Resolutions Adopted at the Session of Central Representative Council Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Held at Bengaluru from 15 to 18 July 2017

July 22, 2017

Resolutions Adopted at the Session of Central Representative Council Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Held at Bengaluru from 15 to 18 July 2017.


The Situation in the Country and Responsibilities of the Government

Three years have passed since the present Government at the Centre started functioning. No doubt this Government has addressed the nation and the citizens during this period has made many catchy announcements and declared innumerable welfare schemes for backward citizens, especially women and the weak. At the international level, it has developed close relations with many big and prosperous countries. But despite these announcements and phenomena of seeming development the country is confronted with many problems. The criminal activities of the groups associating themselves with Hindutva are at their climax. Instead of controlling them, it seems, they have been given free leash to do destructive activities. Attacks on religious minorities and Dalits are on an increase, as a result of which hatred among the citizens of the country has gone up, the image of the country in the world stands tarnished, and the problems of the people have got muddled at the social and economic levels. GST law and demonetization have made the financial problems complex instead of solving them. This session of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind expresses grave concern over this situation and demands from the Government not to consider itself the Government of a particular party or group of citizens but to function deeming itself responsible for the good of the whole country and all her citizens. The Government should also bring to an end the feeling of the people that the Government does not want to solve their problems but is working for the corporate sector and capitalists. At the foreign level the establishment of close relations with America and many western countries might yield some benefits in the military and economic spheres but the image of the country has got sullied in our neighboring countries. The newly developed conflict with China is a matter of concern. To deal with the China issue the Government should adopt a realistic approach to neighboring countries and make efforts to win the confidence of and maintain congenial relations with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives in particular. In view of this session the new era of active cooperation with Israel, going ahead of maintaining friendly relations with it, is very harmful to the independence of our country. It is the history of Israel that it is a slave to its own interests; its existence has never benefited any country. This session demands from the Government that it should not weaken its age-old relations with Arab countries on the basis of in explicit benefits from Israel. It is a matter of regret that the Prime Minister of India, during his recent visit to Israel, did not make any mention of Palestine – which is against our truthful tradition and which ignores our standpoint on Palestine. Certain narrow-minded quarters might hail this new era of relations with Israel and America but this approach of friendship with imperialist powers is not right, is against truth and justice and is not in the interest of the country. We should adopt the foreign policy based on the moral status of our country, on the moral values that can protect our sovereignty and freedom, on universal principles and the principle of human brotherhood and on international justice.

Brutal Attacks on Innocent Persons

This session of the Central Representative Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind expresses deep pain and grave concern over ever increasing lawlessness, mob violence and the trend of torturous and brutal attack on and killing of innocent persons in the country. Now there is no doubt that the targets of these attacks are Muslims, Dalits and other minorities. The apathy, inaction, and senselessness of the Central and State Governments, as well as the protectors of law on these incidents of lawlessness, brutality and barbarism, are also condemnable. This session reminds the Central and State Governments of the country of their moral and Constitutional responsibilities that it is their foremost duty to protect the lives and properties as well as the honor and dignity of the citizens. Turning away from it, they shall stand in the dock in the court of conscience and shall reap the harvest in the court of God as well.

These are not chance incidents nor are they common issues of law and order, but are tentacles of violence and anti-Muslim environment being created in a planned manner for years together. This session appeals to the citizens and conscientious people of the country to come forward to prevent the beloved country from this catastrophe. The fire of communal and group prejudice and enmity has turned many countries of the world into the hell of savagery and barbarism. Unfortunately, our beloved country is being pushed onto this destructive path. Under these circumstances, it is in no way proper for the citizens and political parties to remain silent spectators.

It is nice that the civil society and a section of conscientious people have stood against this oppression and a chain of countrywide protests has started. This session takes these efforts in right earnest and supports the demand that an effective law should be enacted to contain brutal attacks by organized or unorganized groups and to prevent thereby the series of rumors, hateful statements and baseless propaganda on social media, etc., which eventually paved the way for such incidents.

This session of the Jamaat appeals to the Muslim Ummah to remain steadfast on the Deen with patience and fortitude in such delicate circumstances, to stand close to Allah and protect themselves from the negative impacts of the situation. Let these situations not be cause for despair and low spirits nor for provocation and uncalled-for reaction. Under these circumstances, it is much more necessary to strengthen contact with the countrymen, remove misapprehensions and better the relationship. The real and lasting solution to the problems is that the teachings of Islam are presented to the people of the country and they are told that life does not come to an end with death but rather the Day of Judgement would come wherein we will have to be accountable for all our deeds.

If the Muslim Ummah busies itself unhesitatingly with this enjoined duty, the situations may change for the better, peace can be established in the country and the oppressed can be protected.

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