense of accountability in the hereafter. All conscious elements of the country ought to pay attention to this fundamental reality.



  1. Worsening Situation in the Muslim World


This session of JIH-CAC expresses grave concern on the fast worsening situation in the Muslim World. The fire of sectorial conflict, terrorism, intrigues and conspiracies has reached even Saudi Arabia after casting its spell on countries like Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Yemen. This is a matter of grave concern and anxiety for all Muslims of the world. The session feels that the armed struggle of insurgents against the Yemeni government formed with national consensus, foreign powers patronising them, and as a result of it war activities in the entire region are a matter of concern.

As in the recent past, world powers, with all their conspiracies, dragged Iran and Iraq in the abyss of a long war and blood shedding, efforts are being made now to rope in Saudi Arabia and Iran into the same unholy abyss. The destructive game of bringing Muslims face to face with each other and thus destroying them at the hands of each other is being repeated.


To this session the need is to ensure permanent ceasefire in Yemen with the diplomacy of countries like Turkey and the reconciliatory efforts made by organisations like OIC, of course taking together Saudi Arabia and Iran, to bring about an end of hostilities between the warring groups, and having conducted election as soon as possible hand over power to the elected government.


This session severely condemns the worst massacre of democracy in the modern history of Egypt and the hypocritical and criminal silence of the so-called standard-bearers of democracy thereon. The way death sentences were pronounced against 105 persons including the elected and legal President Mohamed Morsi, the eminent and popular Islamic scholar of Muslim world Allama Yousuf al-Qaradawi and the leader of the most popular people’s movement of the Arab world Mohamed Badie by the so-called courts, and the way thousands of innocents are being subjected to worst torture in torture cells are very repressive acts and are in utter violation of human rights and international laws. This session demands the democracies of the world realise their responsibility in this regard. This session also urges the Government of India to raise voice, as the largest democracy of the world and in respect of fundamental values and norms of international laws, against this repression.



  1. The Genocide of Rohingya Muslims


This session of the JIH-CAC expresses grave concern and grief and anger on the ongoing genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar (Burma) and destruction of their lives and properties.


Nowadays the Rohingya Muslims are being destroyed by their own government. The military junta and terrorists have made their life wearisome. The inhuman repressive measures like genocide of Muslims, illegal occupation of their properties, abrogating their citizenship and vasectomy of Muslim males are going on. As a result of these repressions, where oppressed Rohingya Muslims are compelled to migrate, they are also being exiled coercively. Muslim men and women, children and the old having been boarded on boats forcibly are being abandoned at Arabian and Asian seas. These wandering travellers are also falling prey to death as a result of hunger, thirst and epidemic diseases. Even if they try to land on the coast of any country, they are prohibited from doing so or being exiled afresh.


This session of CAC expresses its distress and anxiety at the indifference of the United Nations, international human rights organisations and mostly Muslim States at the plight of Rohingya Muslims.


This session of CAC demands the Government of Myanmar to stop these repressive measures against Rohingya Muslims forthwith, to provide them with an opportunity to lead a peaceful life with full freedom in their country and to take strong action against the terrorists targeting them.

This session demands the United Nations to patronise the Rohingya Muslims wandering in seas and stranded at the coast of East Asia by granting them the status of refugees, and put pressure on the Government of Myanmar to fulfil its responsibility towards its minorities.


This session commends the measures taken by the Government of Turkey and pays homage to the well-wishing and grants of aid offered by Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in this regard. This session demands the Muslim States come forward at this critical hour and provide due help for the beleaguered Rohingya Muslims on the grounds of human and Islamic brotherhood.



  1. Shari’ah Mutual Fund and Interest-free Banking


The launch of State Bank of India’s Shari’ah Mutual Fund, which had the approval of the Government’s regulator SEBI, was postponed all of a sudden. Thus the opportunity the Minority population and those living on the borderline were getting to invest their savings was rescinded. The NRIs living abroad especially in Gulf countries who were waiting for this Fund restlessly and wanted to participate in the construction and development of the country were deprived of this opportunity. This session of CAC calls upon the Government of India and especially the Ministry of Finance to issue forthwith this suspended Mutual Fund.


The Governor of Reserve Bank of India also recommended the issuance of Interest-free Banking in the country. Today Interest-free Banking system is running successfully along with tradition banking in 75 countries of the world, including the industrially developed and secular countries like the UK, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, etc. But our country having kept from this system of interest-free banking is depriving a large section of the country from the opportunity of economic development.


This session of CAC demands the facility of opening interest-free accounts in traditional banks, the investments of which are free from interest and gambling, and issuance of Sukook in other monetary institutions.

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